Mar 25, 2013

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Dancing with the Stars 2013 Cast List: Who’s in the Lead?

The Dancing with the Stars 2013 cast made their debut on the dance floor last week and we have all the details on this year’s amazing lineup, who’s in the lead going into tonight’s episode and who is most likely to be the first sent home tomorrow night.

First, let’s start with your contestants list this year. We’ll reveal each of the couples in order of where they ended up on the leaderboard last week. The highest scoring will be at the top of the list and the lowest scoring couple will be at the bottom. Remember, the lowest scoring couple isn’t neccessarily the couple who will be going home tomorrow. The judge’s scores are combined with viewer’s votes to determine who will be sent packing.

Dancing with the Stars 2013 Cast List:

Zendaya and Val - 1st place heading into tonight with a score of 24 out of a possible 30.

Alexandra Raisman and Mark – Tied for second place with the next two couples on the list with a score of 21.

Dorothy Hamill and Tristan – Tied for second with a score of 21.

Kellie Pickler and Derek – Tied for second with Dorothy and Alexandra with a score of 21. *The couple I want to see win!

Ingo Rademacher and Kym – Tied for third place with the next couple with a score of 20 out of 30.

Jacoby Jones and Karina – Tied for third place with Ingo with a score of 20.

Sean Lowe and Peta – Fourth place with a score of 19.

Lisa Vanderpump and Gleb – Tied for fifth place with two other couples receiving 18 out of 30.

Victor Ortiz and Lindsay – Tied for fifth place with Lisa and the next couple with a score of 18.

Wynona Judd and Tony  – Tied for fifth with Lisa and Victor with a score of 18.

Andy Dick and Sharna – Landing in sixth place with a score of 17.

DL Hughley and Cheryl – In dead last place and a whopping 5 points lower than the sixth place person and the most likely couple to be eliminated tomorrow night (Cheryl is going to be ticked!).

Who do you think will be sent home first?

  1. i like dancing with stars teenager should not be on their this is an adult dancing they should be over 21 or more .want to have teenager dancing with the stars.adults and teenagers not fair .dances are too too for a teen and adult show need to keep that way.

  2. Id drill the thicker one with the power legs deep and often!

  3. Zendaya WILL WIN!

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