Feb 6, 2013

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Are Sean and Catherine Still Together and Engaged (Spoilers)?

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici have finally spent some quality one-on-one time together this season and everyone’s wondering if the rumored winner and her Bachelor beau are still together.

As many of you probably already know, Reality Steve is predicting that Sean picks Catherine this season. According to his site, Sean gives Catherine the final rose, proposes to her and they have their happily ever after. Or do they?

As all of us watch this season, we all have the same questions on our minds: Are Sean and Catherine still together and, more importantly, are they still engaged?

According to Steve, Sean proposes to Catherine on the finale and she accepts. And, according to several reports, the two are still very much together, very much engaged and very much happy.

It might be a little premature to make this prediction but something tells me Sean and Catherine might actually make it down the aisle. She seems nice, cute and drama-free and we all know he seems pretty close to perfect.

Now that you know they’re still happily engaged, tell us, do you think Sean and Catherine will get married?

  1. Berlin_Germany says:

    Yes- they will marry yaaay

    • Replay their date in Canada she had set of rings on her hand long sweater to hide it only see it as she is hugging him next scene is inside bus gloves on why wear them in side heated bus and not when you are outside waiting in blizzard conditions? Maybe they did it for the travel, money and free wedding she had two rings on maybe they already married and why she didn’t have much air time since they both knew the outcome and why she was never fearful not once??Hmmmmm….

  2. I hope he is right,if I thought he was getting together with the “Drama Queen” I would not watch another episode!!!!

  3. Have read many other’s comments, some say they have broken up!? Hope they are still together, still looking for that first Bachelor to marry the “selectee” – sorry Jason Molly was your second choice, although congrats just the same.

  4. So glad Jason chose Molly and married her. She was my pick from the first night. They are a good couple. Melissa is the same as Emily…gold diggers….had enough of both of them….

    As for Sean, what a disappointment that he chooses Catherine…Boring …….

    • I would have to disagree with you. Catherine in my opinion is the best choice and if he picks her, I am more than delighted.

  5. bachelor follower says:

    Who is to say that Catherine is boring? She seems to be matured and fits the description for what Sean is looking for in a wife. Sean is not taking this process lightly but more intent on seeking the appropriate person for his life-time partner. He is a true gentleman and seems to be very sincere and hopeful. Maybe it will result in the first Bachelor to get married. Sean is definitely the best man in his role as the Bachelor.

  6. Permit me if I may? Is the Bachelor “rigged” for failure? By rigged I don’t mean fixed but is it realistic to expect anybody to walk down the aisle? Yes, yes I know about Trista and Ashley {congrats two them both and their respective mates}, Jason again, Melissa was your first choice . No Bachelor has ever married his “selectee” . Close was Byron & Mary {they lasted what 7 years} despite some flare ups. Not much else to hang your hat on Bachelor franchise. Maybe we should start referring to the final person standing as the selectee instead of the “winner”, within that anyone sent home shouldn’t be considered a loser either. If the whole process of the Bachelor is to find “love”, well that’s a two way street yet it’s all expected to be found and genuine within artificial settings. It’s treated like a competition, the girls force themselves to like/love in an effort to advance forward. The Bachelor has all the power to send folks home, the lavish settings, the food, far away places. This all evaporates eventually. The finalist {selectee} and Bachelor are then split apart when others would bond closer together until the program is broadcast. Where will they live? I love Catherine but really Lindsay is the more practical choice. Catherine a vegan vise Sean a Texan steak eating guy. Washington and Texas, careers, family roots? All stumbling blocks to marriage, especially under the circumstances they hooked up. Lindsay a military brat is used to moving, has been uprooted before and would most likely welcome the thought of permanently settling down with Sean in Texas – major issue solved, where to live. Lindsay is not a vegan and would most likely eat a wide range of food choices, including Texas beef. Lindsay is a substitute teacher, a transferrable job skill. Catherine {did I mention I love this girl} is a vegan, has family roots in the Seattle area and has a great job working for Amazon at the Wesley school for girls or some such thing. Reality Steve’s intel says the final two – a spoiler here folks- are Lindsay and Catherine! With Lindsay being sent home and Sean proposing to Catherine {she accepts by the way}. Who knows if it will work out or if it has already failed? I keep watching hoping for that fairy tale ending, why I don’t know. It is however unrealistic to expect a happy ending.

  7. C Srbinovski says:

    I agree, Catherine is boring and didn’t really come into the show completely until much later…..

  8. Who cares! You’ll are jelous of that pretty girl catherine. As long as he is happy then be happy for them!

  9. I agree with Pete. Catherine and Sean’s differences seem to outweigh what they might have in common. Sean is looking for a beautiful, sweet, and fun girl. Catherine is all of that. But 1) she is from Seattle, and he is from Texas (different cultures) 2) she is a vegan, and he is a carnivore
    3) I’m guessing that she’s politically liberal and he’s a conservative and 4) he’s an outspoken Christian. Ashlee and Desiree fit this mold, but nothing we’ve heard from Catherine indicates that she has a spiritual dimension to her that would jive with Sean. I think Catherine is adorable and we all like her captivating personality. I just don’t think this couple will make it for the long run.

    • I’m vegan and my boyfriend is a carnivore and we have been happily together for 5 years. I don’t really believe that counts as a major difference. People eat what they eat, like what they like. Most vegans and vegetarians aren’t as snotty about it as the minority makes it appear.

      Seattle and Dallas are different geographical locations, yes, but a lot of people aren’t tied down to a specific place. I don’t consider living in different states of the same country different cultures, that’s just silly. There would be some lifestyle differences, perhaps, but not a cultural change.

      I don’t know where your thoughts on their politics come from. And just because she isn’t pushy about her religion doesn’t mean she’s not spiritual, and just because Sean talks about it a lot doesn’t mean he is either. It might be pressure to appear that way or pressure from his family, we really have no clue.

  10. I understand most viewers don’t think a happy ending in the bachelor because of the franchise history but I do believe that Sean and Catherine will have a fairytale ending.Knowing her culture it is not impossible :-) Catherine is vegan but she loves beef, I don’t think it’s a problem hehehe.

  11. I don’t think they’ll make it. They might be happy at first, but she’s not the girl for him. They don’t mesh well together.

  12. Desiree should not win she is to good for Sean and des is so beautiful but I really want her to win anyway
    Catherine is nice and pretty but they never show camera on her and is BORING
    Lindsay if there is one girl I want her to win Desiree to be the next bachelorette I love Lindsay she is cute
    Ashlee she is going home and I hate her she has nothing with Sean!i want her to find someone else

    Bye the way if your reading it its real for sure okay!!’mnnnn

  13. I’m so sad,,,,I seriously thought Desiree was the one, she is above the other girls. Catherine has behaved like a dumb tweet head all along, all she does is giggle and agree or repeat everything Sean says. Personality is bubbly but she’s no genius that’s for sure. She also has no depth to her, she’s like a little girl, playing and laughing all the time. I would get so tired of her if I were her friend. I don’t know how in the world can Sean stand being with her for more than a weekend. Sad…so sad…

  14. Stella, you have simply NO IDEA at all!!! Catherine is sweet, fun, beautifull, sexy and Smart girl, just read on her achievements, you,ll quickly realize your mistake. She is so perfect , it scares me. But they will bridge their differences and be happy.The other girls DO NOT measure up to Catherine and Sean is no fool, he knows in his haart who is the right one, period!

  15. Sean seems to have a Little Boy, kind of immature side to him…hence his being “crazy about” Tierra. So I think that’s why he is attracted to Catherine’s Bubbly side. But after hearing her family say that her “Career” is number ONE and that she gets bored when the fun wears off, I have my doubts about it lasting… I still wish them all the Happiness. PS. Also, I always feel so, so bad for the last 2 or 3…. :(

  16. One more thing, call it fate, destiny or just plain old bad luck, but I can’t help but wonder if Desiree’s Brother hadn’t been such a Butt hole if she would have stayed and Catherine would have gone… Just sayin.

  17. I would love Desiree to win.Sean and her complements each other,if not for that bad brother of his compromising their relationship and both there happiness. catherin is boring, lots of diffrences that might separate them eventually. poor Sean!

  18. You most likely will not like my opinion, but I have been married 43 years so give the devil her due:) As I begin, I am definitely going to begin to duck as what I am about to say will be unpopular. Less than a year ago Sean was in love with Emily and was ready to be a father to her daughter. As of tonight he has “seen himself with” all three remaining girls. Love is not something you just fall into. It is something that begins with a spark. If given the enough oxygen flames can reach high very quickly. When denied the “oxygen of reality” the fire is smothered and dies out. Whether you like her or not, the sparks were there for Sean with Tierra. (ducking) She is immature yes, but the heart only knows what the heart wants. She was not there for him, obviously, but SHE is what Sean wanted. He approached his selection as he would a science project. It would not have lasted with Tierra and it won’t last with Catherine. That spark was not there, and the other type of love, the type where you begin as friends and a slow burn begins the passion fire, did not have enough time to develop while he is dating several other women at the same time before being separated for the show. There was no instant attraction and there is no real knowledge of each other. Finally, Sean seems different to me this year. I can’t really put my finger on it, but it just feels like Sean is more interested in his image than in finding love. Maybe Des’s brother had his finger on something. (Slamming door behind me and running far far away:)

  19. Sean has the “hots” for Catherine, which can only be felt within Sean. Guys go with chemistry especially when he’s dating several women at a time. We don’t know what happened in the fantasy suite with Ashlee that made Sean decide to let her go home. Chemistry must have changed. She knew it had changed by the television “break down” speech. I thought she was the right one for him. Their families were more similar. Catherine is silly and the families are very dissimilar. But now Sean will be on Dancing with The Stars, etc. He is definitely one of the, if not THE, best catch as a bachelor. Catherine will run her course with him and then he’ll be a star. We all know this is entertainment and career building for these “beautiful people.” They get paid to be on the show and they get notoriety.

  20. Harriet Harris says:

    Sean is going on Dancing With The Stars. To me, he is now just another fame loving guy and thus their relationship will soon fizzle out after he gets his next modeling job.

  21. Sean and Catherine are good for each other.You can see the chemistry when they see each other its like they don’t care whos around them.And I love Des because she always have smile on her face and one thing Sean gonna miss from her. But I don’t think they are good to be together.

  22. I think out of the two girls, Sean did make the right choice. I thought the the relationship between lindsay and Sean, was too giddy, and “Ilove you was beginning to be so casually used. I think, it was too much of a display of affection, and did not seem very real to me. It was too perfect,and where do you go from perfect, I believe the flaws of the relationship, would definitely manifest itself, after the show. The flying lanterns from Lindsay at the end, was too much too soon. I thought Lindsay was over confident, and thought she had this in the bag. The girl in my opinion was sickening sweet, and I believe, that would have gotten old very fast. I do think he would have been very happy, with Desiree. I believe that was a mistake, to let her go. Between the last 2 girls, I believe he made the right choice. At the beginning, I thought Catherine might have been a flight risk, but the very last episode, I feel I understood her. Catherine’s behavior was truly organic, and she seem to understand the reality of it all. she continued true to herself. Catherine was enjoying Sean, but remained pretty much reserved, the entire time, but growing closer, and closer to Sean, and eventually developing a love for him, but not putting on a showy display of her affections, for showtime sake. The last episode, I could definitely see the secret person of the heart in her, that was not overtly manifest to everyone. Only they could know. Their spirits, were naturally connecting, and that is why someone so reluctant to show everyting to Sean, entrusted herself to him, as she stated, after the proposal. Her quiet whisper of “I love you” at the end of their last date, was beautiful. That was a leap of faith for her, and he knew that, and I feel at that very moment,his decision was sealed. Trust is a must have in a marriage. It started at the beginning of their conversation on the couch, when she showed such vulnerability, she was nervous, touching her hair and so forth, definitely true to herself. I think he will, show great love and headship for his family, but he in turn will be able to rely on her, for strengh. I believe, their love will continue to bud, and then blossom, and it will be love unchained.

  23. It is all editing. The final rose has been given long before the season airs. We didn’t see much of Catherine until episode 6 because ABC didn’t want us to get to know her. They edited her conversations with Sean to create a persona that showed her giggly and somewhat shallow. They edited to give Lindsey a more likeable persona. As for Sean, it is hard to resist the payday associated with Dancing with the Stars, but I hope that they will marry and fade into everyday life away from the cameras like Trista, Jason, and Ashley.

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