Jul 10, 2012

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Jef Holm Bachelorette 2012 Winner: Are Emily and Jeff Engaged?

Is it true? Is Jef Holm The Bachelorette 2012 winner? Are he and Emily Maynard engaged? What happened to Sean and Arie? We have all the answers for you right here, so sit back and enjoy all of the amazing spoilers for the remainder of the season!

Is Jeff Holm The Bachelorette 2012 Winner?

The answer is YES! According to Reality Steve, Emily chooses Jef at the final rose ceremony and the two are still together.

Are Emily and Jef engaged?

The answer to that is also YES! Emily and Jef are engaged and may just surprise everyone with a wedding date on the live After the Final Rose Ceremony airing Sunday (that’s right, Sunday) July 22.

What happens to Sean and Arie?

Tonight Sean will be sent home after spending the night with Emily on their fantasy date. Arie was not given an overnight date because Emily couldn’t trust herself with him, so his date was cut short. He, however, will still receive a rose tonight, will meet Emily’s family and will be rejected at the Final Rose Ceremony.

Do you think Emily was right to choose Jef over Arie?

  1. Do I think Emily was right in choosing Jef over Arie? Um… let’s see… HELL NO.

    • loooooool Reality Steve was right on all the spoilers in the season so far. I’m pretty sure she picks Jef.

  2. Kristin says:

    am i watching a different show? sean did not get an overnight…

    • He did but he did not stay all night with her. They spent a couple extra hours together. Arie did not even receive one due to Emily not trusting herself with him.

  3. Jef best pick for her and Rick

  4. Yay..love Jeff….Arie looked like a passing boyfriend and Sean like a Brad knock off…Jeff is just refreshingly handsome and such a sweetheart…

    • I totally agree, Jef is the perfect match for Emily. With Arie, its a physical attraction only.

  5. I think Jef is best pic for her and Ricki. Arie seems just a physical attraction. Jef is a heartfelt connection. Emily even stated at one point on Jef’s date that she couldnt say “it” but she hopedhe could tell by her face

  6. I honestly think she chooses neither one and pulls a Brad Womac. She just cant seem to let someone love her.

  7. Jef is long term. Arie is short term lust. If she chooses Jef she is wise….

  8. I really hope it will be Arie at the end. They love each other and Emily should follow her heart. I don’t see her with Jef at all. Jef looks very young, like her younger brother, there is no romantic connection between them. If Reality Steve is right and Jef is last man standing, I will be very disappointed…

    • Are you serious? Are you watching the same show? Arie is lust only. It was down to Sean and Jef. She sent Sean home to make the final easier.

    • Arie loves her, Jeff dosen’t. Jeff might be good with words but Arie and Emily just have to look at each other to know what the other is thinking. Arie can’t help the fact he’s a good kisser but that is just a big plus if you ask me. Emily would be blessed if she had Arie around to look at her every day like he does for the rest of her life. If she didn’t pick him she’ll miss him the rest of her life.

  9. …looks don”t make the man…she has a child to think of and like any good mother, she will choose the man who will make the best father…

  10. She’s on ET talking about Chris Harrison…AGAIN?…when the questions are about the final two? She says that Ricki asks all the time if they can call Chris.

    Not a big fan of hers, and I think she’s going to end up w/ CH.

  11. I’m not watching the last show because I think she made a mistake picking Jef over Sean and Arie

  12. Stephanie says:

    Emily is all about fame and fortune. If she was truly interested in ‘family’ and the welfare of her daughter, she would have picked Sean. His family date proved he was clearly the better choice. Stable, great family, but since he’s in Insurance Sales, he probably doesn’t make 6 figures! Arie is all about the racing glam lifestyle and his family wasn’t to kind and talked in a language she didn’ understand – RUDE! Jef comes from money, from the looks of his family home in Utah and he owns his own company. Mormon….seriously? She’s an idiot.

    • Are you seriously judging Jeff because he is mormon. I think it is wonderful he has values! He is the only one with serious questions and the only one who was really making an effort to make their relationship work in the future.

  13. Emily — fame and fortune. If she was truly interested in ‘family’ and the welfare of her daughter, she would have picked Sean. His family date proved he was clearly the better choice. Stable, great family, but since he’s in Insurance Sales, he probably doesn’t make 6 figures! Arie is all about the racing glam lifestyle and his family wasn’t to kind and talked in a language she didn’ understand – RUDE! Jef comes from money, from the looks of his family home in Utah and he owns his own company. Mormon….seriously? She’s an idiot.

    • I think Sean would be best long term..She and her family are most definately conservative Christians and they would fit better with Sean. Jef ‘s family will not approve of a non Mormon that is why they didn’t show up for the hometown dates, plus she has a child out of wedlock..so no matter how chaste she seems she will never be good enough for them and I don’t see a Mormon conversion coming any time soon..if Jeff was really not a Mormon anymore his family would not have anything to do with him. With Arie , his family is very liberal with European values that don’t mesh well with a conservative Christian. Sean was the best long term but Emily likes a challenge and she’s now got one..I think Jef and Arie are great but Emily is set in her ways and won’t step out of the southern baptist bubble so neither will work out long term.

    • Really? If he was not a Mormon his family would have nothing to do with him?? What are basing that statement on? I come from a Mormon background and I am no longer Mormon and my family still loves me and is very involved in my life. I think you are making huge generalizations which makes you sound ignorant. I know a lot of people who are no longer Mormon but their families still love them and are involved with thier lives.

    • Ok Matt….first of all I am definitely not an idiot nor was I making a generalization about Mormons. I’m from Mesa, AZ and my BFFs are Mormon. I’ve been to Fireside Meetings and plenty of Mormon gatherings. I also know that they 99.9% of the time do not marry outside their religion. Second…read what Beth wrote which sure explains that to a tee. I guess my question to you is..if Mormon’s have such great family values why are you no longer practicing the Mormon religion.

  14. JEF IS AWESOME! so happy he is the chosen one. he is such a respectful handsome talented young man. emily needs someone who will be there, not be gone on the road 3/4′s of the time!

  15. Meredith says:

    Even though Arie was my favorite, I don’t think he would be the best fit for Emily and Ricki. But with that being said I defiantly don’t think Jef is a good fit for their life. He is to immature and is almost like a little kid. He is not ready to be a father and I think in the long run that will cause them to have arguments because he will be to laid back. Even though Arie was my favorite I think Shaun was the best fit for Emily and Ricki. I don’t think Jef and Emily will work out in the long run. It might for a year or two but it is not a life long marriage or even engagment.

  16. I think Jef and Emily are perfect together; they have a true connection that I couldn’t see with any of the other guys and Emily. I actually really like Emily and it seems she is a true genuine person. Her and Jef are perfect for each other and I hope they don’t ever break up!

  17. I’m a Marriage Family Therapist and have seen couples for 19 years. I don’t see Jeff as a good match. He’s too immature for her and I don’t see the chemistry. She has the chemistry with Arie… That was obvious. She is use to that life style and he seemed genuinely into her. Sean was too contained and not transparent with his feelings. I think she’s going to be making mistake if she chooses Jeff. I’ll take if she doesn’t want him. He always looked into her eyes when he was kissing her and totally engaged. He has what it takes to bond and have necessary connection to make love last!

    • You are sounding like the typical marriage/family therapist, being in your field for the wrong reasons. How can you really judge chemistry when all of this is happening in front of cameras. Emily has a good head on her shoulders and knows her what her priorities are. All along she has been looking for a dad for Ricki as well as a life partner for herself. Ari’s background and relationship history does not bode well for him. In addition, being a race car driver will have him travelling all over the world and be with a lot of “distractions”. I personally can’t see raising a child in those circumstances. She and Ricki would either hardly see him or constantly be uprooted from their home. Jef is her best match and I wish them all the best.

    • Peggy Smith says:

      Well, let’s not forget that Emily’s former boyfriend (who was Ricki’s father) was a race car driver, too, and it didn’t seem like that lifestyle bothered Emily one bit. Granted, she didn’t have Ricki at the time, but still — she has said many times that she likes the race car circuit and lifestyle. I think that she and Arie are a better match, but I do like Jef, too. I just think that Jef isn’t quite ready for a family yet. He still has some wild oats to sow.

  18. If she did pick Jeff she’ll regret it. I hope Steve got this one wrong.

  19. Joyperk says:

    Emily is a smart girl. She realizes that all she has with Arie is chemestry, and that can die quick when you don’t have the same values and vision of your future. She obviously has chemestry with Jef too, but so much more of a future vision of life with him. Mormon’s take marriage very seriously, and he was raised with these values whether he believes in all the doctrine or not. Hopefully they have talked about how they will raise Rikki and future kids, because religion has obviously been a big part of both their lives. Maybe they can take the best from both. I sound more like a marriage therapist than Therese. Marriage is the most serious committment, and it is obviously Jef that is ready to take that step. He may look young, but he is the most mature of the three. I didn’t think this a the beginning at all, but Jef asks and thinks about all the right things for someone that truly loves Emily and wants to be a dad to Ricky. I think Emily is doing it right this time.

  20. Many relationships with intense chemistry burn out and end in demise. Arie has a reputation and his work will require travel, meaning she will not have his attention or presence when she wants it. Also, being with a workaholic won’t necessarily provide stability when you have a daughter needing a father.

    Jef is 27, not 17, and runs a 3 million dollar company. Good for him for being fun and still like a kid. Hope he’s still like that at 90! He has a wisdom and maturity not present in any other -man- there. Good for him for being himself and withholding that first kiss. THAT is what got her attention and made her want HIM. I know this dynamic well as my other half is younger (although jef is older than she is…) he knew enough about relationships to have withheld the first kiss from me. He has the same kind of wisdom and we’ve been together for too many years.

    Sean is perfect but it is she who has to love him, not us.

    And I had a few close friends who were Mormon growing up and I envied their well-adjusted and loving families, especially in comparison to the judgementalism of my own, which was PentecostaI. I adored my friends who were Mormon…they are wonderful, loving, family people who are very committed and who have my respect.

    May her heart make the right choice for her and for Ricki. If not, then she get negotiate further for bachelor pad ; )

  21. lindsey says:

    Jef is absolutely perfect. He is the only guy to constantly bring up Ricki and how much he cant wait to spend his life with emily AND ricki, and not just emily. He’s a complete and total package and a great father figure. Most importantly he makes her laugh and he is literally a breath of fresh air compared to the muscle juice bag tools they bring on this show. he’s real and he’s really in love. I cannot wait for them to procreate together.


  22. Dominique says:

    I 100% agree with both Monika and Piper! Arie would be an awesome,loving and encouraging husband for Emily and I also believe Arie would make a great dad for Ricki. Em and Arie just seem to truly be in love so I could see a happy trio b/w Em,Ricki, and Arie in the future! So Team Arie all the way!<3

  23. Dominique says:

    I second everything Therese said, as well! Because not only do they have great physical chemistry,but we can see through their converstions why they had such an immediate connection, emotionally as well. That’s gotta be a sign of true love, right?! Once again and forever will be on Team Arie! <3

  24. Jef is a perfect choice beside Sean. He is addorable and well manner. I hope he is her pick. If she pick Arie it is another Brad. Good luck.

  25. Jef is Mormon. It’s doomed. Arie is a playboy, and was on he show because he’s a no=name and wants to become famous.

    It’s all fake anyway. Sean was physical perfection. Hot!

  26. I was totally surprised she didn’t choose Sean. He to me was the right choice but since she sent him packing, kudos to the woman who gets him! Lucky girl she will be.

    As far as Jef or Arie, I hope she chooses Jef because I think Arie just says what she wants to hear. No sincerity.

  27. It seemed like her and Arie were the perfect couple but listening to the oppinions of other changed Emily’s mind. someone mentioned that Arie had dated hundreds of women, yikes! As a nurse I must say that can be a great risk for Emily, healthwise. Perhaps this Jef may not be such a health risk. I don’t know. It only takes one time. I also read that Michelle Money was pressuring her to give Jef a chance. I remember her pressuring Brad. It’s hard to say “No” to a “friend” like that, isn’t it, yikes!! Jef seems nice but I wonder if his Mormon backround will eventually cause problems like Tom Cruse and Katie.

  28. I’m not sure you can compare being a Mormon with being a Scientologist…the latter is a fake religion, money making scheme…I know, I used to take classes there…they certainly don’t pray. And yes, whoever gets Sean gets a pure sweet heart….

  29. If Emily does choose Jef, I truly hope and pray their marriage is forever. I married a man 30 years ago and he became a daddy to my three children, at that time, ages 15, 12 & 5. His whole family was Mormon, but he did not practice this religion. As time went on, we both became Christians, as did our children. We don’t discuss religion, or our faith, with his family, because they don’t care to listen … they have continued to always speak about their religion to us. We would love to have a closer relationship with his family, but their continual input about their religion is overwhelming, so visits are few between. I truly pray that Emily and Jef can realize there could be controversity and always keep an open-mind to each others beliefs, whether you believe in them or not. God bless them if they end up together.

  30. michelle says:

    Yes, absolutely, Jeff is the right guy for Emily!

  31. Jeff looks like a boy, Ari is the better fit for her.
    And if she picked Jeff….she is the dumb one.

  32. Yes she should choose Jef,
    He is sincere and wtf Arie, you all seem to forget that Arie didn’t tell Emily about living a short while with the producer who turned friend to Emily. It “slipped his mind” ! He is a great kisser and gosh I’d fall for him but Jef is fresh and fun and really loves her. Plus if she stayed with Arie it would be because he just fills the missing void for Ricky her deceased husband. Pretty much the same guy, safe also. She would fit with Jef’s family also. Maybe Arie could be the next bachelor. Instead of the all American boy next door Sean.

  33. I read Aire got cold feet, it happens but I think Arie will come back and Emily will marry him. she loves Jeff as a dear friend but she is in love with Arie and Arie loves her. I can imagine Arie stopping the wedding. He may already have got her back.

  34. elisabeth says:

    how long have they been together like engaged

  35. elisabeth says:

    i am 12 and a huge fan of the show i am like so happy for emily and ricky

  36. congrats glad to see a real happy ending for you all God Bless you in the future

  37. Teeitup says:

    Jef and Emily are perfect together from what I’ve seen. How many times did both of them talk about “he gets me….she gets me….we just click”. It seemed to me that Arie was just very sexual and that’s where he concentrated. Jef, on the other hand, seemed to be totally invested in all areas of importance. I wish them nothing but the best and hope they have a long, happy life together!

  38. Caroline says:

    I believe that Emily chose Jef because he convinced her into having him meet her daughter. She stated prior that she didn’t want either of them to meet her because of what happened the last time she introduced Ricki to the men in her life. As it turns out, she felt bad if she didn’t introduce Jef to Ricki because Jef told her to think about how it feels to be in his shoes and not being able to meet her. Anyway, I really believe that moment was the turning point because she would have felt bad introducing two men into Ricki’s life at the same time. Aire didn’t even get a chance.

  39. Sorry… Can you say gold digger??? Where in the world did Jef. get all his money??? Surely at 27 he did not earn it. Both Jef & Aire come from MONEY. I really liked Emily until I saw her knocking off all the regular guys and focus in all all the ones with $$$$. I guess it’s easier to convince yourself to love someone with money that without!!

  40. I’m glad she chose Jef. I think they’re a better fit than her and Arie. I wish them many years of happiness. On a side note, Jef reminds me of Taylor Hanson. Even the way Jef speaks is simillar to Taylor.

  41. It won’t last. I live in Utah and know all about the Mormon religion, their practices, beliefs and the un-quenching desire to convert anyone that is not Mormon, especially if one comes into a family of Mormons. It will cause a wedge in their relationship eventually.

    • Hobbymom says:

      Carol, I to live in Utah and I believe it will last. Not all Mormons try to get you to join there religion. And yes I am Mormon and I love it, we will share what we believe but in the end you are the one to say if you want to be apart of the Mormon family. Before you try to say bad ing about it just give it a try. Go into any LDS church on a Sunday and sit there for 1hr at 9:00 , 11:00 or 2:00 if you dont like just leave.

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