Feb 11, 2014

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Juan Pablo Ex-Wife, Carla Rodriguez: Does He End Up With Camila’s Mom?

Juan Pablo may be searching for love on The Bachelor 2014 but there’s already two leading ladies in his life: His daughter Camila and his ex-wife (technically his ex-girlfriend since they never married) Carla Rodriguez.

Since the premiere of the show, fans have been dying to get to know Juan Pablo’s former flame – and see why it didn’t work out between him and Camila’s mom. Despite having broken up a few years ago, Carla – who is drop dead gorgeous by the way – will always be a huge part of Juan Pablo’s life, but is it possible that she’s the one he wants to be with in the end.

Juan Pablo has said from the beginning that he has a great relationship with Camila’s mom. However, for someone who is looking to find a future wife, Juan Pablo and Carla still seem really close (closer than I’d like my husband to be if he had an ex-wife).

Carla has been tweeting with Juan Pablo almost every day. All of her twitter messages have to do with him and she seems to still be very interested in him. She posted this photo (below where she and Camila are wearing blue plaid) with a message “Here we go!! #losangeles #pichu¬†juanpagalavis.” In another photo, she’s posing with David Beckham and she writes the message “Thanks Beckham for bringin soccer back to Miami…@JuanPaGalavis¬†I think is time to come back, Camila wants to see you play…”

Now, I know what some of you are thinking and, yes, it’s possible they just have a really great relationship but if you were the one Juan Pablo picked this season would you be happy knowing his ex-wife is messaging him on Twitter all the time, flirting and using Camila as a way to get his attention? Probably not. And I’m most certainly sure that the woman he picks this season is going to be having none of this moving forward.

Take a look at these photos of Carla and tell me you don’t see these two ending up together in the end:

Do you think Juan Pablo will end up back with Camila’s mom when all of this is over?

Let us know in the comments below!


  1. I personally would not like the fact Carla & JP email each other everyday, along w/ the pic’s. I would want to know why they just didn’t stay together.

    I think he still loves her and she loves him. So not sure why Nicki is in the picture, I don’t think it is fair to Nicki. That is probably why he did not give Nicki the engagement ring, or tell her he loves her, it seems that Carla is still on his mine.

    I hope he is not trying to make Carla jealous, and using Nicki to do it. If that is so, then he really is a scumbag.

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