Jan 21, 2014

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Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell: Are They Still Together, Engaged (Spoilers)?!?

Despite being only 3 episodes into the 2014 season of The Bachelor, many people are already aware of who’s rumored to receive the final rose. Juan Pablo insisted he was coming on the show to find true love but will he walk away with a fiance and, eventually, his wife?

As many of you know – and I’m sure you wouldn’t have ended up on this article if you didn’t search for information on Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell – the blonde nurse is reported to be Juan Pablo’s final pick this season. She beats Clare Crawley for the final rose at the final rose ceremony but whether the two will walk down the aisle – or even still be together at the After the Final Rose Ceremony is still in question.

Here’s what we know so far: Juan Pablo picks Nikki and gives her the final rose on the finale. He doesn’t, however, propose to her. Correct me if I’m wrong (and I’m sure you will) but he may be the first bachelor to ever pick a woman in the end and not propose. This leads many to believe that JP wasn’t sure about whether he wanted to be with Nikki forever. Many are also thinking that Juan Pablo is going to end up with his ex-wife (and Camila’s mom), Carla Rodriguez. So, what’s the deal? Are Nikki and Juan Pablo still together?

The answer is: Yes, as of right now, Juan Pablo and NIkki Ferrell are still together. They’re still not engaged. Perhaps he’s waiting for the After the Final Rose Ceremony or perhaps he’s still not sure. What we do know is that Juan Pablo has been tweeting in support of sports teams in Nikki’s city, which is an indication that they’re still together.

Whether they’ll still be together at the ATFC is up for debate.

Do you think Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell will still be together at the end of this season (especially when reports state that she’s a huge you-know-what to the other girls in the house)?

Sound off in the comment section below!

  1. Juan Pablo was never married to his daughter’s mom. Also, there was one Bachelor who did not propose, in fact he was the Bachelor twice. It’s infamous Brad Womack.

    • One thing… in Brad’s case he didn’t end up engaged in his first season because he let both girls go. (Correct me if I’m wrong (and I’m sure you will) but he may be the first bachelor to ever PICK a woman in the end and not propose.)

  2. Jessie Palmer (the football player)did not propose, he gave her a plain ticket. Brad Womack proposed to the the blonde Emily who went on to become the bachelorette

  3. The first Bachelor, Alex, did not propose. Bob Guiney did not propose and gave a promise ring or something like that. Jesse Palmer did not propose either, but rather gave a plane ticket.

  4. Juan Pablo doesn’t have his head straight ESPECIALLY since he sees SOMETHING in Nikki! I can see getting blindsided by this chic. BUT boy is she not nice AT ALL!!! I wish one of the girls gave a heads up to JP!

  5. I really liked Renee, shocked that she went home :(

  6. I do not like Clara at all. You can look at her and seee that she is into her self. I liked Renee, she was down to earth and a great Mom.
    It may have hurt her by not telling Juan how she really felt about him. I like Nikki for him instead of Clara. Clara has never said how she felt about his daughter. She is sooooooooooophoney.

  7. Oh and I am Team Renee – prob spelled it wrong – LOVED her! She should be the next bachelorette!

  8. Juan Pablo has not: given this whole marriage situation much thought, he wants to choose and that’s it but it takes some thought, in my opinion he messed up when his conversation with Andi, she let him have it with both barrels, good for her, she was my favorite but now she is gone, I just want him to do some serious thinking before he gives out the last rose. so many times he thinks after he talks, to me he needs to think before he makes his final decision. it is easy to choose and say how much you like someone but love, takes a little longer than just a few weeks to decide you want to marry someone, sorry but this show is really just so many wrongs, I am not going to name them all but, in my opinion Nikki is a better choice for him, than fake Clare. all she knows is she wants to play house with him, sorry but Nikki is a better choice. Nikki told Clare what she thought the night in her bedroom, that was the truth as to who is there for real reasons and who is there for fake reasons. Sorry but I have to say Nikki is the better choice for him if he makes that choice, we will find out next week.

  9. Juan is hot hot hot…I think neither of those girls are worthy..he should of stayed with Renee

  10. I think Nikki and Juan Pablo have similar personalities. Maybe not the best for the show cuz all are soooo high school. But they are real and honest. I couldn’t stand Clare, or Andy for that matter. She will make a terrible Bachelorette. Will we have to watch her tear apart every man she cuts from the show. These girls know when they go on the show that there is only one winner. Why do the producers allow them the airtime to rip Juan Pablo apart. Andy was redicualous. What point was she really trying to make, She was just pissed. I have watched every season from the start, but I think I’m done. Andy will suck. Renee and Charlene were the only good ones. But Nikki was the best pick for JP.


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