Feb 28, 2012

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Bachelor Ben and Courtney Robertson Spoilers: Are They Still Engaged?

It’s the single most popular question asked by Bachelor 2012 fans and probably the most important question of the entire season: Are Ben and Courtney still together after The Bachelor 2012 – and are they still engaged?

If you don’t want to know any of the spoilers this season, do not read any further (although, judging that you landed on this page, you’ve probably read the most important spoiler of all).

Are Ben and Courtney Still Together and Engaged?

The question is two-fold but the answer is not. The answer, simply put, is yes. Yes, Ben and Courtney are still together and yes they are still engaged.

While it seems like everything is peachy in paradise, that may not be the case at all. As of right now, Ben and Courtney are technically still an item but many reports (reports confirmed by Reality Spoiler King RealitySteve) are indicating there is trouble in paradise already.

According to sources, Ben is less-than-impressed with Courtney’s behavior on the show and isn’t sure he wants to marry her after all. The second thoughts are sparked by Courtney’s snobby, disrespectful remarks over the course of the season and the fans’ reaction to her antics.

What I don’t understand is Ben clearly knew before watching the show that Courtney was bad news. He was told by several girls in the house that she was shady and Kacie B returns tonight to warn him, once again, that Courtney’s not sincere.

Regardless, Ben’s feelings for Courtney were too strong to let go.

They’re together and engaged. At least for now.

Does anyone else think there’s going to be friction between them at the After the Final Rose Ceremony?

  1. Never been turned off on the Bachelor more than this one. He and Courtney deserve one another if he is that stupid. Loved Kacie. So glad she is not ending up with him. She deserves more and will find someone handsome and successful…and a good Christian man.

    • Agree, I was so turned off by this season I had stopped watching it I was so bored of seeing Courtney’s bad attitude. Every one of those girls are better than that. And if he didn’t see them for what they were worth and how amazing a lot of them were he doesn’t deserve a single one.

  2. Kathy Denzer says:

    I used to like the Bachelor but this season was VERY HARD to watch. I am not going to waste any more of my time watching the rest because Ben is in total DENIAL. Courtney is brings the definition of BITCH to a whole new level.

    No longer a fan. ABC you blew it with this one.

  3. Courtney is not simply a “mean girl”. She appears to possibly have Borderline Personality Disorder. Her reality is too far afield. She talks much about wanting “normal” — that’s not what she brings to the table; it’s unhealthy to think Ben will make her less competitive
    and trusting. What is she offering except for mood swings.

  4. I really hope he realizes Lindsi is the best girl for him. Maybe he’ll pull a Jason Meznik and dump Courtney and woo Linzi back?? They seemed like such a great couple and he obviously made a terrible mistake. She loves him…
    I can only hope for the best.

  5. What a crock this season has been, ABC, what the hell were you thinking? Ben is a total douche bag every mother warned their daughters about and ZCourtney is an evil witch, Ben, do you not have any respect, First you get dumped by Ashley, who had the most brains and made a very wise decision, and now, you are looking like an idiot again on nation tv, do you not have any respect for yourself

  6. Ben all he thinking of that time on the beach men r so dumb they just don’t think

  7. There’s definitely a bit of narcissitic behavior going on with Courtney. It’s definitely ALL about her feelings, her having to put up with this and that, the whoa is me- I am always a victim type. It’s always someone else’s fault for sure. I do not believe for a nano second that she was genuine with her apology about how she treated the other ladies.
    What a miserable life… Ben would always be having to confront her for her behavior- especially regarding his mother and sister. What a dud season this has been.

  8. it another Jake and Venna store if you ask me

  9. Courtney clearly has mental problems. She’s always playing the victim to Ben, when in reality, she starts all of the drama. No other girl complained about drama in the house. Doesn’t Ben see that?
    Did anyone catch Courtney say last night, “I tried to be friends with them, blah blah blah. I would open my mouth and they would jump all over me” What a crock of s**t. I never saw her A. try to be friends with the girls or B. anyone jump all over her
    She’s a scizophrenic.

  10. This was a pathetic season ABC..We know you like to promote ‘drama’ however, please try to make this program come out with at least some dignity.

    The so called ‘love story’ is another promotion of how men when confronted by a so called oversexed ‘bimbo’ and unzipped his zipper, his brains fall out. It’s getting boring.

    The only PLEASANT part of this entire show was the lovely Kacie. She was gentle, very sweet and too precious a soul to have to have encountered such indignity.

    If this is all you have to offer as a reality show, you get lower by the season.


  11. I don’t plan to watch the rest of the show. It’s been so annoying up to this point and I was hoping it would end differently, so I put up with the nonsense. But, now I don’t care. Very unfair not to let Ben see some of what was really going on in the house. She was a totally different person with him than she was with the women. I’m sorry that the women didn’t tell him how mean she was. Basically, all they told him is that she wanted to win. Well, folks, they all wanted to win.

  12. Or….maybe the whole thing was scripted for the show, with Ben’s knowledge and Courtney is not a model, but an actress (she lives in LA after all). Maybe she put that whole show on for the women. Boy, wouldn’t that be a reason never to watch the show again, ever.

  13. This is such a classic witch hunt with a non-intelligent mob. Courtney is a lovely human being. Her enculturation by the modeling industry has no doubt shaped her behaviour but she needs new experiences and people with different values to help her grow. We all need this. If the love is true, that’s all that matters. We are in each other’s lives to present mirrors to each other to see our best and worst qualities. Nobody is perfect. I have been married twelve beautiful years and see a lot of love that feels familiar to me between Courtney and Ben. It just works. And these two can really talk to each other. When they have fights, they will be able to hang in there together. I find her very real and she knows her own mind and heart.

    Love Lindzi. What a wonderful person. So warm and sincere, strong and beautiful. I think she would grow on Ben but he might always be left wondering about Courtney – a true disservice to both himself and Lindzi.

    Good luck Ben!

    • Esther C… (hopefully you never catch a cold with that name!) When Courtney and Ben have spoken on the show, it’s been about her behavior and defending herself. I must admit, I have never seen the two being especially “connected” to each other. Would Courtney have dived for lobsters, swam with sharks, or jumped out of a helicopter? Don’t think so.
      Courtney always seemed to be somewhat threatening to Ben by telling him she wasn’t sure about this or that- e.g. hometown date, if she really wanted to be there etc… Ben bought it hook, line and sinker. What will be will be. Nothing that the viewers saw appeared to be sincere coming from her.

    • Ben is so boring, and desperately needs a haircut. He looks like a caveman. The Bachelor obviously has a harder time coming up with a good man, than good women. Brad (last season) was also pretty dull. Lacie B. and Linzi were the best. I’m glad they’ll end up with someone other than boring Ben.

  14. Beverly Riechers says:

    I hope Kacie B. will be the next Bachelorette after Emily. Kacie B. deserves to find someone
    who is really looking for a wife. Ben obviously was looking for excitement. Think with the right
    head next time, Ben.

  15. I think Ben is a sweet dumb boy and on the whole has been sensitive but is a terrible judge of character.Courtney is a pretty girl but others on the show were beautiful and have character.Courtney is a cold and empty and self absorbed. Her mother was plastic and a little frightning, honestly I think Courtney needs help ther is something missing.

  16. I will not be watching the season finale. Totally lame..I hope she gets booed on after the final rose. I can’t believe he picks Courtney dumbest bachelor season yet. Bring on Emily!!

  17. Usually I do not learn post on blogs, however I would like to say that this write-up very pressured me to take a look at and do so! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thanks, very nice article.

  18. americans are squeres!
    courtney is awsome!!! and ben is a little boy and lucky to have here. now he needs to stand up and be a man.

    she might have been i bit childish but who is perfect? and she has grown from it.

    i hope they stay togheter and that the all fat americans housewifes and their fat yellous daughters who are ugly and sad because the never ever could make it in to the show and meet theire pince in a millon years, would stop hating and GET A LIFE. /LOVE FROM SWEDEN

  19. The girl from Sweden is right. Americans are square. I thought Courtney was funny. Everyone is making a huge deal out of nothing .Sick of finger wagging, opinionated people. I can only imagine what it would be like in a house full of women. By the way, the symbol in Chinese for trouble is a picture of a house with 2 women.

  20. ann helen says:

    Courtney is an absolutely beatyful girl, no doubt about it! Unfortunately she lacks all forms of inner beaty, and she comes forward in the series, as a manipulative bitch. I guess she has some form of personality disorder.

    I guess Ben uses other (particular) parts of his body, but his brain and heart, to choose his soon to be wife. Very sad indeed.

    Norwegian bachelorfan:)

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