Jan 14, 2012

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Miss America 2012 Winner is Miss Wisconsin (PHOTO)!

Your 2012 Miss America winner has just been announced and we have all the details surrounding this years winner, the other finalists and more!

Some of the early favorites in the competition were Miss Texas, Miss Tennessee and Miss Iowa. These three contestants stayed in the competition until right at the end but only one of the beautiful ladies could come out on top.

Miss South Carolina was the contestant that received the most press thanks to the competition. She used to weigh over 200lbs and lost a considerable amount of weight before trying out for the competition. I’m sure a lot of viewers were rooting for her (although, I personally didn’t take a liking to her – she seemed to talk way too much about her weight loss in my opinion) but she did not make it through to the finals and was eliminated in the talent portion of the competition.

Another controversial contestant this year was Miss Alabama. Alabama was originally eliminated from the competition but she was voted back in from her peers who were allowed to save one person and give them a second shot at the title.

Okay, enough about the competition itself, who won Miss America 2012 and who walked away with the prestigious crown?

Your Miss America 2012 Winner Is…

The 53 contestants were eventually narrowed down to a Final 5, which consisted of Miss Wisconsin, Miss Oklahoma, Miss Arizona, Miss New York and Miss California.

It came down to Wisconsin and Oklahoma as the Final 2.

The winner of Miss America is Miss Wisconsin Laura Kaeppeler!

Do you think she deserved to win the competition?

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