Jan 7, 2014

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Bachelor Juan Pablo Spoilers 2014: Scandals, Final 4 and Winner!

Tonight marks the official kick-off of Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis’ season of The Bachelor and we have all the details on the highlights of this season – including scandals, the final 4 women and which lucky lady walks away winner!

We recapped some of the spoilers for those of you watching the “countdown to Juan Pablo” on ABC last night but we’ll recap all the details for you here. Every Monday, check back for episode eliminations before they happen, what you can expect each week and, of course, any news or updates regarding the winner of the season and the runner-ups!

So, let’s get this started! As always, for those of you who don’t want to know any of this season’s spoilers, we encourage you to stop reading now – there are major spoilers ahead!

Scandals and Highlights of Bachelor Juan Pablo, season 2014: After reading all of Reality Steve’s spoilers for this season, the two biggest scandals this season involve women voluntarily going home. Sure, there’s fighting amongst the women in the house, but nothing we haven’t seen before. The only thing that may make headlines, depending on how the producers feel like editing this season, is Nikki Ferrell’s storyline. Apparently Juan Pablo is smitten with her but, according to reports, she’s a real you-know-what to all of the women in the house. And, let’s just say, she goes far this season…real far. We’ll get to that in a minute. Back to the scandals of women leaving JP broken-hearted – those two women are Sharleen and Andi. Sharleen leaves earlier on in the season but somewhat close to the hometown dates. Andi leaves after the hometown dates – and even after the fantasy dates. She drops the bomb on Juan Pablo with just one or two episodes left in the season. That’s sure to throw him for a loop. She’s also rumored to be this season’s favorite – and a serious candidate for the next bachelorette!

Let’s move on to the Final 4. The final four this season are Clare, Nikki, Andi and Renee. The breakdown of the final four goes like this: Renee is eliminated after hometown dates. Andi eliminates herself after fantasy dates, leaving Clare and Nikki in the final 2. Juan Pablo picks Nikki but decides not to propose. As of right now, Juan Pablo is not engaged to Nikki and there’s no news on the status of their relationship (yet).

So, there you have it, the winner of this season is Nikki Ferrell. Should be interesting to see how producers edit her. Will they show her true colors, or will they make America fall in love with a fake? If I had to guess, I’d put my money on editing her as the villain. It sure boosted the ratings for Ben F’s season, right?

After watching tonight’s premiere, we have to ask: Do you see a spark between Juan Pablo and Nikki right away?

Sound off int the comment section below!

  1. Sandra Joslyn says:

    He’s always ” making them feel comfortable,” ah…he never opens up or ask personal questions to really get to know them. He’s an opportunist and will no doubt be on dancing with the stars.

    As for our past Sean. The reason he doesn’t want to sleep with Catherine is he probably is as lousy as he is a kisser. Terrible. Very inexperienced.

  2. i dont see a spark between theam like i do clair and him but like always the one i want to win never wins clair hun you will find somone pablo was to blind to know you would of ben a good choice but hey we win some and we lose some dont give up on looking for a husbend you will find love and youll get to show that dvd your dad made for you someday .your my favort .

  3. Whats sad is there were other girls with more class and sass. Nikki is just plain ol’ bitchy!!! She is sooo two faced!! In the end, HE chose and was blinded….either he had a strategy or he’s just plain blond for the blond! Come one JP!!! I expected more from you! I’m really praying this is a strategy thing!! (And you didn’t want to hurt clare cuz you knew you were gonna get back with your ex)

  4. Sandra Hunt says:

    I respect him for not proposing. He has a daughter to consider and marriage is something that should not be rushed. Easy to get wrapped up in thinking your in love being in beautiful countries but a relationship needs to build in everyday situations.

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