Jul 23, 2013

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Jaun Pablo as The Next Bachelor: Let’s Make It Happen!

Juan Pablo was a clear favorite on this season of The Bachelorette and tonight’s episode of The Men Tell All proved that there’s no one more suitable as┬áthe next Bachelor than this charming former soccer player.

From his sexy accent to his adorable comments about his daughter, Juan Pablo seems like the perfect choice for the next Bachelor – but will he be picked?

According to Reality Steve, there’s no chance that Juan Pablo will be the lead next season. However, with the loud cheers at tonight’s Men Tell All, his time in the hotseat, despite not really having any highlighting moments on the show, the girls coming up supporting him by wearing t-shirts and all of the lovely comments made by the other men (like Zak’s comments about how great of a dad he is), it seems to me as though ABC was setting Juan Pablo up to be the next Bachelor.

Tell me, after watching tonight’s MTA special, do you think Juan Pablo is a contender for the next Bachelor? And would you be happy to see it happen?

If you want Juan Pablo to be the next Bachelor, leave your comments in the comment section below and we’ll email them all (if we get enough) to ABC to let them know how the fans feel!

Here’s to making Juan Pablo the next Bachelor!

  1. Yes please Juan Pablo!

  2. Juan Pablo would be the best ever Bachelor!

  3. Patty Amin says:

    Juan Pablo for next Bachelor!!

  4. Jamie-Lynn says:

    OMG YES! ABC I would be SO happy if you made Juan Pablo the next Bachelor! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

  5. Jordana 7 says:

    This would be the only way ABC could redeem themselves after this boring season. Sorry ABC but the only way to secure a winner is by making JP the next Bachelor!

  6. Absolutely! Pick Juan Pablo

  7. Juan Pablo !!!!!!! Plzzzz Juan Pablo !!!

  8. anna alves says:

    next bachelor!

  9. Juan Pablo would be the best Bachelor yet. Even better than Shawn.

  10. YES!!! Please make it happen!!!! He deserves a chance to find a beautiful soul to match his! :)

  11. Juan Pablo for the next Bachelor!!!

  12. Juan Pablo for next bachelor!!!!!!!!!! He’s absolutely amazing
    and would be the most attractive, genuine bachelor
    and also add some diversity to the show.

  13. Juan Pablo would be a perfect Bachelor!

  14. Jessi A says:

    Please make him the next bachelor! Hes so sincere and adorable and I cant get enough of him! Come on ABC! :D

  15. Juan Pablo would definitely win some hearts as bachelor he s so hot , sincere,

  16. Jessica says:

    Juan Pablo yes please next bachelor !! He deserves to find love !!

  17. YES for Juan Pablo as next Bachelor!!! He deserves a chance to find true love & clearly an authentic, and true gentleman!! Team Juan Pablo!!! Let’s GO ABC..

  18. JUAN PABLO FOR BACHELOR!!!! It’s about time we have a Latin Papi as the bachelor !!!!

  19. Please make him the next bachelor!! He deserves it so much. He was never in the dumb drama and he seems like an all around GREAT guy. Come on! DIVERSITY! He even has a fan club ABC!

  20. He would be the perfect bachelor. He handsome, athletic and sincere. He seems to want to find love and he seems to be a great father. Also, unlike others, he isn’t trying to be famous, an actor or promote his business.

    I hope ABC makes him the next bachelor. It would be a great season, and hopefully, he would find love.

  21. Yes please!!!!

  22. Yes I was a Zak fan but after tonight would love Juan Pablo.

  23. Lynn Badamo says:

    Juan Pablo would be adorable as the next Bachelor! Perfect!

  24. Juan Pablo is so sincere and sweet! He would be an excellent choice for the next Bachelor. He is such a wonderful father. He deserves to find a loving wife to spend his life with.

  25. Juan Pablo would be the best bachelor!!!!! Yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!

  26. melissa says:

    Yes Juan Pablo should be the nextbachlor.

  27. DONNA K says:

    We want him as next BACHElLOR He deserves it

  28. Isabella8271 says:

    Juan Pablo would make an awesome Bachelor and he is so deserving of the opportunity. He is so sincere and very easy on the eyes. Make it happen ABC.

  29. Yes!!! Jaun Pablo as the next Batchelor

  30. susan locke says:

    Juan Pablo has to be the next bachelor!

  31. Its a no brainer!!!!! Juan pablo for the next batchelor

  32. Jennifwr says:

    Oh, yes! Bring it on! Juan Pablo for the next bachelor!!!!!!

  33. YES!!!!!!!!!….he is a great guy looking for love , he brings up his daughter all the time because he loves her , he will be one of the best man u can ever have…he is smart , athletic, caring…he is amazing!!!!

  34. Yes!! Juan Pablo needs to be next… He is so sweet :)

  35. Yes Juan Pablo for bachelor!! Love him!

  36. Bonnie Rosenblum says:

    Juan PAblo is a wonderful man, so sincere and real not to mention
    gorgeous! I adore him!! PLEASE make Juan Pablo the next BACHELOR!!
    He deserves it!!!

  37. Oh, si! Yes yes yes.

  38. Juan Pablo for next Bachelor!!

  39. YES JUAN PABLO!!!!!! please!!

  40. Charlene Navarro says:

    Juan Pablo should most definitely be the next Bachelor. He brings alot of class to everything…

  41. I think he would make a wonderful bachelor!

  42. Yes for Juan Pablo! What a sweetie! Gorgeous too! Why did Desiree let him go!

  43. Michele says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Juan Pablo, what a great guy! He would be fun!!

  44. Juan Pablo is a clown, this show is heading towards being a complete joke – put a legit dude on the show, please! Ben was such a pansie, too…

  45. Juan Pablo should hands down be the next Bachelor. The last three contestants standing do not come close to the charm, sex-appeal, good heart and funny sense of humor that this man has. All the ingredients needed for record breaking show. My vote goes to JUAN PABLO!!!

  46. blowfly says:

    Definitely Juan Pablo! The hottest of the guys, and the nicest. Anyone else will be a big disappointment and I for one won’t bother watching.

  47. Michelle brown says:

    Yes for Juan Pablo:)

  48. Lindsay says:

    Pretty please Juan Pablo!!


  50. sherry roskie says:

    Yes my vote is for Juan Pablo

  51. melissa says:

    If you dont pick Juan Pablo then Zac W.

  52. Who doesn’t want Jaun Pablo for the next bachelor? Ummm….No one! He is the most sincere man, with such character, and super hot! ABC would be silly not to choose him, kinda like Dez ;)

  53. Jain Pablo yes yes yes

  54. Sorry I spelled that wrong Juan Pablo yes yes yes

  55. Belinda says:

    Please Please Please!!! Juan Pablo should be the next bachelor!!

  56. Juan Pablo !!!

  57. Gundogirl says:

    Si, si, si!

  58. Juan Pablo should be the next bachelor ! He is warm, sincere, good looking and a great family man. I’m not seeing it unless he is the next one!,,,

  59. yes to Juan Pablo as next bachelor

  60. Marianne says:

    Oh yeah! Juan is the BEST!!!!!

  61. He is such a wonderful father. He deserves to find a loving wife to spend his life with.

  62. Hillbilly500 says:

    Jaun Pablo should be the next bachelor he needs to find someone that will love him!

  63. Crystal says:

    Yes….Juan Pablo would be an amazing bachelor!

  64. Juan Pablo all the way!

  65. Yes great choice ;)

  66. Yes!!!

  67. helaine says:

    muy cajiente

  68. Jennifer says:

    Yes please!!!

  69. Juan Pablo please!!

  70. Yes Juan Pablo!!!


  72. Zak and Juan Pueblo share the spot as the bachelor. I would love to see ABC pull that off!

  73. Yes on Juan Pablo, my daughter and I have watched this show for years and this is the only person she has ever even considered signing up to go on this show for! I think she along with all the other people watching find that he is so down to earth, humble and sweet and these attributes make him stand out among them all.

  74. Ellie & daughter says:

    My young daughter is screaming elatedly at the prospect of Juan Pablo as next Bachelor and having watched every season my friends and I quite agree!

  75. Juan Pablo! Juan Pablo! Please for the next bachelor. He seems so sincere!

  76. PLEASE make this happen! would love nothing more than to see Juan Pablo become the next bachelor. He is the most genuine out of every single guy on this season and he deserves it the most.

  77. Make it happen ABC!!

  78. Brigid Reed says:

    PLEASE make Juan Pablo the next bachelor….I have watched every season but could give up without JP– my darters and I are all in love with him!

  79. Samara Issa says:

    Yes please! Juan all the way!

  80. Yes to Juan!!! I would be happy to watch him every week for as long as you put him for us to see. Please Juan Pablo !!!!

  81. Yocelyn says:

    Of course he would be perfect bachelor i’m begging you make him the next bachelor please i want him as the next bachelor.

  82. Anyone else would be a let down at this point. I am starting to tire of the show and this would definitely keep me in another season for sure

  83. Yocelyn says:

    Juan Pablo for the next bachelor please pretty please let’s get more votes

  84. Juan Pablo could make any woman’s heart thrill!
    He is not only handsome, bright,kind, and funny…but wants a family.
    ABC don’t botch this up!
    You have a winner here….think of your ratings. It will
    be smooth sailing for them.

    Des must have been on medication, that’s the only reason I can think of when she chose some of those players over Juan Pablo.

  85. Juan Pablo’!!!!

  86. Juan Pablo would be a great choice for the next bachelor!!

  87. Please make Juan Pablo the next bachelor!!! He is such a great father who deserves to find love ! Not to mention he’s muy caliente!

  88. For sure Juan Pablo would be a PERFECT one for the next bachelor.Much better then that Jeff guy.He is NOT bachelor material.
    Juan is already loved by the girls.
    He has the perfect personality for the show and he is a real man,not a mommy’s boy.
    He is mature and independent in his life.
    He would make one woman very happy
    He has it all in a man.
    Personality,physic,he is a natural,loves life and is honest.
    Let him be the next Bachelor……you will get a lot of people watching….

  89. aurella says:

    PLEASE! Say who.. JUAN PABLO The next Bachelor!

  90. Juan Pablo for BACHELOR!!!! Do it ABC. DO IT!

  91. Porfavor Juan Pablo!!

  92. Christine Graham says:

    Purddy Please make Juan Pablo, he is such a great man all the way around :)

  93. Jaun Pablo for the next bachelor please!

  94. I think Juan Pablo would be great. Although I didnt know much about him until last night. He seems thoughtfull @ very lovable to other people. I wouldnt want him to be disappointed and not find love.

  95. danielle says:

    Juan Pablo is not only so beautiful, he is so honest and seems very loving. I want him ;) xo

  96. Kristie Lawrence says:

    Si Si Si!! Juan Pablo would be a wonderful refreshing choice for the next Bachelor.

  97. YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Juan Pablo for next Bachelor :)

  98. Heck yes. Juan Pablo would be fantastic.

  99. ABC please put Jan Pablo on!! You disappointed us by not showing him much this season. We love him!!!! Make this sexy man the next Bachelor!!!! Help him find love!!! :) <3

  100. Yes Juan Pablo for next bachelor please

  101. Yes!!!!! JUAN PABLO!!!!!

  102. Yes, Juan Pablo will be the PERFECT Bachellor for next season!!! he has a great personality, good looking and down to earth!!!

  103. yes juan pablo would be our best bachellor for the next season, please let him be the one…….he deserves to find love…. good luck juan hope you get this….

  104. frances says:

    yes, please pick Juan Pablo for the next bachelor….please please, he seems like such an good guy

  105. Definitely Juan Pablo ~ Next Bachelor !!!

  106. JUAN PABLO FOR NEXT BACHELOR! he would bring in a whole new audience and will keep the viewers entertained because he is just so different and refreshing. he is easy to love and you can tell that he has a good heart. he is also ridiculously funny and not as .. bland… as some of the bachelors and bachelorettes that have been casted in the past. he would make good tv.

  107. The only way I would watch The Bachelor next season is if Juan Pablo is the bachelor.

  108. Definitely Juan Pablo- great dad! Sexy and sincere. He has my vote!!!!!!

  109. Yes Juan Pablo !!!!

  110. YES!!!!!!!!!!! Juan Pablo would be perfect!

  111. I would love to see more of Juan Pablo, anyone who puts his children first is a winner to me…I’m a firm believer children come first. YES! Juan Pablo your the next bachelor…COME ON DOWN…

  112. Courtney says:

    Juan Pablo Juan Pablo!!!! Would LOVE to see him as next

  113. Claudia pereira says:

    Yes Juan Pablo for the next bachelor he has everything I girl can want and he is looking for a future wife and mother to his daughter !!

  114. Nancy J says:

    No, please don’t bring any of the current guys back as the next Bachelor. They need to go back to bringing on new, never before seen bachelors and bachelorettes. Besides Juan Pablo has a child and that’s not something most women (or men for that matter) want to deal with. That’s been proven already except maybe in the case of Jason and Molly.

  115. Oh yes please Jaun Paublo …..that is a season everyone will watch my heart goes to Juan Pablo

  116. June Brown says:

    YES, Juan Pablo ALL THE WAY!!!!

  117. Zak should be the next bachlor! he’d be perfect!!!!!

  118. Please make him the next bachelor!!!

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