Feb 26, 2013

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Bachelor Finale 2013 Spoilers: Who Is the Letter From?

There have been a lot of spoilers released regarding the Bachelor finale 2013 (many of which we’ll get to in this article) but one thing on everyone’s mind – and one thing that no one’s been able to answer – is who the letter is from that Sean receives at the final rose ceremony.

It’s been played in every finale preview for the season and even spoiler king Reality Steve can’t reveal who the letter is from, what it says or what it means. The only thing Reality Steve is sure of is that it doesn’t have an impact on the final rose or who Sean decides to give it to.

Here’s what Steve had to say about the letter:

:As for the end of last night’s episode with the promo showing Sean being given a letter by Chris Harrison at the final rose ceremony, obviously a lot of you want to know what that was about. As I addressed immediately on Twitter after I’d received 8 emails in 10 minutes after the show went off the air, if I knew who wrote the letter or what it was about, I would’ve told you already. With that said, knowing what this show does in their teaser promos (you know, like making you think Desiree has a boyfriend back home when it’s all just a prank), I can almost guarantee you that letter is not as big of deal as they’re making it out to be. If we already know the ending, and we know that Sean is still engaged, I can’t imagine that letter having any sort of major effect on any storyline in any way. If I find out more about it, of course I’ll let you know, but lets just calm down a bit about it for now. It doesn’t change anything that happened on that final day.”

Here are a few conspiracy theories I’ve come up with (we’ll see if any of them are correct on finale night):

1. Catherine’s mother writes Sean a letter giving him her blessing to marry Catherine.

2. Lindsay sends Sean a letter saying that she loves him for the first time (she’s said she’s falling but she hasn’t said those three little words yet) and he’s crying because he feels bad that she finally said it and he’s sending her home.

3. Emily Maynard has Chris Harrison deliver a letter that says she regrets not picking him but wishes him the best.

4. Lesley M writes the letter to say she’s in love with him (she couldn’t bring herself to say it on the show) and she wants him to reconsider.

Each of these scenarios wouldn’t necessarily have an impact on the ending but they would make Sean cry.

Who do you think the letter is from – and what do you think it says?

  1. Andrea Reed says:

    I think Sean doesn’t have a clue! He doesn’t need to be with Catherine because she is just like him…. real relationship require you looking for the person that possess the things that you don’t have to complinent the relationship.

    • Awesomely said. Absolutely true. Sadly, I give it 3 more months, maybe less after she’s watched all these episodes… :( If I were she, I wouldn’t find his treatment of the other women very admirable or attractive at all.

    • Sharleen says:

      I agree with what you said Andrea and the way you said it. I don’t get Sean at all. I guess it’s part of the show, but in my eyes he treated the F4 girls the same and led all of them to believe they were the one for him. I guess Des would be okay because she is going to be the next Bachlelorette. I just feel bad for Lindsay and even Ashley. I know she was already out of the equation for F2, but I thought he treated her like she was the one every bit as much as the others. If I were in her shoes I would have totally been blind sided after the things he said to her.

      His own family is so important to him and the hometown dates to me showed that Lindsay’s home life matched his own the most. Catherine’s sisters and even her mom seemed to be telling him that Catherine gets bored with relationships and moves on. Doesn’t sound like someone who is looking to settle down, have a family and other things Sean was looking for. Why say those things are what is important to you and not choose the girl who most matches what you say you are looking for? Catherine has a very good job and is she truly going to give that up? Lyndsay is used to moving around and said she would move in a heart beat. I know it is his choice and certainly not mind, but just makes you go hmmmmm. Does Sean even know what he really wants? If I were Catherine and saw how he seemed to say the same things to each girl I would be very skeptical. He was almost going to send Catherine home after the home town date. I would think at that point he would have already developed such strong feelings for just her, that he wouldn’t even consider doing that since at the end he chooses her, so how important was that to him in the first place? I am sure the show makes them do certain things, but if you were to look back at these episodes, does he have to say the exact same things to these girls? I know Lyndsay will be heart broken, and feel bad for her, but maybe she dodged a bullet. I am curious what he is going to say to her when he tells he it is not her. I guess it will be the usual I just developed stronger feelings for someone else meaning Catherine, but he certainly didn’t show it by his actions. I know Sean was considered a popular bachelor, but for myself I didn’t see this dynamic personality from him. Maybe they just didn’t show us enough, but to me he sounded the same with each girl he spoke with.

  2. I think the letter is from Sean’s mom.

  3. I think the letter is from Shaun’s mom. I think she either gives her blessing for him to propose, or she pleads with him one last time to not get engaged.

  4. Its from Shaun’s mom. She giving him her blessing.

  5. Its Shaun mom giving him her blessing.

  6. I think it is a letter from Deserie, asking him to reconsider her.


  8. THE LETTER IS FROM DESARIE asking him to reconsider her

    • Kyrle (this is me, misspelling your name),

      Did you need to post THREE times, spelling Desiree’s name wrong, all three times?

    • Are you serious? How old are you making corny ass remarks like that. Misspelling a woman’s name wrong who you have NO idea who she is? YOURE LAME, you cornball. Ass.

    • Oh, and that’s to YOU, JEN.

  9. The letter is from Tierra, she has kidnapped his family and holding them for ransom until she gets her sparkle back. Lol

  10. It’s from Sean’s own mom… remember in the preview, she was telling him he did not need to propose to either … after having met each of them for only 20 mins… It’s her final plea?

  11. I believe the letter is from Sean’s mom…she has already decided on her daughter-in-law. I hope its not Catherine, though.

  12. I think it’s from his mom. She is seen telling him no to propose, but I think she reconsiders and sends her son a letter letting him know that she will stand by and support him in whatever decision that he makes because she loves and trusts him. I am a mom of a little boy that is my life and although I would be skeptical, I would defintely want my son to know I had his back!

  13. I think the letter is from Sean’s mom. I hope he picks Catherine.

  14. I think it is from Ashley. She left without saying a word bascially to Sean and now that she has had sometime to think about it she put it in writing. Ashly was pissed.

    • I think the letter is from Catherine telling him she loves him and what not. She’s been giving him notes the whole season. I don’t think it has any drama or blessings behind it.

  15. Ummm Lindsay did say “I love you”….

  16. It is from Catherine – they have already mentioned that she likes to write him little notes – now that the final has arrived she professes her love and what a wonderful life they will share – hence the tears of joy from Sean – wish them the best!

  17. It is very obvious that he picks Catherine. He can’t even mask how he feels around her, and I never saw him kissing anyone else’s head all season. Their chemistry is palpable and they have fun together. Natural and never awkward.

  18. Lindsay already DID say she loved Sean. Guess you missed that part.

  19. I loved Lindsay; she made a lot of eye contact with Sean. I am leary on people who can’t look you in the eye much (ie: boat junket). While Catherine is beautiful and myesterious, I worry of her free-spiritedness. She came right out and said she’s “over Seattle;” what happens when she’s over Dallas? Sean is not the type to leave his tight-knit family. I do hope that the culture diferences do not hinder their relationship. Asian cultures are strong and esp. a home full of women can be daunting to anyone! A Dallas-ite with devout Christian beliefs can be as srong as her religious beliefs and should be addressed ASAP–even before a wedding is in the works.

    The letter could be, yes, from Mrs Lowe, Catherine’s sisters who were blatant of her free-spiritness, or even his sister–who he appears very close to Sean and trusts her judgement – in sharing her hesitancy in making a decision based on island love in a just a few short months?

    Nonetheless, i wish whomever he chooses the best of luck and that they live live a prosperous life together.

    • Barbi,

      Are you an Asian at all? Catherine is a filipina and filipinas has strong family values and on marriage. When we marry someone we believe it would be for life. We don’t even have divorce over there. That’s probably why Sean picks Catherine because they have the same family values. He keeps saying that over and over again.

  20. I am hoping it’s Catherine. Why? Not just because I love her quirkiness, and she was silly and giddy when she met up with Shawn in Thailand. I think Catherine is a great match for him because he said he was looking for his best friend. He also said, out of all the women left (the three of them) Catherine was the one that really got him/understood him. There are thing we didn’t know about Shawn, like his nerdy/dorkiness. I believe during the season, Catherine didn’t think she was good enough for Shawn. I think her non relationship with her father caused her problems in her life, self-esteem included. Look at how giddy she is around Shawn, she is really excited, in awe that he likes her. Finally she admitted that she was good enough for him. I think they will grow together. Shawn may act all grown up, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still have room to grow. They make a great couple, and no matter if he chooses my favorite (Catherine) or the other one ;-) I wish them all the best.


  22. I hope he picks Catherine cause she’s awesome for him.

  23. giselle says:

    Catherine writes the letter. She is a graphic designer….look at the printing on letter. Can’t be the mother….they dont write like that!

  24. candie972 says:

    Catherine is the best pick. The guy has had it in for the girl since he laid his eyes on her. She was the only girl he called beautiful out of all the girls that came out of that limo. For Tv shows to sell they have to throw some twist & drama ie Tierrarist. Ashlee, Des, Lindsey, etc etc had no chance in the world. Sean was worried at one point that he was being put in the friend zone until their 1st kiss. As far as Linds, she will make a good military wife. The military is in her blood. I should know I am raising 2 military brats & was married to a career military man for 19 yrs & I am an diplomat brat. Its very hard to be with a ” normal” guy. The best pick is Catherine between the 2.

  25. Sabrina says:

    I think it’s Catherine because she wrote him small little love letters all the time that they never showed on the show. He probably tears up because he realizes that she is the one and the letter probably confirms it.

  26. jmcmbtripin says:

    It’s from Catherine saying that she wants to have a family with him. LOL or it can say something about how sean is weirdlolololol idk

  27. Shawn looks like a horrible kisser!

  28. Imjustsayin says:

    It’s from Tierra and Ashley letting him know they found the gay porn he starred in and that they will blow his born again virgin cover if he doesn’t give Tierra her sparkle back (or at least pay for Botox to get that eye brow under control) and put a plug in the giant psycho hole in Ashlee’s heart.

  29. Now THAT is funny! Rotflmfao.

  30. Jillian says:

    First, Imjustsayin, you made me laugh so hard!

    I’m betting the letter Sean got is from Desiree’s brother apologizing for his behavior during the hometown dates. And it’s all by design… Desiree, in order to be the next Bachelorette, can’t have a ‘crazy’ brother looming in the background. What guy is going to sign up for that — other than those who will get on board for an opportunity to break into show business or otherwise further their own interests?
    That “chain reaction” that reverberates into AFR… Duh! Don’t they announce the new Bachelor or Bachelorette during AFR? There’s your connection with AFR It’s all much adieu about nothing. What else is new?

  31. Jillian says:

    Btw… Ashlee didn’t do herself any favors on last night’s show. The ‘you shoulda come check on me’ thing was painful to watch. BUT she believed what she was saying about what Sean supposedly said about the other women. Either he said it, or she totally misconstrued what he was telling her — twice. AND I think Ashlee was so pissed off aat being sent home because, in her mind, they sealed the deal that night when they ‘sealed the deal.’

  32. hum….well…..after all said and done i dont blame the letter appearing.
    i feel catherine is freaking out and cant go thru with the
    or……its from someone he has dated before the show for a long time…..are my two guesses….

  33. Kathleen says:

    It’s from his mom telling him to not propose to either one. He will disregard it and propose to Catherine.

  34. I think it might be from Tierra because in previous episodes where Tierra was still on the show(thank goodness she’s not anymore) you could see that she kept a spiral notebook and a couple times the camera showed her writing in it…but I’d have no idea what she would have to say to Sean.

  35. Rick from MA says:

    You are all WAY off base here. (Spoiler Alert) The letter is actually from Al Gore. Al explains to Sean that his conclusions on global warming all these years were incorrect. Al then goes on to appease Sean’s mind by saying which ever girl he chooses, they (and their future children together) will go on to live complete lives. Now knowing this, Sean becomes overly emotional by the letter and no longer has to worry about his seed being destroyed by mother nature. You can all rest easy now and… you’re welcome! :)

  36. Mary Ann says:

    He said that the girl he had picked had a grandmother who loves him — “oh, he’s handsome. I’ll take him.” Remember, when he went to Catherine’s home for hometown visits.

    Catherine is the one, I think

  37. SERIOUSLY says:

    I think the letter is from Catherine….professing her love for him and indicating they could have a great life together….I remember indications of her always leaving him “little notes” – “little gestures of affection” and I think she wants to write him a letter – which confirms his decision he has already made.

  38. I hate to say this but most of you don’t see the real clips between Sean and Catherine. The producer edited the show that way so we don’t see much actions bewteen those two onscreen. As a result, a lot of people do question the depth of their relationship. Why make the producer do that? No brainer. Steve, the reality King released the outcome way before the show made it on tv. Therefore, the producer tried to make it look like that is a wrong outcome but it is indeed the truth, nothing but the truth. Otherwise, they will have very few followers of the show. Thanks Steve for spoiling that early. U are sucking good. Hehe.

  39. he was upset about the letter do u remember him saying when he starting reading letter that she was to be here

  40. Mrs White says:

    You all take this show way too seriously. Lol!

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