Jan 13, 2013

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Miss America 2013 Contestants: Your Top 15!

The Miss America 2013  pageant has just announced their finalists and we have all the details for you here. Miss Montana was already named as a viewer’s choice so she was one of the finalists going in. The other 14 contestants are:

Miss Texas, Miss Utah, Miss Oklahoma, Miss Wyoming, Miss South Carolina, Miss Tennessee, Miss Alabama, Miss Maryland, Miss Illinois, Miss Indiana, Miss New York, Miss Florida, Miss Kentucky and Miss Iowa.

Now that you know who made the finals, are you surprised to see any of them make/not make the cut.

Personally, if I had to make my predictions right now, I would say my top 3 would be: Miss Texas, Miss South Carolina and Miss Kentucky.

It was just announced that one more contestant would be added to the list of 15. The judges can pick one more contestant to make the cut and it will be announced after the break. We’ll update this post with the lucky lady as soon as it’s announced.

UPDATE: The Judge’s choice is Miss Washington! She is now one of the final 16!

Who do you think will win Miss America tonight?

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