Jan 15, 2013

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Bachelor Sean Lowe Spoilers 2013: Who Wins The Bachelor?

Sean Lowe has been on TV for exactly one week (2 hours to be specific) and already he’s everyone’s favorite Bachelor! He’s genuine, nice and unarguably good looking and he enters every situation with a positive attitude. So, who’s the lucky lady who walks away with the final rose (and his heart) this season? If you want to know who wins The Bachelor this year, keep reading. If you don’t want to know, leave now – because we’re about to reveal some major spoilers!

Sean Lowe Bachelor Spoilers 2013:

The easiest way to reveal the spoilers is to start with major things that happen this season and work our way towards the end. So we’ll start with something major that’s going to happen in next week’s episode (episode 3). Next week, Sean will eliminated Kacie B. Many of you were hoping that Sean and Kacie B ended up together but, we’re sorry to report, they don’t.

Next, we’ll reveal the final four women this season. These women are: Lindsay, AshLee, Desiree and Catherine. The final four breakdown goes a little something like this: Desiree (she has a one-on-one date tonight) is eliminated after hometown dates, AshLee is eliminated after fantasy dates and Lindsay and Catherine attend the final rose ceremony.

Who Wins The Bachelor 2013?

At the final rose ceremony, Sean will send Lindsay home broken-hearted and will not only pick Catherine but will also propose to her.

According to Reality Steve, the two are happily engaged!

Are you surprised to hear that Sean picks Catherine this season?

  1. I’m having a hard time believeing that one. I really hope the spoilers are wrong Lindsay is who he should be with. we are into week four already and Catherine isn’t even really an important player. how dumb

  2. Omg! I really hope this is so wrong! AshLee or Desiree should be with him!

    • Oh yes! I LOVE Desiree and AshLee! Lindsay got drunk and embarassed herself on night #1 and all Catherine says is “You’re such a hunk.” and “I’m so attracted to you.” They haven’t even had a real conversation!!!

  3. I hope this is wrong!! I wish he would have picked Ashlee!!

  4. ASHLEE!

  5. She’s nice:)

  6. Omg yay! I love Catherine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is so beautiful and so sweet and she is perfect for Sean! I am so happy she is the one he chooses! He deserves a nice girl like her and not like Tierra. I am so relieved he didn’t choose her.

  7. What was with the letter he is handed at the rose ceremony in the highlights than-states the girl walked away!

  8. Why does Leslie go home?! She is the best.

  9. Catherine!

  10. Alxee Rock says:

    Linday and ashlee should have been the final two. Ashlee should of won the bachelor of 2013!! I loved her she was very outgoing very sweet and she had trust for sean. Sean made a BIG MISTAKE picking catherine.. she isnt the one for him. I dont understand why he picked her. After the home visits sean even said Catherine’s home was NOT the way i wanted it to be tonight. He had a great time with ashlee’s family! this season was a BIG MISTAKE!!!! ASHLEE SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE ONE!!

  11. Cathy howen says:

    I am glad he chose Catherine coz she is down to earth and is so genuine. Hope they live happily ever after. She loves Sean genuinely.

  12. that is the dumbest choice!!!!! she is a weirdo and they dont seem capatible at all!!!! Sean SMH!!!

  13. uh! i really wanted Ashlee to win! :’(

  14. I believed Sean made a big mistakes. Just like Emily did with him. He should of picked Ashlee and Linsay . They were true. Sean.s final Rose would be Ashlee.

  15. Yea I wanted her to win from the start

  16. Im so depressed because my dads girl friend was going for Ashley but Ashley got drunk the first night thats why he probably didnt pick her I like to look at stuff cause I can’t wait I’m not pashent

  17. I love watching the bachlor :) ):cinda the Same way I’m cinda diprest and in a way happy I was going for Ashely I love the bachlor and the bachorett

  18. He should had picked Lindsay NOT Cathryn that was a DUMB mistake

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