Jan 28, 2014

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Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell: Still Together and Engaged?

Who Juan Pablo Galavanis picks on The Bachelor 2014 is obviously one of the biggest questions on viewers’ minds right now but, for those of us who have been following the spoilers since the beginning of the season, the real question is whether he’s still with the person he picked – and whether they’re engaged!

As many of you already know, Nikki Ferrell is the woman rumored to be JP’s final pick this year. She’s the blonde nurse who, up until now, has appeared to be sweet and genuine on the show. Unfortunately, according to reports, we’re going to see a very negative side to the blonde beauty in the coming weeks – and she actually ends up being this season’s villain by the end (we’ll see if it happens).

Bachelor Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell: Are They Still Together and Engaged?

It’s pretty apparent that Juan Pablo picks Nikki in the end. She’ll receive another group rose tonight (that’s back-to-back group date roses for Nikki) and she’ll score her own rose when she has a one-0n-one date with him next week. Juan Pablo picking Nikki is as obvious as Brad picking Emily on his season (although everyone did think for a little while that he was going to pick Chantal O’Brien). The question is, are they still together? Unlike Ben Flajnik’s season, we haven’t exactly seen Nikki’s bad side yet. So, according to reports, Juan Pablo and Nikki are still together. The real question is whether he’ll want to stay with her after her true colors start showing this week. We all know how well that ended for Courtney Robertson, right?

As for whether they’re engaged. That’s a big fat NO! He doesn’t propose to her on the final episode (perhaps because something doesn’t feel right).

So, the update is this: They’re still together but who knows for how long. Nikki’s true colors are supposed to start showing tonight, so we’ll see JP’s reaction at the ATFRC.

Do you guys think Nikki is really as big of a you-know-what as everyone’s making her out to be?

Sound off in the comment section below!

  1. I like Nikki. She is real and she is funny and she has a shy,quiet side. I actually see her as pretty innocent and she isn’t one to be interested in drama. Those who feel threatened by her will demonize her. That is how it always goes.

    • Yeah, I like Nikki and I’ve thought he was going to pick her, too. I am trying to figure out why the others would say she’s so horrible- obviously its just jealousy.

  2. Lu Patterson says:

    I don’t think whoever wins will stick around after they meet Juan’s spoiled brat of a daughter. I think that little girl could put a crimp in any relationship Juan has if she doesn’t like the woman. Juan’s comments about gays were way out of line. Like he’s an expert on relationnships finding a gf on a scripted show in situations that are all fantasy and not based on anything real or tangible. Gay couples have a better chance at making a relationship work than he does.

    • Why on earth would you say such an awful thing about a 4 year old little girl? That is just so ridiculous and out of line.

    • His daughter IS a spoiled brat…let’s be honest. Not all kids are, but Camille definitely is. This show is so scripted and stage…any woman who thinks it’s “real” is very gullible.

    • Jenna Summers says:

      If the show is so scripted and staged, how can you possibly think you know ANYTHING about what Camilla is like?

    • Beth must know the 4 year old Camilla personally. Beth is probably about 6 years old, anyways. My friends kids get on the internet and say silly things all the time! :D

  3. Stephanie says:

    The part that borrows me most about Juan Pablo is that he refers to Camilla and her mother as his family. I think anyone stepping into that situation is going to be a third wheel. Nikki was a likely choice as she is a Pediatric Nurse. Seriously, how could he not pick her? Juan Pablo, although sexy, is about as interesting as a pet rock. Looks can only carry you so far, especially if there are other factors.

  4. Nikki is adorable. I’m sure the show hones in on the drama and features it more just to make it more interesting.

  5. The bachelor this year seems pretty boring. I may be wrong, but I don’t think he is there to meet his wife–it’s all about money and fame.

    It’s crazy how people think reality TV is real;it’s absolutely not!

    Go Watch interviews with past contestants spilling the whole truth!

  6. Nikki is so cute and refreshing! And compassionate and has passion about helping others! Great choice

  7. I think Nikki is one of those people that her humour is kind of smart alec. I don’t think it’s meant to be mean or condescending. I like Renea but she is way to mature & sweet for him. Nikki is a good match but I will be surprised if it lasts. He’s too much of a player. Btw, so is Clare.

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  9. If he were sincere about all he truly want, he would choose Renee. She is real and there for the right reason. I know it is staged but still Renee seems so sincere. I think truly though she is to to good for Juan Pablo. He is a total player…….probably always has been and always will be.

  10. I think he makes a big mistake letting Renee go, she was drama free, I think they would have made a great couple.

  11. I’ve been in Nikki’s corner since she stepped out of the limo. All the goofy stuff aside, I really don’t see any depth to JP at all. And, the grabbing the girl’s face with “look at me” all the time is just crazy. I think Charlene was spot-on about the mental aspect of Juan. It would be refreshing to see him just sit and have good conversations with the girls rather than just kissing all the time. Sexy isn’t enough for a real relationship.

  12. JP is a player and dramatic as is Clare. Can’t stand her faces. Nikki can do so much better. She’s smart & beautiful. Move on!

  13. i like Nikki. I don’t see her lasting with Juan Pablo. He’s not ready to get serious at this point. I figured that out long time ago. i dont dislike JP but Nikki can do better. She’s cute and smart.

  14. I love Nikki she was the best out of the girls he picked as his wife I hope they get married and stay together forever she is bueatiful

  15. I like nikki she is too good for him. when she was asked if she would accept his final rose sayig he wasn’t ready to get ingaged I would have said no way. I would have taken the rose stomped on it and said see ya hope you and Camille will be very happy together

  16. Susan Schaeffer says:

    Is Nikki still working?? How does she manage to get so much time off? I see her as a not too well liked staff member and overly confident in anything.How could she trust such a person who seems to be wrapped up in himself? I guess that’s the bases for my feelings.I guess there’s something about her I don’t get.No.I’m not jealous.I don’t trust him one iota so I suppose I feel she must be like him.

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