May 15, 2012

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Emily Maynard and Ricky Hendrick Photos: True Love

Emily Maynard may be embarking on a journey to find true love on The Bachelorette 2012 but she’s no stranger to love – in fact, she was head over heels for a man before she was ever introduced to the ABC series.

As many of you already know, Emily has an extraordinary love story. She was engaged to race car driver Ricky Hendrick when she was 19. The two had dated (as you can see in the series of photos below) for over 4 years. One day, Emily was supposed to accompany him to a race but she wasn’t feeling well. She didn’t get on the plane but Ricky did. The plane never made it to its destination and everyone on board died in the crash. Emily was devastated. Just days later, she found out she was pregnant with Ricky’s child.

Needless to say, Emily’s story is heartbreaking. But, what it does remind us is that true love does exist and, sometimes – if you’re lucky – it might exist twice in one lifetime.

As Emily embarks on her new journey, it’s important to remember her relationship with Ricky.

Take a look at how happy Emily and Ricky were together in the photos below:

So sad.

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