May 20, 2013

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Dancing with the Stars 2013 Cast: Who Goes Home Tonight?

We’re just one day away from the Dancing with the Stars 2013 season finale and we want to know which cast member you think is worthy of the coveted mirrorball trophy.

Heading into tonight’s Part 1 of the season finale, one of the remaining four couples will be eliminated from the competition. Heading into tonight’s episode, the final couples are:

Dancing with the Stars Cast Members Competing in the Final Four:

Zendaya and Valentin – Probably the most likely winners of this season, in my opinion (although I would love to see Kellie and Derek win).

Kellie Pickler and Derek - Obviously my top pick for the mirrorball trophy winners this season – and have been since before the season even started.

Alexandra and Mark – As we said in an earlier post, these two were always a good possibilty for Final Four but I don’t see her winning this season (sorry Alexandra fans!)

Jacoby Jones and Karina – This couple has always been a wildcard for me and they still are as they head into the final four. They could be eliminated tonight or they could possibly go all the way. The jury is still out on these two.

Now that you know which cast members will be participating in the finale, tell us – who do you think will go home tonight and (more importantly) who will win DWTS 2013!?!

Seems like fans have mixed opinions on who’s worthy of the title this season. Let us know who  you want to see crowned winner tomorrow night by sounding off in the comment section below!

  1. shakira says:

    GO JACOBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Go zendaya and val u guys are awesome u are show those judges what u got

  3. Go Kelli an Derek you guys are the best!!!!!!!

  4. Kelli and Zendaya are both fabulous, but I think Kelli should win. Good luck and thank you for a great season.

  5. lucrecia says:

    im going for zendaya and val u guys are awesome

  6. lucrecia says:

    im going for zendaya and val u guys are amazing

  7. rockymtgrl says:

    Zendaya and Kelly you are both amazing. I need to say that Val has been an inspiration to watch. He is a true gentleman and a true professional. I think that Val has learned from Zendaya as much as she has learned from him. You are all winners in my heart. I just love this show.

  8. Kellie and Derek are clearly the best. They should win.

  9. Gary Wesley says:

    With four finalists, the one male contestant has a chance but voters have gone with the best performances in the finals which favors KELLIE (and Derek).

  10. Glenda Hunter James says:

    I think this has been a great season…lots of talented dancers! And, now that we are in the final four…all of these 4 can dance, and all of them have great personalities and show well on stage.

    But, ultimately …in my opinion…the ‘winner’ should be talented, show lots of ambition for trying to be the best they can, and truly put their all into it…and really be able to dance…all of the programs well! Additionally, the winner should be graceful, enchanting, breath taking, and you are in awe…when they dance.

    The only one that shows all of these s Kellie! I can’t believe she hasn’t been using her talent for dancing …before now! ‘ She ‘ is the winner! She is beautiful…in every way…her looks, her movement, the way she carries herself, her performance…all of it! She truly ‘becomes the character’ she is performing…in every dance, style, look, rom wigs to clothes to attitude! Kellie and Dereck have the ultimate charisma together! His dances are beautifully choreographed — like He as just been waiting on Kellie — to have someone who can do them with him! Not everyone who can dance…can do all the moves she does!

    Kellie Pickler has to be the winner!

  11. Karina & Jacoby u guys r awesome! Such great chemistry together.I think u should win.


  13. This has been one of the best seasons ever!! There were so many talented dancers
    Wow! I have always been a fan of Derek Though & so glad that he & Kellie won the Mirrorball!!

  14. Kelli needs to learn proper english, the way she talks it is not very flatering!

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