Feb 12, 2013

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Are Sean and Catherine Still Together, Engaged?

We’re getting down to the final weeks of The Bachelor 2013 and, already, fans are wondering what the future holds for Sean and the lucky lady he chooses at the end of this season.

As many of you know, Catherine is the rumored winner this season. If you’ve come to this post, chances are you Googled the status of Sean and Catherine’s relationship. Fortunately, we have all of the details for you here!

During the past few seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, we’ve kept you up to date throughout the season on the status of the couple after the cameras stopped rolling. We told you that Ben and Courtney hit a rocky patch, broke up and were somewhat back together by the time the After the Final Rose Ceremony aired. We also told you that Emily Maynard and Jef Holm were happily engaged and still together while their season aired (unfortunately, they broke up just months after). So, what’s the status of Sean and Catherine?

Are Sean and Catherine Still Together andĀ Engaged?

At the end of this season, fans will see Sean Lowe get down on one knee and propose to Catherine Giudici. She accepts. But have the two been able to keep the spark alive despite the Monday night drama that has been known to tear some couples apart (Ben and Courtney, to name one)?

The good news is, Sean and Catherine are still 100 percent together and they are most definitely still engaged. I haven’t seen so much promise in a Bachelor / Bachelorette couple since Ali and Roberto or Ashley and JP. I think there’s a good possibility these two might last.

Are you happy to hear Sean and Catherine are still together?


  1. I think all this is fake, how can anyone truly fall in love in 6 weeks, while the guy is dating all those women. its impossible to last.

  2. I think this is kinda like the old arranged marriages. I say if they have something, good for them!

  3. Do you really have to fall in love in 6 weeks? Do you really need to propose at the final rose ceremony? Can you truly fall in love in 6 weeks? I’ve known people who fell in love in short order, my wife {together 37 years and counting} insists she knew in the first minute of meeting me we’d be married someday. It can happen. A particular strategy needs be developed by the Bachelor, you don’t need to finalize anything during your quest. Quite simply “identify” the best 4 candidates of the group, based on your likes/dislikes and everything else you’re looking for. Go on the hometown dates – this is the real core of the operation here – meeting the families. After these dates you should have it narrowed down to the “one” that best appeals to you, if love figures into it propose. During the show ASK key questions about career moves, relocating options, political views, food choices – all that stuff. With any luck you’ll fall in love if not already there. I’ve known a lot of people who are married and miserable – your chances are probably better than average so go for it! Good luck Sean & Catherine.

  4. No. Loved Des. She is the only one who had it all. She is funny, smart, beautiful, serious,everything! Another ding dong bachelor.

    • Sewsite@yahoo.com says:

      Des has a lunatic brother who would have caused them nothing but trouble. Glad Sean was smart enough to get away from that!

    • Yeah, he picked who he thought he’d be happy with…it was his decision and everything happens for reason, so lay off! Just let them be happy together (:

  5. Des is great. Blah blah. She is perfect. Blah Blah. He is dumb. Blah Blah. Actually, I think she is great (though something about her was “off” in the beginning) like most of the women. I’m just making a point. Being “great” has nothing to do with love and choosing the one for you. Most of these women have “it all” in some respect, but no man can love all the women he thinks is great – at least not in this day and age. He has to choose the one he thinks is right for him, or the one he connects with the most. Dismissing any of the women has nothing to do with the quality of who they are. A woman can be “great” even in a man’s eyes but he might not feel it for her. Why don’t people get that?

  6. I think Sean made the right decision, both of Sean and Catherine look great together. All the best :) . I wish their wedding will be aired on TV.

  7. Anyone one of them BUT not Catherine she is immature and too wide open. She is the least best looking. Like some little teeny bopper. Cant believe he picked her. Another dumb ass bachelor!

    • hahahhahaha that is so true hahah i kno whe should of picked someone other than her lol but if thats who makes him happy what ever

  8. Tisha Thomas says:

    I don’t see that Sean and Catherine are very compatible. Sean comes from the conservative “Bible belt” south and Catherine is from the liberal, secular and politically correct north. There are cultural differences (not that those are major or can’t be overcome). She is into career building, as stated by her sisters, and he is looking for a mother for his children. She is messy, according to her sisters, and that always poses a potential problem in a marriage. However, I’ve got to admit she’s darling, she’s a whole lot of fun and basically a very happy person. It’s hard to say if they’ll make it, but I think the odds are against it.

  9. Diane Markowitz says:

    I believe it was wrong for Sean to dump Desiree because of her stupid brother, who wanted to be on tv. Sean didn’t have to love her brother. For all we know Desiree just tolerated him. She would have been a wonderful wife and mother to their children.

  10. peggy franco says:

    He wanted someone who was fun, well how long does fun last when you get down to the reality of life. I think Catherine is too immature. Sean made a mistake letting Desiree and Ashlee go, they were more his style, don’t think it will last., Oh well not my life

  11. I like Catherine so much she is type of my girl .happy all the Time lots of fun it feels great when u have someone who makes u happy its healthy .i think sean followed his heart and how he feels and I know made a good choice .i wish them all best in their life .im happy for them

  12. I’m so happy for this two falling love .they have so much fun ,happy all the time and that’s very healthy.when I see them together I can tell right away they have chemistry .i mean their in love I wish them all best and that their dreams comes true some day .im looking forward to see them at the end of the show sean going down on his knees to propose,cant wait that day .May God bless u to be together through to see ur great grand kids

  13. Debbie Deal McGee says:

    I thought that Des was the cutest girl….not just in looks, but in her outlook on life. She was funny (and fun), devoted, adoring, interesting. I thought she would’ve been a very good wife to Sean. I also thought Ash Lee would’ve been a very good wife. She might not have been as silly or fun as the rest, but I think she was very mature and serious about her love and relationship with Sean. Maybe she was a little too mature for Sean. I hope he will be happy with whomever he chooses.

  14. I did watch them I think they are great couple but I noticed that they want to be married so quickly I don’t think so its too early time I am prefer they must have slow time each other than marriage . They must know to talk each other . I am prefer Sean s parent and Catherine s parent must know each other if they are accept to their marriage in the future .

  15. I am not a person who judges people but…. Not sure where their relationship is at but they need to seriously spend time and see how compatible they are before going up to the alter. Wish them the best if they can hang in there.

  16. mariethomas says:

    yes i think this is real because they are so cute together and hope they get married soon and hope it be on t.v i wants to see it so bad good luck sean and his only cute wife

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