Jan 7, 2014

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Bachelor Juan Pablo: Ex Wife (Ex Girlfriend) Photos, Details of Camila’s Mom!

Bachelor Juan Pablo made his way onto television screens all over the world last night and, as anticipation for the new season grows with every passing minute, so does the desire to learn anything and everything there is to know about ABC’s new leading man!

As viewers watched Juan Pablo leave his family to film the show many of us wondered the same question: What happened to Camila’s mom and what’s the deal with Juan Pablo’s ex-wife. Well, we have all the details on Carla Rodriguez – include some smokin’ hot photos of JP’s former flame.

First thing’s first: Carla is NOT Juan Pablo’s ex-wife – she is his ex-girlfriend. Despite having a child together, the two never decided to marry. Secondly, it’s important to know that Juan Pablo and Carla still get along fantastically and have a very amicable relationship as Camila’s parents.

As for Carla herself, she is a Venezuelan actress and model (as though you couldn’t have guessed that from her photos). She loves to post selfies of herself on Twitter and Instagram (so it should come as no surprise that JP picked a woman who loves to take pics of herself) and she’s a very loving mom.

Some reports are already circulating that Juan Pablo will not end up with the girl he chooses at the end of this season but will, indeed, end up going back to Camila’s mom, Carla. Only time will tell but, considering their amazing relationship and her undeniably good looks, it’s hard to imagine why it didn’t work out between these two.

Check out Carla’s photos below and let us know if you think Juan Pablo will end up back with Carla in the end!

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  1. Boy if he does NOT he’s crazy! She is better looking than the girls in tonite’s first episode. AND she is the Mother of Camilia. Of course we don’t know her but biased on the pics she looks really sweet …and I CAN judge a book by it’s cover. After tonite BEST match is lawyer Andi

  2. i agree with donna!!

  3. Anyone else notice Carla looks a lot like Nikki???
    But without the horrible dark roots.

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