Jan 27, 2014

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Juan Pablo Ex-Wife (Ex Girlfriend) Carla Rodriguez: Does He End Up With Her?

Juan Pablo may be searching for love on the 2014 season of The Bachelor but could it be possible that he’s already found his one true love? Carla Rodriguez is Juan Pablo’s ex girlfriend (many refer to her as his ex-wife but the two were never officially married) and the mother of his daughter, Camila. The two, who dated for several years, called it quits a few years after Camila was born but have remained friends ever since. There are countless photos of them together – both with and without Camila, leading many to believe that a reconciliation is a definite possibility when it comes to this dynamic duo.

One of the most popular questions this season has been “what happened to Camila’s mom” or “what happened to Juan Pablo’s ex-wife” and the answer is quite simple: Nothing happened. They decided they weren’t right for each other, went their separate ways but continue to amicably co-parent their young daughter. Is there more to this relationship than JP wants us to know, though? Are there still feelings between Carla and Juan Pablo? According to various reports, these two will definitely end up back together once the dust from the show settles.

According to spoiler king Reality Steve, Juan Pablo and Carla Rodriguez will absolutely end up together in the end – and he says we can take his word for it.

Take a look at the photos below of Juan Pablo’s ex-girlfriend. Then have a look at the video below that – the one that pretty much solidifies the fact that these two had a very, very strong bond. Then let us know if you think they’ll end up back together when all of this is over!

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  1. She an out of work actress they need do to something for the money to start rolling in. So he’s off on a quest to pull the wool over the stupid americans eyes. Just come back with the money honey sais Carla lol

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