Nov 30, 2012

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Paige Thomas Eliminated from The X Factor USA 2012: Thoughts?

Paige Thomas has just been eliminated from The X Factor USA 2012 and we want to know what you think about the shocking news! Going into tonight’s episode, it seemed like a done deal that Cece Fry would be first to go but she managed to squeak by for a little while longer.

Paige received rave reviews from the judges for her performance last night and seemed confident after the show. However, this show has always been unpredictable and tonight’s elimination is no exception.

Did I think Paige was going to win the show? Absolutely not. But do I think she deserved to stay longer than some of the other acts left? Absolutely.

Are you watching the show right now? Are you surprised to see Paige leave already?

UPDATE: The second person eliminated tonight is Vino Alan!

SOund off in the comment section below!

  1. jozlyn atlanta says:

    Paige Thomas much better singer & performer than cee cee frye. Unbelievable!

  2. She was definitely robbed!!!!! Dont worry…. Im sure she’ll be a BIGGER star than the actual winner.

  3. I’m glad Cece is at least getting another chance to prove herself… I seriously hope she’s safe tonight but even if she does have to sing for survival, I’m happy she wasn’t immediately eliminated. She’s my fav on the show.

  4. I am completely shocked that Paigeis out of the competition I agree with you that she wasn’t going to win the X Factor however she certainly deserved to stay longer. I cannot believe that some of the other acts are safe. From day one I have loved Paige and I think she is a beautiful singer and an even more beautiful person. Her story is heartbreaking and inspirational. I can only hope that by being on the show someone out there sees the star quality and unbelievable talent and signs Paige to a recording contract. I wish her the very best in the future and I really hope to hear her on the radio and see her at the awards shows. The show is going to be a little bit more dull now that Paige is no longer on it.

  5. America got it wrong again sending Paige home. And how did Diamond & Vino get in the bottom where and how is CeCe making it.

  6. Cindy Smith says:

    Here we go again. Want to audition for Xfactor? Talented over 25′s need not apply… at least not this season. XFactor producers quite obviously want a teen-beat trend/teenager to win, and with the notable exception of Carly Rose Sonenclar (whose voice is amazing – she deserves to be at the top), the other teens have not been and just are not as vocally developed or accomplished as the older competitors (Vino, Tate, Paige), as well as Fifth Harmony who are also consistently in tune and great as a group. Emblem 3 had a great production yesterday (upbeat and entertaining – smart song choice Simon), but they have become predictable and same sounding week after week. They often lose pitch, and the cute California boy thing has been done, and overdone. Boring. And why in the world the judges tonite voted off Vino before Diamond is beyond me! POST THE ACTUAL VOTING RESULTS #1 TO #8. Smells like a fix!! Vino clearly out sang little miss Diamond (Whitney wannabe) White whose pouty face at decision making time was less than professional or impressive (talk about a one trick pony who gets less inspiring week after week; she’s not close to being the calibre of Whitney, and she has trouble singing in certain ranges, not to mention, she’s a poor sport – flash back to auditions when she smiled and gloated when competitors were voted off…). And give CeCe a break! She has a terrific voice, but has been given terrible songs by Ms. Lovato (who at least now is doing less scowling at CeCe – some mentor!), with the judges ganging up on her week after week. America sent the judges a message re:CeCe, by voting her forward (note the judges apparent disbelief and “disappointment” when CeCe made it). Though by now too late, CeCe should just go out with an “in your face” attitude, and sing her heart out (forget the tears and over emotion) – CeCe needs to get angry and get even by going back to her ultra competitive self that she was in the beginning, before the judges chipped away her confidence week after week. End Game Predictions (in order of producer/judges favourites): 1. Carly Rose 2. Tate (they won’t let him win – he deserves it most, and is a mature singer as well – Carly has yet to go through her own voice changes as she ages – see how that goes), 3. Emblem 3 (because Simon has pull, and only because of that), 4. Fifth Harmony (same reason), 5. Diamond Whitney (the new Sanjaya), 6. CeCe (because America DOES like her – too bad Demi, sorry to dissapoint you)… How it would be nice to end, if producers don’t fudge the numbers: 1. Tate, tied with Carly Rose , 3. Fifth Harmony, 4. CeCe, 5.Emblem 3, 6. Diamond White. Have to say, only songs I would buy would be from Carly Rose, Tate & Fifth Harmony… at this point. Actually, Tate would be smart to just walk away, and go sign onto a label – he’s that good… let’s see some stage action from Carly – can she sing and dance and entertain, or just stand in front of a microphone without moving, so she can hit notes perfectly – performing is about more than that – push your skills a little Carly – let’s see the whole package, though your voice is at the moment, truly amazing! Good luck remaining victims!

  7. the thing about paige is she continued to cry and cry and that is the reason she got ahead. if you watched her during bootcamp, she sounded really jealous and fake. she is always saying shes gunning for the $5million for her daughter but honestly if your daughter is your main priority then you dont need that much. getting a recording contract would probably be even worse and she would never get to see her daughter so she should have stopped using that excuse.

  8. Yes. America this is and should not be a popularity contest. This is a talent contest. You guys continue to vote off good talent and most often it’s the black talent to go first. Cecelia should have been gone. She is horrible. No she is just not talented. No more X factor for me. Even the judges themselves don’t believe in the people they are coaching. You people know that CECELIA FRYE SHOULD BE GONE. VINO SHOULD BE NEXT. Emblem 3. Is not talented. NO MORE X FACTOR FOR ME. TheY need to find another way to judge the talents. They are racist decisions. I can say this based on the years of watching all these shows. Especially when it comes to America’s time to vote.

  9. The X Factor is the weakest of the three major singing shows and tonight’s show is a good example why. Vino was awful last night singing the Righteous Brothers but his rendition of Trouble tonight is arguably the best of the entire competition — or at the very least tied with Carly Rose’s Over the Rainbow. Diamond did not perform well tonight or last night and although she deserves better than the bottom should have left tonight. Demi Lovato has insufficient experience for judging and although Simon obviously has had great success he is prone to major blunders. Aside from not choosing Vino tonight who was far and away better than Diamond he sent Melanie Amaro packing last year — she gave the best performance of the series and in the early rounds. The other judges correctly told him he was nuts and had to go to Florida to fetch Melanie back so she could win the whole thing. Watch The Voice if you want to see judges who understand the music, the industry and are entertaining as well. All four — Blake, Christina, Adam and Cee Lo — are the best of the bunch. Also, The Voice seems to focus on the singing and the originality apart from the pretty faces — both male hearthrobs on the Voice were sent packing this week and the most interesting voices remain.

  10. Antonio Prince says:

    Totally surprising and disappointing, last night’s results! I feel that the majority of voters go the fsvorite vote route and not the actual vocal talent. Why Cece was not eliminated 5 rounds earlier is the big question. Simon needs to stop his power trip and stop micromanaging the other judges. His tweo groups should have already gone home and kept Paige and Vino. Carly is quite good and she should win it all with Biamond a close second. One trip pony Tate should be third!

  11. Paige should have bee eliminated when she faced off against Jennel in the sing-off. I’m suprised she even lasted this long.

  12. Paige should never have gone before CeCe [PERIOD - End of Story]! Emblem3 – hiphop wannabees who have lasted this long because teenage girls think they are cute.

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