Jul 31, 2012

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Emily and Jef Holm in Africa After Bachelorette Finale 2012

Emily and Jef mentioned on The Bachelorette finale that they would be making their way to Africa to help provide clean water for the communities but no one expected them to jet off quite so quickly.

The much-in-love couple landed this weekend and have been taking photos together on their mission. Their trip is part of an initiative that Jef’s company People Water has been executing for quite some time.

In the pics, Emily and Jef look happier than ever. They’re even dressing alike. It’s very apparent from Emily’s attire that she’s completely smitten with Jef. The usually-girly-girl has swapped her frilly pink dresses for military boots and shorts – and she looks good!

Emily’s past relationship with Brad Womack after he picked her on The Bachelor didn’t last very long but something tells me Emily and Jef will last longer.

Who knows – these two might even make it down the aisle.

Do you think Jef and Emily have what it takes to stay together?

  1. Slygirl says:

    These guys will make it for sure !

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