Sep 13, 2012

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Big Brother 14 Spoilers 2012: POV Winner!

Big Brother fans are you excited for tonight? Most of us areĀ still reeling from last night’s eviction and HOH competition and we have all of the spoilers regarding what happened after the episode stopped airing.

Since the episode ended, two major things have happened in the house. Danielle, after winning HOH, nominated two people. The, the POV competition took place. We have all the spoilers for both!

Who Did Danielle Nominate This Week?

Danielle nominated Dan and Ian. Her intention is to get Ian out of the house…and she might just get her wish.

Who Won POV This Week?

The POV winner was…wait for it…Danielle! She is on fire this week, isn’t she? That’s a HOH and POV in the same week – good for her. Since Dan and IanĀ  are on the block, Shane will be the sole decided of who goes home.

The question is, who will Shane vote out? Dan and Ian are both huge threats in the house and have a very good chance of winning in the end.

Who do you think Shane will send home?

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