Jul 9, 2013

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Bachelorette 2013 Drew Kenney – Does He Win?

Bachelorette fans have really grown to like Drew Kenney over the past few weeks and many are eager to find out if he receives Desiree Hartsock’s final rose this season.

Last week, Des and Drew had their first one-on-one date and, with the exception of the awkward makeout session in the back alley, the two seemed to have a lot of chemistry.

The promos last week for the rest of the season, however, have many fans interested to find out what happens during their conversation on the beach and whether a proposal is in the future for these two lovebirds.

If you don’t want to know whether Drew wins this season, do not read any further. We’re about to reveal details of this year’s final four.

Okay, those of you wondering just how far Drew makes it, here it is: Up until last week, spoiler king Reality Steve had posted that Drew would be eliminated after the hometown dates. Over the past week, that information has changed and Drew actually makes it further than the final four. However, those of you hoping that he’ll be the one to receive the final rose will be disappointed to learn that he does not. In fact, he doesn’t even come in second.

According to the spoilers, Drew will be eliminated on the fantasy date episode (airing in a few weeks).

Do you think Desiree made a mistake by not choosing Drew Kenney this season?

  1. No I do not think she did the wrong thing letting Drew go. He is good looking @ nice but he does not seem secure enough. I still pick James.

  2. Barbara says:

    I think the drama around the final rose …centers around Drew. I think he tells more tales on people. She believes him.( and begins to think none of the guys are there for the right reason) When Brooks arrives Chris confronts him and finds that Drew has made up a story about him, and or someone else. Or he told something just on hear say. Chris then sends Brooks to Des to tell her ….what has been said is not completely true.
    Des confused but her in heart, she trust Brooks . She confronts Drew with the lie and sends him home.

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