Sep 16, 2013

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Miss America 2014 Finalists: Your Top 12 (With Photos)!

Okay, everyone, the field of women competing for the Miss America 2014 title has just been narrowed from 15 to 12, with three more contestants being eliminated right before the evening gown portion of the competition.

Heading into the final 12 are fan favorites Miss Kansas (who showed off her tattoo during the bikini portion of the competition) and Miss Florida, who tore her ACL while practicing her baton twirling routine for the talent portion of the competition this weekend. Both ladies – plus 10 other deserving contestants make up your final 12 this year – and you can see photos of each of the finalists below!

Here are your Top 12 this year:

Miss Maryland, Miss Connecticut, Miss Florida, Miss Missouri, Miss Oklahoma, Miss New York, Miss Wisconsin, Miss Texas, Miss California, Miss Kansas, Miss Georgia and Miss Minnesota!

At this point, we’re routing for Miss Florida!

Who do you want to see win tonight?

Here are the photos of the 15 finalists!


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