Jul 29, 2013

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Desiree and Brooks – Are they Still Together and Engaged July 2013?

Fans of The Bachelorette are aware that the show is taped well in advance of the season airing. It’s been at least a few months since Desiree and Brooks got engaged on the finale of The Bachelorette 2013 and we have all the updates on their relationship status, their engagement and their plans for the future.

If you’re here, you obviously already know that Des chooses Brooks in the end. He proposes to her on next week’s finale and she (obviously) says yes. But what’s happened since the cameras stopped rolling and their fairytale settings have disappeared. Are Des and Brooks still as happy as they were when they got engaged?

The answer is “Yes!” they are as happy as they were a few months ago – at least according to reports. Unlike some of the former couples to get engaged on the show (Emily and Jef, Jake and Vienna, Ali and Roberto, Jason and Melissa…need we go on?), Des and Brooks are still happily in love. At least for now.

We’ll get a complete update on the status of Desiree and Brooks’ relationship on the After the Final Rose Ceremony but, despite Chris Harrison’s best efforts to convince us otherwise, it appears that this season will go down much like every other. Desiree will send Chris home at the final rose ceremony and give the final rose to Brooks.

Kind of predictable if you ask me.

Do you think Desiree and Brooks will actually get married?

Sound off in the comment section below!

  1. Well, looks like this article is completely wrong.

  2. l don’t think this is wrg l think brooks realizes that he really is in love n comes bk to the show

  3. I think / hope Brooks comes back. A perfect couple.

  4. Seriously a perfect couple??? Barf!!!!
    He is not a man but a mouse …. How dare Desiree drag Drew and Chris and even Zak through those weeks …. Such a fallacy…. And really Des … You tell others you need a guy who can communicate and express himself….and you say you know Brooks loves you and he never said it ? The others have ? Shame on you … You are no better than James in the manipulation arena!!!!

  5. We can’t speak if we have never been in her shoes, it’s hard keeping guys who are head over heals over you when your heart and feelings aren’t the same towards them (Drew & Chris) all Brooks needed was reassurance from Des but how to make sure you “fall in love” in only six weeks? I am sure Brooks had strong feeling for herbut didn’t want to be that person who would propose and then regret it….seems like you don’t know what you have until you loose it, which is why Brooks goes back to Des and the others either flee on their own (Drew) or are dismissed (Chris)…destiny is destiny and Brooks doubted his feelings when deep down he was actually in love with Des. It must be hard to throw your self out the when there is 33.333% chances your heart will be corresponded and 66.66% it will be broken. Iam sure Des & Brooks are happy together, you could tell they were meant to be when they were saying “goodbye” b/c they could not let go of each other…. Felt like two hours of Soap opera though….LOVE THEM!!!

    FOR EVERYONE LOOKING FOR LOVE: It should be a scene of “reality love check” for many out there who keep jumping into relationships over and over when they should actually come in touch with their own feelings first and TRY TO WORK ON COMPROMISING rather then it being a battle of “my way” ….It’s tough finding the one but if you keep having the same “problem” with every guy/girl then the problem is your choosing the same type and you must start shifting into knowing who and how to choose. Everyone has a soulmate! We come to love not by finding a perfect person but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly ;-)

  6. marlene deal says:

    I thinks the whole thing is a fake— I feel sorry for true people like Drew and Chris— I think sweet Des is not so sweet. The whole show is a FAKE — need ratings

    • I agree. I think the show is at least half fake. It seems they have figured out the “formula” that the audience likes. A seemingly sweet guy/gal and the mix of guy/girl; crazy one, selfish one, in it for fame one, pervert, too quite, attached one, and then some sweet ones for show. They were running out of “who is the bachelor/bachelorette going to pick cliff hangers. so they came up with the: “I am in love with the guy (very early on) and the response of “I am not sure I love you enough” response and a two part ending. Clever, but no so nice to the other two who are waiting. I wonder if they paid Brooks extra to make out like he just isn’t sure. It seems they have been leading up to this since Desiree said she was “running” and Brooks said he is still at a “jog”. It makes me irritated that the producers think the audience is so stupid. I guess they had to figure out something when the realized too early in the show that Desiree was picking Brooks. There have been a couple of other shows where is seemed obvious who the bachelor/bachelorette was going to pick. For instance does anyone think that Sean would have given up Desiree over her seemingly crazy brother if she were really the one for him? Sean does not appear to be that shallow.

  7. Jayla Rose says:

    I really hope Brooks comes back. I think
    when Des told him she loved him he
    realized he loved her too. If he decides he
    was wrong and does come back I
    think he will be the one who ends up

  8. nancie bauer says:

    OMG people, the whole show is scripted and set up to suck your emotions…so phony but we keep watching and that is why it is FAKE. Duh. This couple won’t make it in the real world…they need the cameras to invoke passion.

  9. She’s probably not picking anyone, but if she does, it should be Chris.

    • Brooks I heard does come back for the finale and he proposes to her after Des turns down Chris and Drew. My guess is that he appears at the last minute with a proposal and the rest is – they live happily ever after!!! YAY!!!

  10. Marlene says:

    All that sniffing and sobbing from a gal I thought had it all together. I wanted to slap her back to reality and was hoping she held her head high and walked away a lady. But then I remembered it’s a TV show and you need DRAMA….it was an insult to my intelligence!!!

    • I can’t believe I’m posting on this but I was appalled by this statement. I recognize that this show was fabricated by producers to create a cinematic experience for the audience. It is largely unrealistic. But the show incorporates real people with complicated emotions. Desiree is brave. She isn’t afraid to open her heart and you can tell she is the kind of person who loves completely. Some may call it foolish but I admire her capacity to love. I can have this opinion because I struggle to be free with my emotions. Also what woman, who truly loved and lost, did not sobbed like a baby. To have your heart broken hurts more than most physical pains. Furthermore, the fact she is so in tune with her emotions makes her more put together than most people. The people who hide behind strong facades and are merely acquainted with their own emotions tend to know very little about themselves and what they want. I think Desiree has been as real as she can be considering the dynamics of the show and understood her emotions and acted accordingly. She may fall too hard too quickly but she is brave. Who are you to judge whether or not she is allowed to cry? Also, if it is such an insult to your intelligence why did you watch the season and then take the time to read this article and post a comment? Perhaps, it is because you know you could learn a thing or two from Desiree about compassion and love.

  11. I believe what Anna says is true! If that episode was “scripted” like so many people think, both Brooks and Des need to quit their day time jobs and move to Hollywood because there is NO way in my book anyone could fake that kind of emotion! I hope he realizes he loves her and they are together! :)

    • I have to say I agree with you on this…the emotions were very real and raw…either that or they are ranking up there with some of the best actors!

  12. If brooks comes back,definately Dez will pick him..Brook is de only guy that saw Des on wedding gown and Des is been inlove with him from their 1st date butI don’t trust Brooks he i so indecisive…wat if he changes his mind again down the line and realized he is not inlove for really…just wish Des the best…

  13. Carisssa says:

    She should have just picked Chris!

    • Did you see Chris in high heals and how he reacted to the gay beauty contestant assistant? They are like bro and sis, and she even said brothers and sisters don’t kiss… Chris is a fake. He only pretends to write poetry because he learned she does, and no one is impressed with his efforts. He likes her because she is independent which means he has more free time for the guys…

  14. jennifer says:

    I think show is a funny Desiree crazy for letting Chris go she will do a Jillian Harris and bring Brooks back for she has said she in love with him from starting of the season and he like older ladies. this season wasn’t good to me Desiree gave it away on who she pick at the limo and Brooks isn’t my pick. I hope at the final rose I hope she get Chris he’s the one.

  15. tdavis@holmanmoving.com says:

    I think she made a mistake letting go of Zak. He may have not been the best looking one, but he sure was the most sincere. You could tell by the way he looked at her and treated her that he was crazy about her. Drew is too much of a pansy in my book. Chris would be a good pick….but Brooks???. He reminds me of a little boy not ready for any type of a relationship. I used to enjoy watching the batchlor/ette, but no more. This was the most boring season. And I’m with everyone else. Let’s get some different people in the loop. So sick and tired of watching the same old, same old……

  16. anonymous says:

    If Brooks pops back and proposes in the next episode, I think two things: 1) Brooks doesn’t know what he wants and isn’t being true to himself and 2) Desiree is foolish to accept a proposal from a man who just a few days prior stated that she wasn’t the love of his life. (Of course, only my opinion…)

  17. Abigail Morgan says:

    I hope he doesn’t come back to propose and even if he did, it would be foolish of Des to accept his proposal after he said she wasn’t the love of his life only a few days back. I think Chris is the guy for her. He is so sweet and truly loves her.
    Also Des keeps saying she wants a guy hwo can communicate with her and obviously Brooks isn’t the one. He never told her he loved her and dumps her in the finale, while Chris was the first one to express his feelings.

  18. After last night’s episode, I hope Drew and Chris were made aware of Des’ and Brooks’ behavior so they have the opportunity to bale out before embarrassing themselves next week, or worse, seeing the re-run of it after one of them propose to her. They both deserve better. Des obviously has led them on for weeks now, whereas she should have told Chris Harrison she was in love with Brooks and couldn’t continue with the show. This season has been a joke and at the expense of hurt feelings, but I’ll tune in on Monday …

  19. Drew, Chris, and even Zak really appeared to love Des. How can she say she has never felt loved? I am still on the fence as to whether or not Brooks needs to “come out of the closet.” Also, he is from Salt Lake City which is strongly LDS. I have been on both sides of Des’ predicament — where I really tried to feel as strongly for someone as they did for me, and having stronger feelings for someone than they did for me. I wish her true happiness with someone that can love her as much as she loves them. >^-^<

  20. Oh, you know he comes back. He will say some nonsense like he realized after he left how much he really cares. I’d even bet that he never even gets off the island. I just hope he comes back before Chris gets down on one knee.

  21. Jackie Cross says:

    They will never get married. If he comes back it will only be putting off what he intended to do in the first place. But love trumps all, so Des will definately want him back and believe him. He already admitted that he has a great time in the moment but cannot see forever with her.

  22. Donna Parrish says:

    I think Drew really loves her and I think she is wrong about Brooks.

  23. Heather H. says:

    Brooks is so freaking boring, and it’s been easy to tell that he has NEVER been THAT into Des during the whole show, while guys like Zak, Chris, and Drew were obviously falling in love with her (as far as one can on a reality show in a set time frame). Brooks could barely form a sentence when he was telling her he didn’t love her, and it wasn’t sweet, it was annoying…especially since she wants someone who can communicate with her.
    I am not pro anyone else, but I just think he is too hard to pin down regarding his (alleged) real feelings, and I would never take back someone who dumped me and then, “WHOOPS I was wrong, will you marry me??” Except it was probably written that way by ABC all along…who has us all pegged as a bunch of idiots. Thanks for the lame drama, ABC.
    I do hope the next Bachelor is Drew. I can’t say Zak because I would get tired of the singing and his abs, or Chris because just because it rhymes doesn’t always make it a poem, especially for a whole bachelor season (although his words and intentions all meant well, I do get that).

  24. Why was Des all over Drew in the fantasy suite if she told Chris Harrison she is in love with Brooks? That really makes what she calls LOVE cheap. The show is really getting ridiculous. Remember when Sean said ” he was told who he had to pick”? What ever happened to falling in love in the real world? All these fancy dates and places, come on lets see a show where it’s the real world. I’d like to see a show that is based on love not script.

  25. Kathleen S. says:

    Desiree will probably pick Brooks. This is reminiscent of the whole Ben/Ashley debacle. Why is it that the bad boys/bad girls get picked, while the most sincere, loving men get kicked to the curb? This is getting old fast. It seems to me that ABC would want to follow the footsteps of the Tristan/Ryan relationship, but no. They are counting on people who are obviously intelligent falling in love while their IQ drops into the double digits. Love makes you stupid, as seen by the many failures in these series.
    One thing to remember…love doesn’t make the viewers stupid! Buck up, ABC, and try a little common sense. Cater to the ratings and not to your twisted idea of what the viewers want!

  26. Debbie C. says:

    If Brooks comes back, I sure hope that he is sincere with Desiree. I am thinking that maybe the pressure and not knowing for sure how she was feeling about the other guys was doing a number on him and maybe he was trying (in his mind) to not get hurt if she picked someone else. I am not sure. All I know is that Desiree is crazy about him and I sure hope he is about her if he decides to propose. If he is not sincere, it would be better for him not to return. I don’t know how I get so emotionally involved with this show, but it happens every time! Good luck Des no matter what happens and if this doesn’t work, you will find the love of your life one of these days! (Maybe rethink Zak!)

  27. Did we actually see Brooks get in a car and leave?

  28. Actually, looking at Brooks all the way for each episode. I don’t see any effort from him, Des is always the one expressing and Brooks just going along. I could tell that Brooks doesn’t have attraction with Des, I was not surprised with what happend on the last episode.
    Anyway, hoping for best for Des and I like her to be happy cause, she’s very nice and smart! Good Luck!

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