Jun 26, 2012

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Bachelorette Spoilers: Jef Holm Bachelorette Winner? Reality Steve Speaks!

Emily Maynard Jef HolmDoes Emily Maynard choose Jef Holm on the Finale of The Bachelorette 2012? This is one of the most popular questions this season. Jeff Holm seemed like an underdog in the beginning. He rolled in on his skateboard like a 15-year-old and was too nervous to kiss Emily for quite some time (so long that Emily actually pointed out how long it took Jef to open up).

Somewhere along the line, America (and Canada) started seeing exactly what Emily saw in Jef. He was sweet, sincere, fun and focused. What more could you want in a guy?

But with some tough competition – like race car driver Arie Lueyendyk or former football player Sean Lowe – it’s hard to say for sure that Jef is the one Emily will give her heart to in the end.

While no one knows yet who Emily picks on the final rose ceremony, Reality TV Spoiler King Reality Steve has given his opinion on who he thinks Em chooses.

RS has made it very clear that he does not know 100 percent who she picks but does say that, given the photos he’s seen and some of the information he’s been given, it seems like the most probable choice is Jef.

Do you think Emily picks Jef in the end?

UPDATE: :It has been confirmed by Reality Steve that Emily picks Jef!

  1. Booo! Just dont see it happening.. if it does? Im totally off on this one

    • hellothere says:

      no one cares about your opinion. if you don’t like it, don’t bother posting a comment. srsly, stop wasting your time writing negative comments.

    • FRENCHY says:

      stop being suck a f’n bitch omg!! people are entittled to have there own opinions in life

  2. I love One F Jef!!

  3. Marilyn Snow says:

    I like either Sean or Jef. Maybe I’ll make up mind after the home town dates. I think they are both great guys. Glad she comes to her senses and sends Arie home… :o )

  4. Jeff is the winner! She has 3 great ones to choose from (Arie, Jef and Sean) but i think the choice should be obvious. She can’t stop kissing Arie to talk about anything serious, sean is wonderful but not her match and that leaves Jef…any woman would be crazy not to admire the way he has handled himself and realize he is taking the steps to make this thing last post television editing. He is funny and confident…but still humble at the same time! I’m hoping it’s Jef so I can see another ACTUAL marriage come out of this thing like Trista and Ryan…because it’s been a long time!!

  5. Jeff has my vote!!

  6. Patricia says:

    If she doesn’t pick Arie, can I have him!

  7. Patricia says:

    If she dosen’t pick Arie, can I have him?

    • Leslie from June 29, your one of those people that hears things and reads fake crap…………..go on a real website and read the facts……….People like Leslie is why this country is so messed up…haters…………………..Can’t we all just get along???Do you know any Mormons? Do you hate anyone that is different then you? GROW UP

  8. Jeff rocks it for me,Too bad he comes from Mormon family.If you look into the mormon religion there is some strange stuff. ex…men can become gods and get there own planet…they can make spirit babys in the spirit world…so many crazy things…just google it you will be blown away.

    • Doubt he’s active but even if he was who cares what religion the contestants are! If you go looking for something bad you can find that anywhere. Why are so many people focused on the negative rather than the good that different faiths provide?!? In the end what’s important is to live a good life and stop being so critical of someone you don’t know because of their religion and you not filling understanding something. There are more important things to focus on instead of bashing someone’s religion and by saying to bad he’s a Mormon!

    • Debow26 says:

      One should not speak of what they can’t back up with fact. It allows one to appear,,,,,, ignorant. Didn’t you notice how wholesome, sweet and considerate Jeff is with Emily and the other cast? THAT, is what comes from a good Mormon upbringing.

  9. this is so hard. But “m” does have a point there with arie. But seriously if arie or jef doesnt get chosen CAN THEY BE THE NEXT BACHELOR?!?! <333

  10. I think that Arie just isn’t settled down enough in the end to be a really good family man and Dad for Emily, and she will let him go next week I am sure. His family weren’t that welcoming and kinda stuck on themselves…I could see him being the next Bachelor however….Sean and Jeff are both great…it could be a real showdown for sure, but Jeff seems to be more likely the best pick for a family man and a romantic attraction , as well as a great partner too.They have talked a lot about their future already. So much better than Brad!!! ( they all are!) Lucky Emily!

  11. I’m glad it’s Jef. It’s obvious she lights up SO much more around him than the others. Although Jef is young, he’s wise, confident in who he is and knows what is important. He’s also very trendy so a good fit for Em. Out of all the guys, he’s also the one that has involved Ricky the most too, which we know is important to Em. I’m not sure if he’s older or younger than Emily but in my opinion, if you can find a younger man with the maturity of an older one, you win in so many ways! They fit/match/compliment each other very well.

  12. Im not a big fan of arie….ehh…but jef is AWESOME…so I hope she chooses jef…the end.

  13. Does anyone else see that this guy chose the money? And a guy with more time for her?

    Nothing wrong with that, just saying.

  14. Now she has two children to care for, her daughter and Jef. Tossed away the full grown up men and traded them for a frat boy. Good luck for the safe choice and smart move Emily… Not!

  15. Don’t forget to clean Jef nose before the finale Emily.

  16. Valerie says:

    Emily does not deserve Arie. You can find Emily & Jef at Mcdonalds enjoying a happy meal.

  17. Marie Geier says:

    Arie is a tool! I hope it’s Jeff

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