Feb 24, 2014

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Are Juan Pablo and Nikki Still Together After The Bachelor 2014?

Every year, when a new season of The Bachelor starts, the most important question running through everyone’s mind is which lucky girl receives the final rose. Now, thanks to Reality Steve, viewers who want to know who gets chosen can find out way ahead of time. Once it’s determined who gets the final rose, the next most important question becomes “Are they still together” or “Are they engaged?” When it comes to Juan Pablo’s season, with just 4 weeks left, we happen to have all of those answers for you right now.

Let’s not waste any time – let’s get right to it!

As most of you already know (especially if you landed on this article), it’s pretty much set in stone that Juan Pablo chooses Nikki. Reality Steve released his spoilers before the season even kicked off and, anyone who doubted that Nikki was the final one probably realized it was true last week when Juan Pablo let Nikki meet his daughter, Camila and his ex-wife Carla Rodriguez during his one-on-one date. There’s no way someone with a child would introduce one of their “girlfriends” to them if they didn’t plan on staying with them. It goes against everything Juan Pablo has been preaching all season. So, there – we know Nikki wins. What many of you still don’t know (and want to know) is whether Juan Pablo and Nikki are still together after The Bachelor and whether or not they’re engaged.

Here’s what we can tell you: As of right now, Juan Pablo and Nikki are still together, however, there’s no telling what their relationship status will be after Juan Pablo watches the season and realizes that Nikki may not be as sweet as she makes herself seem when she’s with him (think back to Courtney Robertson on Ben’s season). Something tells me Juan Pablo may not care about Nikki’s behavior but something else tells me that his ex-wife, Carla, may not want their daughter Camila around someone so catty and rude.

As for whether Juan Pablo and NIkki are still engaged, that would be impossible, considering they never got engaged at the final rose ceremony to begin with. Juan Pablo held off on popping the question, probably in order for them to have some time off-camera to decide if a wedding was in their future.

The After the Final Rose Ceremony should be interesting – and should answer some of the questions we still have left.

Now that you know Juan Pablo chooses Nikki in the end, tell us, do you think they’ll still be together by the time the ATFRC comes around?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

  1. First of all, you can not compare Nikki to Courtney Robinson. They broke the mold with her. Personally I don’t think there was a true “villain” this season, so they had to do some crafty editing to make someone look like the evil one. Many of the girls were talking about each other and were not so nice with their comments. Not saying that Nikki didn’t have her say, but in her defense, I think she did the right thing by walking away from a potential confrontational discussion vs. Getting into it with Ashley. Ashley pursued that issue, not Nikki.

    • I completely agree! Though have to say it was Clare not Ashley. Personally I like Nikki at least she’s not clingy and seems desperate. She makes it plain how she doesn’t mix with a group of females over a long period (exception of her friend Andi)sharing time with a guy. Who normally would?

    • thats obviously where youre wrong. nikki does have true emotions. clare showed how much she liked him and she wasnt clingy. she was always positive and never a brat and say “he has to meet her crazy family bc she had to of gotten it from somewhere. who the hell says that. and oviously you want a girl to be FRIENDS with everyone. not be catty and high school immature behaviour towards everyone but one girl. nikki was nothing but stuck up and rude. clare showed her feelings loved him and wanted time with him.

  2. I think JP let his best match go with Renee. IMO they had the most in common and the best shot for a long term relationship. Nikki may be what he is lusting for right now but in the long run
    I doubt their relationship will work out. So much of these shows are so scripted that none of us really know exactly what went on.

  3. Christine Giuda says:

    I didn’t see Nikki as a villain. I saw her as knowing what she wanted. What some perceived as negativity was not, but someone stating how they felt, which is more than I can say for the rest of them…except Clare of course. They all had opportunity, but only Nikki and Clare used their voices. Clare was almost desperate, Nikki was no drama.

  4. I also didn’t see Nikki as the villain . I think Juan Pablo needs a strong independent woman. Clare was a little to phony and needy.

  5. I believed Nikki could be a GREAT Step mom, she had all the qualities, a pediatric nurse, very beautiful, has a way with Juan Pablo’s daughter when they met, I think she was the ONLY one to meet his daughter, in my mind, she always was the front runner, Claire NEVER was in the running!!

  6. Kristinedeering@yahoo.com says:

    Who knows whether or not JP and Nikki will make it.. But I don’t see how Nikki was this rude villain people are making her out to be. If anything, it seems like Clare is very manipulative and rude, but she’s good at playing the victim/damsel in distress. She doesn’t appear to be in love. It looks like she’s in love with the idea of this life with JP.

  7. Personally, after last night’s episode, I think that Juan Pablo is a Narcissistic a**hole! All he cares about is himself and he proved that when Andi asked him several questions that, if he cared even a little bit about her, Juan Pablo should have known the answers to. Especially the way he said they talked and laughed all night long. I loved how when Juan Pablo asked Andi what his religion was, she said Catholic……and she was right. The look on Juan Pablo’s face was priceless! He comes across so sweet and nice, but one little argument and it’s game over! If Nikki is still with JP, she is just as consumed with herself as he is with himself! Worst Bachelor in the history of the show!

  8. I know we are dumbing down America day by day, but really, ABC, could you not have found a bachelor who knew more than 200 words in English? Really, he is likely as vapid in his first language, but the entire season was beyond pitiful. Thank heavens all the girl escaped a life with this fool. Could you find a guy out there with a little substance? JP Rosenbaum and Sean Lowe were fully formed humans with a great family. Keep the bar up and don’t ever subject the women or viewers to such a humiliating excuse for a man.

    • Yesterday, before watching last night’s episode, I said ALL the things about Juan Pablo to a girlfriend that Andie said about and to him last night, including using the “Camilla” card to excess–he acts as though he’s a single parent–it’s all for show.

      He has about four things he says to each of the girls (his shtick), including pushing their hair behind their ears and cupping their faces (same affection for them all–SICKENING), and he is too vapid and shallow to love anyone but himself. If he chooses no one this season (and I hope that is the case), those girls can be grateful they dodged a bullet.

      Last night I couldn’t quit saying out loud, “I cannot stand this idiot.”

  9. Kim Boulas says:

    Juan Pablo is the worst bachelor so far. Last night, Andy hit the nail on the head. Everything she said about him was spot on. I hope Nikki sees how shallow and self absorbed he is.

  10. I like Nikki, and I like her family. She is way too good for this moron of a man. If they stay together, she will soon grow tired of this mindless excuse for what a man should be.

  11. Free America says:

    I think both the final two ladies are totally superficial. So, I don’t see him having a successful relationship with Clare or Nikki in the future. On the other hand, I also think Juan Pablo has some serious growing up to do himself after the show last night. I can see why Andi decided to call it quits with him since I would be annoyed by someone that said It’s okay all the time. That seems to be his answer to everything since we don’t seem to know as much about this bachelor as the others on past seasons and he doesn’t seem to take as much of an interest in truly getting to know the ladies which is a little worrisome for the ladies. I would say the Final Rose show might prove to be quite interesting after what happened on the show last night.

  12. I like Nikki and REALLY liked her family. I don’t see her as being a villain at all. She was NO WHERE NEAR like Courtney who Ben picked. I liked Renee but didn’t see them as a good fit. Renee was the BEST friend to all the girls in the house and I applaud her for that. I liked Andi until the gun shooting date and her weird argumentative behavior on last night’s show before she left. I guess the lawyer in her where she spends so much time arguing cases spills over into her relationships with men. She said she couldn’t wait to get out of the Fantasy Suite. I couldn’t wait to see him put her in the car to take her away after her whining and bitching started. I REALLY liked Juan Pablo in the beginning but not nearly as much as the season went on. I NEVER think it’s a good idea to get engaged at the end of the show. It ALWAYS seems premature to me. I always thought it would be neat to see them get engaged on the After the Final Rose show if they still really cared and were ready then for that. Maybe that’s what will happen with JP and Nikki. She is the best fit for him of all the women, but I’m not sure he’s the best thing in the world for her. Bottom line is that it’s really NONE of our business who anybody picks to spend their lives with.

  13. Juan P. came on this show to promote himself for money, and of course to date beautiful women while promoting. I have watch this show since the first bachelor premier but this one was a waste of my time. They should interview these people before choosing them. What a disappointment !!!!!

  14. I think Clare wAs the men’s and caddy one and Nikki just wasn’t going to let Clare run her in the ground she protected herself I would done the same ! I do hope Nikki and Juan Pablo work out I believe she would be a good step parent the Camilla ! Sorry if I spelled wrong ! Goodluck Nikki and Juan Pablo !

  15. I think English being a second language has a huge bearing and impact on this. There should have been girls that spoke Spanish..heck, the show should have been done Latino style and it would have been different. He didnt know what to do except play a part because that is what he was doing…without the realness of his heritage how could this be real to him? He was here for the dream of it all…but it turned into a nightmare..oh well…it’s okay..

  16. Nope. Just looking at their personalities, I can tell they’re not going to last long. A year would be the longest, I would place my bet.

  17. He has never talked to these women about a future with him and what that would entail….drawing out things about them and what they want. He seems to only be interested in the kissing part… which I tire of watching. I think they should do away with the fantasy suit. Kinda gross when you think about it from the girls standpoint. Ok, let’s try you out, tomorrow let’s try the next one, etc. I don’t think Nikki is a villain at all. I feel that she didn’t want to get into the drama. If they chose Clare for the Bachelorette…I won’t watch.

  18. Samantha says:

    I can not believe Andi got as far as she did. Nikki gave me bad attitude vibes from the beginning. She broke the promise for the girls who already got a rose not to steal Juan Pablo and all those mean faces she makes. I would never take my children to the hospital where she works. She is such a stuck up mean fake. If he chose Renee or Clare he would be much happier. Nikki, how could she go on national tv without fixing her roots ? I guess , she did not think she would get this far either.

  19. I think Nikki is perfect for JP but he may not be perfect for Nikki. I think the rest of the girls were jealous of Nikki because it was evident she was JP’s pick and set out to make her look like a villain…….JP is sharp enough to see through all that….

  20. I am so happy for he both of them, just take your time and get to know each other, there is no rush to get married just date, and maybe before to long it might happen….Just enjoy each other…………

  21. Juan Pablo is the worst Bachelor in the history of all seasons. I hope there is not a repeat of a jerk like that. I have watched every season and he is a Awful. Hope Nikki gets smart and walks out before it’s too late. She deserves so much better. Glad this season is over !!!

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