Jan 14, 2014

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Juan Pablo Ex Wife (Ex Girlfriend): What Happened to Camila’s Mom?

As we mentioned in an early article today, one of the most popular questions in the media right now is who Bachelor Juan Pablo chooses this season. But, perhaps even more popular than that question itself is the question regarding Juan Pablo’s ex-wife (or should we say ex-girlfriend, considering they were never married) and what happened between Juan Pablo and Camila’s mom that made them part ways.

The easy answer to that question is this: It simply didn’t work out between the two of them. To say that Juan Pablo and Camila’s mom, Carla Rodriguez, are still on good terms would be the understatement of the century. These two are still extremely close and are 100 percent dedicated to raising Camila together (which leads many to think that Juan Pablo may end up back with Camila’s mom after this is all over).

Juan Pablo and Carla dating for a few years after Camila was born but, apparently it just didn’t work out. Reality Steve posted this video (see below) of Juan Pablo and his ex-girlfriend with their daughter and it goes without saying that they look like the perfect couple. More than that, they look completely in love. Perhaps it’s not over?

Take a look at the video below – and the sexy photos from Carla’s instagram account below that and let us know if you think Juan Pablo ends up with his ex-wife (or ex-girlfriend) in the end!

Sound off in the comment section below!

Here’s the video.


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  1. He will end up with her. I wouldn’t want to get in the middle of this under any circumstances!

  2. I HOPE HE DOES!!!! It would be *BEST* for them to make it work out instead of simply ‘moving on’ to another person.


    • That’s not always the case! I wish I knew this before I got pregnant. Staying with an abusive baby daddy is the WORST thing you can do for your child. I am so glad I got fed up and moved on. That kind of infuence in a child’s life can only do bad. Now I have a great husband who treats me and my daughter the right way. No regrets. At least now my daughter will grow up with a good male influence in her life.

  3. Spoiler alerts already show who he picked and say it didn’t work and that he will get back with his ex.

  4. I hope and pray that JP and Carla do get back together and maybe by him being on the Batchelor this will bring them even closer together. Carla is a beautiful girl and they have a beautiful child together. This little girl needs both her mother and father. I hope God will touch both of there hearts and they can work things out.

  5. Staying together for there mud would be worse on them and especially the kid.

  6. It is in my belief that this couple will be are already back together I think as any human on Earth Lovers go through things and they do split up at times but in the long run they see their love is stronger than being apart my prayers are with this beautiful couple he just got tired of being alone without the love of his life and chose being on that show he was disgusted and hurt because of their break-up I will pray more now that I seen the video they are so Beautiful together De Tequero Mucho es Bonita..If I spelled that wrong I apologize my Spanish is rough now since I have not spoke it for many years ,,God Bless Juan Pablo,Carla and their sweet baby girl Camila..It will all work out for them I can just see it…Because True Love always finds its way back home..Juan is alright he is a cool dude and I am sure he knows what he wants in life if you want to see some real jerks come to Arkansas and find a real Country redneck their the mean ones and so are the women you have to live tough here…Even The Spanish Hillbilly men are something else I am happily married to The Love of My life but their are a lot of Bachelor’s and Bachelorette’s here that would not mind being on that show I am sure…


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