Feb 24, 2014

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Juan Pablo Ex-Wife, Carla Rodriguez: Camila’s Mom Gets the Final Rose?

Last week, Bachelor fans watched as Juan Pablo introduced his daughter, Camila and is ex-wife (or ex-girlfriend, technically, since they never married) to his potential future wife, Nikki Ferrell. Juan took Nikki to see one of his daughter’s dance recitals where the whole family attended to support Camila. At the end of her performance, Camila came over to see her daddy and his new friend (Nikki) where Juan Pablo proceeded to hand her a bouquet of flowers which she instantly gave to her mom. Is this accidental foreshadowing? Is it really Juan Pablo’s ex, Carla, who will get JP’s final rose in the end? We think so and, apparently we aren’t the only ones.

Before Carla even made her way onto our television screens last week, she was the topic of conversation everywhere. She and Juan Pablo are constantly instagramming and tweeting one another (her, more so than him but he’s probably limited in what he’s allowed to tweet) and they simply couldn’t have nicer things to say about one another. But, as any woman could tell when watching last week’s episode, Carla was jealous of Nikki and there’s only one reason why: She’s still in love with Juan Pablo.

Perhaps Juan Pablo believes there’s actually a chance of him finding true love on the Bachelor but the more likely scenario (and the scenario we believe to be true) is that he went on the show to make Carla jealous and make her want him back. Mission accomplished. Anyone who can’t see that there’s still something between these two is crazy (or in denial, like Jemily fans were when it was it was clear that they weren’t meant to be).

Juan Pablo and Camila will end up back together. You can mark our words. Until then, sit back and enjoy these wonderful photos of Juan Pablo’s smokin’ hot ex-girlfriend. Yep, they’re just really close, really good parents to Camila. Nothing more. Right.

Do you think Juan Pablo will end up with Carla in the end? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


  1. Marie castle says:

    I saw what you are talking about in Carla , but I don’t think it
    Was necessarily jealousy at least not with JP but
    More for her daughter to be spending time with another woman as “mom”.
    I think also it’s just the dynamic between ex wives/ex girlfriends
    And the new girlfriend. It’s just a feeling you get. You
    May not even want the man, but there’s just this “thing”
    Once someone has been yours. Not necessarily in love at all

  2. I am not really impressed with the bachelor he seems so jaded and he talks on both sides of his mouth and he does not think before he speaks this is the worst bachelor I have ever seen !!! And he states my daughter Camilla and he doesnt want to kiss everyone but he does wtf !!!! He is a joke

  3. Elliott Thompson says:

    He is the best and most honest! Hello world men do this to woman everyday kiss them to see if we like ?
    So he is real and the series is allowing it. It would be great if the series brought them back.
    A happy ending on a reality tv show. Now I hope to see him on dwts!
    Give the guy a break.

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