Jan 21, 2014

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Juan Pablo Ex Wife, Carla Rodriguez: Are They Back Together (Photos)?!?

Juan Pablo Galavis has been living his life in the spotlight since signing on to be The Bachelor this season but one of the women who’s getting the most attention of all isn’t even one of the bachelorettes on the show this season: it’s his ex-wife (well, technically his ex-girlfriend seeing as they were never married), Carla Rodriguez.

To say Carla Rodriguez is pretty would be an understatement. She’s drop dead beautiful. And, more than that, she and Juan Pablo have a fantastic relationship as parents to their daughter Camila. Because Juan Pablo has such a great relationship with his ex, many are questioning whether he’ll actually end up with Carla in the end.

One of the first things Juan Pablo told Des on her season of The Bachelorette was that no one will ever hear him utter a bad word about his ex. He’s stuck to that promise and, despite things being said in the media, these two appear closer than ever.

The question is, are Juan Pablo and Carla just really mature parents who are nothing more than friends – or is there still a spark between the two of them. To say they had a picture perfect relationship would also be an understatement. As we showed you in the adorable video of them last week, they look like the sweetest, funnest couple.

Something tells me this isn’t the end for Juan Pablo and Carla. Do you agree?

Take a look at the photos of Camila’s mom below and check out the video to see just how much in love JP and Carla once were:


  1. Juan Pablo, go back to your beautiful ex-girlfriend. She is the mother of your daughter and is a lot better than those crazy girls you have on the show. You both can make it work for Camilia. There is nothing better than to be a family!!

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