Mar 3, 2014

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Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers 2014 Update: Who Wins on Bachelor Finale?

Reality Steve has had a perfect track record when it comes to Bachelor Spoilers for Juan Pablo’s 2014 season but will he manage to pull off the correct ending, unlike last season with Desiree? We’re about to reveal Reality Steve’s Bachelor 2014 finale spoilers so you make a decision for yourself!

Before you get all hyped up over theses spoilers, it’s important to know a few things. First, Reality Steve isn’t always right – in fact, he’s been wrong several times over the past 10 seasons. The second thing that’s important to know is that, when he has been wrong, it’s only been in regards to who wins. For example, on Brad Womack’s second season of The Bachelor, Reality Steve reported all season that Brad picked Chantal O’Brien. He had all of the episode by episode spoilers for that ┬áseason dead on. It wasn’t until a week or two before the finale that Reality Steve updated his website reporting that he was incorrect. Brad actually picked Emily Maynard and sent Chantal home at the final rose ceremony. Same thing happened with Desiree’s season. Steve was right with each episode spoiler but had the ending completely wrong. Ali Fedotowsky – same story.

What we’re trying to say here is this: It’s not over until we see Juan Pablo hand out that final rose next week. But, in the meantime, let’s recap what Reality Steve is reporting for next week’s finale:

Who Wins The Bachelor 2014: Nikki Ferrell or Clare Crawley?

Reality Steve has been reporting all season that it’s Nikki and Clare in the final two and, obviously, he was right. According to the spoilers, Nikki will receive the final rose next week and Clare will go ┬áhome brokenhearted and devastated. The reports also indicate that Juan Pablo does not – I repeat DOES NOT – propose to Nikki and the two are not engaged (although a proposal can possibly be expected on next week’s live After the Final Rose Ceremony).

Only one week until we find out for sure who Juan Pablo picks this season and whether they’re still together!

At this point, who are you hoping JP gives the final rose to: Nikki, Clare or no one?

Sound off in the comment section below!

  1. I think Juan did a very foolish thing by sending Renee home. I think he’s not ready for any relationship. He just wasted everybody’s time. He’s more a playboy than a settled down type.
    I didn’t like all the kissing of so many girls… He was obviously having a very good time in the process.
    I still think Renee was the most grounded and truly accepting and in love with him. Too bad the feelings weren’t mutual!

    • Since the show Renee’ got back togather w. high school sweetheart and is engaged and moving to Seattle where her man just got a job transfer!

  2. Jp is scum

  3. Jp is scum

  4. JP is full of himself. He doesn’t deserve any of the women.

  5. Sean Pablo says:

    Renee DID NOT love Juan Pablo and, in fact, she is already in another relationship.

  6. Sean Pablo says:

    Another point. Most of the women on this show are only Butt Hurt because Juan Pablo didn’t pick them or show them more attention. The two best possibilities for Juan Pablo are there at the end. If he doesn’t seal the deal, then it’s because the women want more than he is willing to give at this point.

    There are no rules for love. You have to be incredibly lucky to even find REAL love. It’s hard.

  7. Susanna says:

    Clare is the sweetest girl. Too bad Juan Pablo couldn’t have hooked up with Emily Maynard since they both made it clear their child comes first….then they could each be second banana!

  8. I think he and Emily Maynard are very much alike — very into themselves, very vain and self-centred. They would make an interesting couple but it might just be a big clash of egos. The lady with the most class is Sharleen and she had the good sense to get while the getting out was good. He is way out of her league. The way he treated Andi was deplorable. Again she was smart to leave. Nikki seems like a mean, nasty person so maybe it will work out for them. He is no prize either.

  9. I can’t stand Nikki I to think she is mean
    I really think she is fake and doesn’t love him I believe Clare and him have more in common and honestly she is the one I would pick

  10. Pristine Patti says:

    I think it should have been him and Sharlene they just seemed so right for him even though she wanted nothing to do with children right away. I think eventually she would have grown stronger throughout the relationship and would have been able to help with him on getting the culture, stability and maturity he needed in his life.

  11. Candace says:

    Clare is a better choice than Nikki, did anyone notice last night, to me Sharleen, who is a class act, still looked upset when she was sitting there when Juan Pablo was in the “hot seat”. I felt bad he didn’t even acknowledge her as he did Andi when he came out. Andi, I do not like at all!

  12. I think Nikki is the most real person between she and Clare, Clare is a fake with the way she flings her hair and always has her tongue out like she’s ready to shove it down his throat. But as for Juan Pablo, he doesn’t deserve either one of them, he too is a fake and only into himself. Charlene and Renee were smart girls to get out of that mess.

  13. I wouldn’t want “sex pot” Nikkii” guiding my daughter. She dresses like a hooker and has a potty mouth! I also thought Renee would have made the best mother and wife. I am hoping Juan can see the difference between the two women’s values…

  14. What made me laugh last week is all the WHINNERS about JP not spending enough time with them and getting to know them BLABLABLA…

    GIRLS you signed up to be one of MANY!!! JP was NOT INTO YOU!!! This is real life…he does not have to spend time getting to know you..

    ANDI Seriously? this is not a LEGAL CASE you have to win…Girlfriend he was NOT INTO YOU. You had plenty of opportunities to let him know what you are ALL ABOUT,(shooting guns on the home coming date?) I would have ran away and the Dad UGH who treats people like that? His daughter signed up to be ONE OF MANY ON A SHOW!!! if you wanted him to get to know you…why not share that information about who you are. YOU CERTAINLY KNOW HOW TO PUT YOUR POINT ACROSS AS A TRAINED Attorney…NOT INTO YOU!!! That is all. You did not seem to mind all the kissing, the overnight invite, which you accepted by the way. YOU ARE NOT THE ONE!!! so get over it whinny argumentative Attorney..UGH!!! JP saved himself the headaches of having to ARGUE with you each time you disagreed in the future…you did not seem to mind his accent when you were locking lips!!! I know if I am notinterested much in a man, I don’t ask many questions about what he likes either…WHO CARES? Strictly physical is real life…can’t see Andi as a Step Mom, might have to build a case every child’s argument that she HAS TO WIN!!! Not into you ladies…get over it!!! MOVE ON!!! If he does not pick anybody at the end, is perhaps he realized that HE SHOULD NOT at the end…Nikki, immature, Clare OK sexy and more mature..but if I was him, I will look elsewhere and say..EEES OK!!! Never make fun of foreign accents. Just show how immature these women were!!! It is ENTERTAINMENT and you got to travel at someone else’s expense…GET REAL!!!

    • Sam….

      You are right on about Andi! I think she knew that JP was not going to pick her so she chose to leave before he could reject her! She seems totally insecure, and the need to be right! Ugh!

      I sincerely hope she will not be the next Bachelorette! She has a difficult time showing class!


  15. I agree with Sam also. WHINNY LADIES!!! The only one that I can see a good match for him that seem to have a lot in common and more mature was Renee!!!! But at the end it was not a good fit and that is JP’s decision does not make him a bad person.

    I heard Renee is back with an old flame and engaged. I am so happy for her. She seemed like a very caring, mature and beautiful person, she would have made a great step Mom for JP’s daughter.

    Andi on the other hand very immature, beautiful yes, an she was admitting that she was COULD FALL in love with him…so what is her big loss?????????? A good example of some insecure woman that will dump a guy and talk about why HE IS NOT for her, when she realized that HE WAS NOT AS INTERESTED in her…and she is TRAINED TO WIN as an attorney!!!Make fun of his accent???? Seriously that showed no class on her part, and shallowness…did she believe that he was going to change his accent and the way he speaks for her AFTER THE INVITE to the fantasy suite…ANDI you said you pretended you were asleep? I am sure he was still thinking of how HOT CLARE was!!! You accepted the invite, the rose and you knew you were ONE OF THREE!!! DUHHH!!! NOT INTO YOU LADIES!! THAT’s LIFE as we say…at least JP does not have to deal with Andi’s bully father either…SAVED!!! He can now go on daily trips with his daughter and practice fun with their GUNS instead!!! Hilarious!!! NEXT!!!!! My bet is he ends up with none of the remaining ones…

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