May 21, 2013

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Kellie Pickler, Derek Hough Dancing with Stars Freestyle 2013 (WATCH)!

Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough brought down the house tonight with their amazing freestyle performance on Part 1 of the season finale. The dance was incredibly choreographed, impeccably executed and earned a perfect 30 from the judges (obviously)!

With tonight’s amazing performance by Kellie and Derek, many are wondering if the pair secured the top spot this season. Sure, the other couples also earned perfect 30′s and some of their performances were great but none of them – none of them – compared to Kellie and Derek’s freestyle performance.

Honestly, I have been watching the show since the very beginning and I can’t remember a dance better executed than Kellie and Derek’s tonight. For the first time ever, it actually brought tears to my eyes.

Now, after seeing their performance (if you didn’t see it, we’ll be posting it here as soon as it’s available online), we have to ask: do you think Derek and Kellie are deserving of the mirrorball trophy this year?

It’s obvious I’ve been rooting for them since the beginning – but do you feel the same?

Sound off in the comment section below!

  1. I like Kellie and Derek

  2. shes dancing good ,good good,,,

  3. Kellie was fantastic tonight. The freestyle dance was better than a professional could do it. Congratulations to Derek too on a fantastic chorography in that dance. If she does not win then Dancing with Stars is rigged,

  4. Cynthia says:

    Kellie and Derek was awesome in their free style. I never seen anything like it before. I wish I could see it and thousand more times. She was amazing!!!!

  5. JasonMC says:

    It was an amazing dance. Absolutely wonderful… they deserve to win again and again. Very nice dance.

  6. Steffanie says:

    My heart stopped for a second watching Kellie & Derek perform their freestyle tonight. Simply breathtaking. I have been amazed by their partnership since the beginning. They DESERVE to win!!!!

  7. SammyJo58 says:

    For a young woman with no dance training, Kellie has amazed me with the skill level and emotional depth she performs ~ she matches the level of the female professional in my humble opinion. Derek and Kellie’s freestyle is the best modern dance routine I have EVER seen. I so hope they take home the trophy as the truly deserve it!

  8. Derek & Kellie’s dance was UNBELIEVABLE!!! One of the best I have ever seen on DWTS!!

  9. Stars struck says:

    They were incredible! Made me cry, perfect performance on all levels. Didn’t watch the show before but stopped while they were dancing. Took my breath away. Can’t imagine it getting any better. They clearly should be the winners. Unreal!

  10. Kellie has unbelievable talent. That freestyle was amazing!! No one deserves that MBT more than she. She’s a NON dancer and Derek Has molded a beautiful dancer out if her. Derek is an amazing dancer, choreographer and performer. He’s perfection. The two of them created great dances all season. Kellie is mature in her dances and her execution is perfect. Bravo to Kellie & Derek!

  11. Derek and Kellie were awsome tonight. They should win the trophy!!!

  12. It was a amazing free style,good call by Derek to make it about dancing not a production and it made me get tears in my eyes.Kellie and Derek deserve it because Derek got everything out of Kellie.

  13. donna drozd says:

    Every dance Derek does is AMAZING..tonight was out of this WORLD,BEAUTIFUL,AMAZING…they are perfect for each other…out did it..if they don’t win something is wrong..They are forsure the BEST OUTSTANDING couple this season..Kellie is a BEAUTIFUL person inside and out as well as Derek..two BEAUTIFUL SOULS…To me Derek makes the show…i love you Derek and Kellie….

  14. Katrina says:

    Derek has always been an amazing dancer and choreographer, but, tonight, he proved himself to be a king among men of choreography. Kellie, look, at your bad self! You’ve proven yourself to be a true artist. Is there anything you can NOT do? Proof that hard work and dedication pays off!

  15. Yes they should win if they don’t the voting is rigged

  16. Kellie and Derek should ABSOLUTELY win that trophy this year. Tonight’s dance was the most beautiful I have ever seen on that show or for that matter ever in my lifetime. I have never felt such emotion from a dance. Tears were streaming. The dance was just MAGNIFICENT!!!!!! Thank you Kellie and Derek.

  17. Nana JuJu says:

    I can’t imagine a more beautiful dance than the one performed by Kellie & Derek tonight. It was truly breathtaking, and she executed it flawlessly. Season after season, I’m amazed with Derek’s talent…this season he got a partner that could showcase that talent wonderfully. They truly deserve the mirror ball trophy. Also, I don’t know what criteria there is to get nominated for an Emmy, but Derek should get a nomination for this dance or the Macy’s Stars of Dance homage to Fred Astaire or both. Such talent and he’s only 28!!

  18. Kim Blair says:

    My absolute favorite dance on ALL years of DWTS. It was so breathtakingly beautiful, it brought me to tears. I love Kellie. I was lucky enough to meet her on her American Idol tour. She is so lovable. She has amazed me each week, growing into such a beautiful dancer. I am so thankful to Derek for following his heart and staying this season. A match that was meant to be. Every dance was beautiful. In my heart, nobody deserves the trophy more. I can’t wait for the finale.

  19. BEST. DANCE. EVER!!!

  20. Best dance ever!!! Way to go, Kellie & Derek!!!

  21. From the first week, you could see the talent that Kellie possesses. And Derek’s magnificent choreography has only brought out more and more of Kellie’s talent! He’s pushed her.. and she’s responded every time with more than the week before. If they don’t win, it’s a travesty. And now.. guess what? All the voting venues have crashed! How convenient! The freestyle was “THE” best of any season. Can’t wait to see the Mirror Ball in the hands of Kellie & Derek!

  22. It was poetry in motion. One of the most beautiful dances I have ever seen. Kellie should get the trophy.

  23. Watching Kellie and Derek all season has been an absolute PLEASURE! They are perfect together. Derek Hough is the BEST male dancer and choreographer on DWTS, he and Kellie have been through an amazing journey this season. Kellie is so beautiful, talented and graceful. Coming into this competition without any prior “dancing” experience she did an incredible job with the help of Derek. Their Freestyle Dance was so breathtakingly beautiful it had me in tears…… I had to watch it several times. Kellie and Derek’s Freestyle Dance was the MOST MEMORABLE IN ALL THE SEASONS OF DWTS!!!! I got choked up when Brooke was talking with them after the Dance and Derek said he almost didn’t come back this season!!!!! DEREK WE LOVE YOU!!! PLEASE DON’T LEAVE DWTS, IT JUST WON’T BE THE SAME WITHOUT YOU :-( In fact MANY OF US MISS JULIANNE TOO!! I LOVE YOU KELLIE PICKLER AND DEREK HOUGH, GO GET THAT MIRRORBALL TROPHY, YOU WORKED HARD FOR IT AND DESERVE IT!!!!! :-)

  24. This was the greatest dance I have seen in all of the years of Dancing With The Stars.

    Derek Hough is THE dancer and choreographer of our time, bar none. The guy is an absolute genius! I can’t tell you how many people I have already heard that were moved to tears by this dance!

  25. Kellie and Derek were “magical” tonight. Their freestyle took you to a different place. Kellie is a true example of “Dancing With The Stars”. She had NO dance experience going in to this. People with dancing experience need not apply! While the others were good, she has truly made it to the top….and beyond! Congratulations to Kellie and Derek for an amazing season!

  26. Annette says:

    Derek and Kellie have been breathtaking all season. I’ve loved their journey!

    Derek is always outstanding and seems to be held to a higher standard, which he and his partners usually meet and and exceed.

    We’re so lucky he decided to come back this season! Hope teamPicklerHough is rewarded with the Mirror Ball!

  27. Kelly and Dereck are in a league of their own, set apart from the rest, amazing, incredible and YES they should win!

  28. Crystal M says:

    Yes Kellie and Derrick deserve to win. They have done amazing all season but the freestyle dance last night alone should give them the trophy. It was the most beautiful and moving performance I have ever seen in dwts history. Almost anyone can make a dance look fun or pretty but only a great dancer can touch your heart and that is exactly what they did.

  29. Best dance EVER on DWTS or anywhere! Derek is a genius and Kellie is a born dancer. I was crying and when I saw her husband, Kyle, and her grandpa crying and her friend for whom she shaved her head to support her in her fight through cancer, Derek’s mom, all crying,knew it was a special moment. Watched it several times, cried each time. Most emotional dance I’ve ever seen. Derek deserves an Emmy and if they don’t get the MBT then the show is rigged!

  30. Roseann S says:

    Derek has always been the king of choreography on this show and he proved it in spades this year with not only their competitive dances but his dance with the blind girl, the homage to Fred Astaire with the rotating room and the futuristic group dance he and Mark choreographed. And this freestyle was another triumph doing moves I have never seen before, as well as some he has used before but in a graceful, loving style that encompassed the music.

    And Kelly has been a real trouper and met him point for point in this exceedingly difficult dance and all season long.

    So, hell yes, they deserve to win and I hope they do.

  31. Glenda Hunter James says:

    Glenda Hunter James says:
    May 21, 2013 at 4:26 pm
    I think this has been a great season…lots of talented dancers! And, now that we are in the final four…all of these 4 can dance, and all of them have great personalities and show well on stage.
    But, ultimately …in my opinion…the ‘winner’ should be talented, show lots of ambition for trying to be the best they can, and truly put their all into it…and really be able to dance…all of the programs well! Additionally, the winner should be graceful, enchanting, breath taking, and you are in awe…when they dance.
    The only one that shows all of these s Kellie! I can’t believe she hasn’t been using her talent for dancing …before now! ‘ She ‘ is the winner! She is beautiful…in every way…her looks, her movement, the way she carries herself, her performance…all of it! She truly ‘becomes the character’ she is performing…in every dance, style, look, rom wigs to clothes to attitude! Kellie and Dereck have the ultimate charisma together! His dances are beautifully choreographed — like He as just been waiting on Kellie — to have someone who can do them with him! Not everyone who can dance…can do all the moves she does!
    Kellie Pickler has to be the winner!

  32. Jen Van Lovin says:

    That dance last night was so incredibly moving, my eyes didn’t just well up, i cried. After the dance, when they were waiting for their scores, Derek mentioned that he wasn’t sure if he was going to dance this season (for shame) but at the last minute said he would. I think there was a very good reason. As a viewer since season 1, I can say that was the most touching dance I’ve ever seen.

    It’s a tough season to choose between 2 couples (for me) but I’m hoping for Derek & Kellie.


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