Mar 6, 2012

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Does Ben Pick Courtney on The Bachelor 2012 Finale?

It’s the question running through everyone’s mind tonight – and for some of us, the question that’s been running through our mind the entire season – Does Ben actually pick Courtney Robertson on The Bachelor 2012 finale next week?

*Warning: Spoilers ahead

Does Ben Pick Courtney on The Bachelor 2012?

The answer probably won’t shock you very much, but you might be disappointed to actually hear it’s true: Yes, Ben Flajnik picks Courtney on the finale episode next week and sends Lindzi Cox home broken-hearted.

As most of you already know, Courtney is the pretentious model who has done her best to insult everyone she’s come in contact with on the show – including Ben. Tonight, she’ll have the chance to defend her actions as she comes face to face with all of the women from this season.

There are a lot of tears – but, sorry Courtney, we’re not buying it.

I’m sure you probably thought you could come on the Women Tell All and cry your way into the hearts of viewers like Michelle Money did last season but you can’t. You’re not a nice person – Michelle is.

It’s a little too late for Courtney if you ask me.

Do you think Ben made the right decision picking Courtney over Lindzi on next week’s finale?

  1. I think Ben made the biggest mistake of his life. He was warned about how courtney was throughout the show and he still choose her. what a fool… I would of took Lindzi or Kacie B. instead at ast then he would of picked someone who actually cared about him or others and not just herself. I wanted Courtney to go home along time ago I can’t believe she actually won.. Ben needs to wake up and smell the coffee, quit drinking so much wie and come back to reality…

  2. Last Season, I felt so hurt for Ben as Ashley let him get down on one knee, paused and then… said sorry, I love someone else.
    I felt his pain, because so many of us were cheering for him. So when he was chosen for this season’s bachelor, I was so happy. I wanted a wrong to be righted and have him fall for a sweet girl who was just as sweet to him as the other girls, I was cheering for Kasey B., because I know he kept assuring her she was already chosen, but she just needed to ride it out. I think men get caught off guard by girls who are forward. Courtney is a model, so is was extra flattering for Ben, to think she even wanted to be around for the next rose ceremony.
    It’s too bad he couldn’t see a snake for a snake, but I have a feeling that once he does see how she’s treated everyone along the way, even if she was chosen initially, i “HOPE” Ben is smart enough to part company and honor his Father’s good judgement of character. I am certain if his Father were still with us, he would be advising Ben to stop thinking with his Ego, and be true to his heart.

  3. Ben is an idiot, and Courtney is as fake as they come, they TOTALLY deserve each other!!

  4. Let them be…

  5. Yet again another guy falls for a shallow woman. Ben’s going to get hurt, yes he deserves it for falling got the devil.

  6. Bachelor 2012 finale theme song”let me down easy” Watch it. You’ll smile. The song is great and ABC should run with it.


  8. LET ME DOWN EASY. What else can I say. Here is the link.

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