Mar 13, 2012

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Courtney Robertson Wins The Bachelor 2012 Season Finale: Thoughts?

Fans of The Bachelor 2012 have been sitting back watching Ben Flajnik fall more and more in love with Courtney Robertson every week, patiently hoping that Ben would start to see Courtney for the you-know-what she really is, but alas that did not happen.

The Bachelor 2012 finale is almost finished airing and Courtney Robertson is just minutes away from being announced as the winner. As she accepts her proposal from Ben, Lindzi will be on a helicopter, heartbroken and confused (rightfully so!) as to how Ben could possibly pick Courtney over her.

Over the course of the season, fans got to see Courtney’s true colors. Ben was warned many times by the other Bachelorettes that Courtney was bad news but that didn’t stop him from handing her a rose each week.

At the end of the day, nothing that anyone said made a difference to Ben.

Last week, fans also got to see a pathetic excuse for an apology, which Courtney attempted to deliver at the Women Tell All but – understandably – no one believed her. To put it in Nicki’s words, “it didn’t seem sincere, so we didn’t accept it.”

Do you think Courtney is a good person who just got a bad edit on the show – or do you think she’s really as horrible as she seemed on the show and Ben made a big mistake by picking her?

  1. I am going to Puke.

  2. I am Puking in my mouth as i type this.

  3. when i heard it was her i screamed she was so mean and he did not know and she lied about it to his mom and sister i fill sorry for him

  4. Let’s face it Courtney is hot to look at and Ben’s decision was based on sexy not quality of the person!

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