Feb 4, 2014

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Juan Pablo Ex-Wife (Ex-Girlfriend) Carla Rodriguez Reunited (Photos)!

Juan Pablo may be looking to find love on this season of The Bachelor but it’s possible the real woman he loved was right in front of him all along.

Since the moment Juan Pablo accepted the position of lead this year, his ex-wife (actually his ex-girlfriend considering they were never married) has been the topic of conversation. Fans want to know what happened between Juan Pablo and Camila’s mom, how their relationship works now and whether there’s any possibility that the two will reunite in the future. Well, we can help you out with some of those answers.

First of all, as we’ve mentioned in previous weeks, Juan Pablo and Camila’s mom, Carla Rodriguez, were together for a brief time before they had their daughter, Camila. After Camila was born, the two stayed together for a few years but ended up breaking ¬†up when Camila was about 2 years old. According to Juan Pablo himself, the two remain really great friends but their relationship just wasn’t working. However, since he became The Bachelor it seems as though Carla has taken a renewed interest in her former love. The two snapped this pic (above, right) together just last week, poking fun at the tabloids. The question is, regardless of whether Carla is Camila’s mom, pics like that have to cause a little bit of friction between JP and the woman he chose.

Carla is a beautiful model who has also appeared in a few Venezuelan TV shows. There’s no denying she’s incredibly hot – and will likely pose a threat to the person Juan Pablo chooses, especially if they’re the jealous type.

Take a look at some of the hot pics of Carla below – and take a look at the two of them reunited after the Bachelor stopped filming – and let us know if you think JP and Carla will end up getting back together in the end!

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  1. He always looks so unclean but he is nice looking otherwise.
    His ex of course looks lovely.
    Sorry, but how in the h— did they manage to have such a creepy looking little kid. With a voice that could crack glass.

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