Feb 10, 2014

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Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell: Are They Still Together After The Bachelor 2014?

Over the past few weeks, Bachelor fans have seen quite the parallel between Nikki Ferrell and former Bachelor winner Courtney Robertson. Not only is there a strikingly similar physical resemblance but their personalities and general dislike for the world are pretty much identical as well. We all know how well things turned out for Courtney in the end – will Nikki suffer the same fate?

If you’ve come to this article, chances are you already know that Nikki is the rumored winner this season. She reportedly gets the final rose and, despite not receiving a proposal at the final rose ceremony, Nikki could very well end up being Camila’s step mom. Surely, her behavior over the course of the past few episodes has to raise a red flag to Juan Pablo (and Camila’s mom, Carla Rodriguez).

All of that being said, we’re here to answer the question on everyone’s mind: Are Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell still together after The Bachelor 2014?

The answer to that question, as of right now, is yes. However, the answer to that question during Ben and Courtney’s season (and Emily and Brad’s season for that matter) was the same. It’s probably too early to turn in the towel completely but, if anything Juan Pablo has been saying this whole time is true, Nikki surely is not the type of woman he would want to help raise Camila. She’s mean, she’s a bully and she has a general arrogance about her that can’t be attractive to anyone, much less Juan Pablo.

So the answer is technically yes, they are still together, but will they still be together by the time the After the Final Rose Ceremony airs? Only time will tell. If they are, we don’t expect them to stay together very long after the cameras stop rolling.

Do you think Juan Pablo and Nikki will ever get engaged? Do you think they’ll even still be together at the After the Final Rose Ceremony?

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  1. i think nikki is honest and lovely…not anything like courtney. this girl is down to earth and real. some people just cant handle the truth.

    the real bullies are the people portraying her as a villain.

    • If you’re a good person the editors do not have any shots to cast you in a bad light…. so … clearly Nikki has been able to give them all that they need to portray her as a pretty unlovely person.

    • Disappointed in this season. While JP is good looking, the more you see of him, the less you want to see. But, while he was a let down, the women really were also! Please, please, do not let Andi be the next bachelorette. While I’m a huge fan, I wouldnt watch her!

  2. Ann Reardon says:

    I totally agree….I think Nikki is honest, direct,& insiteful, she’s caring in many many ways. As a nurse you have to be able to directly deal with issues….There are a lot of people who perceive that as being forward and rude…..not the case. She is confident, caring, intelligent, and honest.

  3. I disagree with your article about Nikki. I dont consider her to be mean. She simply speaks her mind and defends herself when needed. I think she exudes confidence and has a strong sense of self. I wouldn’t compare her to Courtney at all.

    • I think Nikki by far is the most real person on the show….and for those who say she is a bully you are just being judgmental…its a TELEVISION SHOW. What she isn’t running around kissing butt and being fake so she is “mean” and a “bully”. Good god, GROW UP, it’s a fake reality tv show, and honestly I don’t even see how it is still on the air. It’s so predictable, the contestants all look like models, Oh wait, that is totally REAL LIFE isn’t it? *rolling eyes* Bored now.

  4. I think that Juan Pablo is a farce… I don’t think that he was really looking for a wife or mother to his daughter. Why would he… he dated how many women and traveled? Same thing for the girls… most of them (not all) had some major issues. I can’t believe that these women would fall so fast for some one they weren’t even sure about. When Juan booted those who ended up going home.. he actually did them a favor. As I felt from the beginning of this particular show… it won’t end well.

  5. I feel Juan Pablo is interested in Hollywood and Fame more so than anything else.

  6. When did Juan P say Nikki would be a bad Mom?
    I think Nikki is smart not to get drug into Clare’s drama! I feel for her if Juan P breaks her heart …. Because I think Juan is like Jake P a fame whore!!!

  7. Juan Pablo is a fake and taking advantage of all these woman. He is not sincere and he’s messing with these women’s hearts. They are real people.

  8. Juan Pablo is pretty self centered, he is thinking only of his life.
    I don’t he will marry any of these ladies

  9. I doubt Juan Pablo ever intended to find a wife and stepmom – the stepping stone to Hollywood angle resonates. He certainly applied his ‘good example for Camilla’ ethics erratically. I think Nikki may tempt him the most and it’s interesting that he introduced her to his family – and that ABC even convinced Carla to appear. But in the end, my money’s on Nikki recognizing what Andi did about JP’s self-absorption. I give him credit for no proposal – that may be the most respectable authentic move he makes this entire season. But in the end (and soon), Nikki will recognize she was only infatuated. She’s too bright and clearly from the home visit from too educated and affluent a background to suffer over him.Way too much going for her to deal with him for long. I hope Clare sees the light soon as well. And Renee too!

  10. I agree with most of the stuff said above about Nikki. I too think she’s sweet and honest. I do not think he deserves her.
    He’s arrogant, only after the fame, keeps talking too much about how he cares for his daughter while I think that his ex wife is doing most of the caring. He does not come across as a very smart person either – Sharlene & Andi got it right !!, hats off to them. I feel sorry for whoever ends up with him.
    Did you hear his comments about the gays?? – not very smart !!!. My wife and I are totally disgusted with this guy. We have another Jake and Brad… ABC should be doing more digging before selecting these guys…

  11. Yep, He is in it to be a male whore. That is so clear to see. Juan Pablo, you need to do something with your self centered self. Your daughter is going to end up with a jerk just like you someday. Karma

  12. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who doesn’t see the mean Nikki. I think being in that position would be difficult for anybody, but she certainly hasn’t done anything that would label her a bitch. I think the real trouble maker is Clare. The one thing that I’m not certain about is whether Juan Pable even deserves Nikki!

  13. I understand that the bacehlor decided to ride the Juan Pablo train. After Des’ season, everyone loved JP. But they should’ve picked Zak to be the bachelor. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy who actually wanted to find love, not become a playboy like JP. JP just seems totally not genuine and has NO depth. He’s so boring! Maybe it’s the language barrier, but I honestly think that even if the language barrier weren’t an issue, viewers would still hate JP. They’d probably quickly realize what Andi realized in the last episode.

  14. I don’t think Nikki is mean or a bulky at all. she is honest and straightforward, and a pretty girl!

  15. marie-p. says:

    eh, I would date Nikky myself anytime if I was a man. But Pablo would only be good for one night stand- not my type.

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