Feb 17, 2014

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Are Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Still Together, Engaged After The Bachelor 2014?

In just a matter of weeks, Bachelor 2014 fans will get to see who wins the final rose but, as many of you know, there are already several spoilers out there detailing what happens at the final rose ceremony.

For those of you who don’t want to know what happens, stop reading now. We’re about to reveal details of the finale including which lucky lady receives the final rose and the status/update of their relationship  as it stands today.

Alright, let’s get to it!

To begin, we’ll tell you who reportedly receives the final rose. That would be Nikki. Nikki and Clare will both attend the final rose ceremony but it’s Nikki who walks away the winner in the end. Clare will undoubtedly be devastated – but that’s besides the point. Now, onto the good stuff…

Are Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Still Together and Engaged After The Bachelor 2014?

So, we told you that Nikki Ferrell receives the final rose this season but what we failed to tell you was that Juan Pablo did not propose. The two are not/were not ever engaged. You can assume it’s because JP feels Nikki needs more time with Camila before making such a huge commitment but many people feel he didn’t propose because he knew something wasn’t right. Regardless, the two never got engaged.

As for the status update of their relationship, Juan Pablo and Nikki are reportedly still together as of right now. The nasty footage of her in the house and with the other women this season has just started airing though, so there may be trouble in paradise over the next few weeks (much like there was for Ben and Courtney on Ben’s season of The Bachelor).

Now that you know the status update, tell us, do you think Juan Pablo and Nikki will make it down the aisle?

  1. I think that Nikki and juan pablO will get engaged because hey loves her and when she went to Camilla’s recital he thought his parents loved her and all that!

    • Juan Pablo has had a wonderful time stringing these girls along. He is the least likable
      Person to hold the top spot. Insincere dosen’t even begin to describe him. Chris
      Harrison’s attitude and feelings are also quite clear. He dosen’t like him and try as he
      Might it shows. He. always shows up before the last rosé iss given out and comes right back to ease tithe situation which he eases or for all. If you notice he has not been there for the past 3 ceremonies. Which I find very telling that he leavs him there crying crock tears.
      It is nice to have people of different nationalities but they MUST speak English well. ,
      If they don’t there are too many chances for misunderstanding much less the audience trying to follow along.

  2. No, they will never get engaged or last as a couple. He’s in it for the fame like Jake P. Juan is only interested in launching his modelling career. And Nikki is only interested in becoming the next Bachelorette. If he actually wanted a long term relationship or to be engaged he should’ve picked Clare or Andi. Also the fact he never proposed because he has a daughter is crap, since he had no issues introducing her to his daughter, family & ex when he was still in the process of dating other women. He’s been a terrible & boring bachelor.

  3. I think JP and Nikki are great together. Clare is a troublemaker.
    Nikki is a happy person. JP and Nikki could have more kids together. I think he made a great bachelor for the show.
    Nikki should learn Spanish. What a plus! Spanish guys like happy ladies.

    • Nikki, a happy person? Really? Are you watching the same show as the rest of us? She’s a bitch! Didn’t like her from the get go! I think she’ll have some jealousy issues over Camilla and his ex. She seems like she’ll be sweet as can be when he’s around, but when she’s alone with Camilla, the claws will come out. It won’t last! Andi or Renee would’ve been a better choice! Just sayin’

    • Correct, Sue! From ‘Reality Steve’: “We know that Clare & Nikki don’t like each other….Lets not forget, I can count 6 girls this season who, on camera, have stated how negative or how bad of an attitude Nikki has. Clare, Cassandra, Danielle, Alli, Chelsie, & Elise have all said specifically to the camera how Nikki really is. People seem to have a short term memory when it comes to this show. They only remember what they see the night before, when there’s been evidence all season of many of the other girls saying how much they dislike Nikki. The show for whatever reason, really hasn’t shown that side….However, if people like Nikki, they’ll just say that’s the others being jealous or selectively choosing not to remember how many women have commented negatively about her. And they’d be wrong. Editing can do wonderful things. Nikki has no doubt gotten a better edit than I thought she would. Clare hasn’t gotten a great one either. They both came across as petty and childish…. All I know is I counted 6 girls this year who specifically said they didn’t like Nikki that had nothing to do with getting roses or being a front runner, and I can count on zero fingers how many girls said, “Oh no, Nikki is just misunderstood. I really like her.”

  4. not important says:

    Juan is really an actor, he is doing it for the show & meanwhile enjoying the ride!! He lies a lot!!! He told his family & Sharleen that he is very much into her. In the meantime, after Sharleen opened up to him about her willingness to move to change for him, he did not even give her a single hug or kiss. Action tells it all, he just wanted to act like he is into all these women so he does not look like a player. He & Nikki will never last, she has such strong self-ego, she will not settle into 2nd place after his daughter for too long……….

  5. Guys, really, Nikki is well educated unlike Clare. Juan would certainly realize that, cannot even believe that baby of the family, bratty Clare, was in the finals. I hope things work out with Nikki. She is intelligent and above some of the childish antics Clare promoted. Nikki is a pediatric nurse. She could not have that job without a lot of love and caring in her heart.

    • Really are you saying that Juan Pablo is super educated or even intelligent? He’s not. And it’s not a language barrier. I think it was Nikki who walked out of a room & mumbled something under her breath, not Clare. Clare did the mature thing by going to talk to her & clear the air. Nikki is an immature 26 yr old who is too into herself & is not ready to be a step mother. She’ll be too insecure to always be second to Camilla. It’ll never last.

  6. susan kelly says:

    Actually if you ask me, they’re all nuts

  7. Mary Ann Perruzzi says:

    I wonder if JP is in love with Sharlene had to go through the motions.

  8. No I don’t think they will make it, they never should have. He is boring and immature! If he really wanted a good mom and wife he should of really took the time for the sincere ones, not a child like Nikki! She is so insecure and has no clue! She may be good at being a pediatric nurse but there is a big difference in being a nurse and a mother!

  9. I watched “the confrontation” a few times and got to see that Nikki, in response to Clare saying “Maybe Andi needed reassurance…” said something like “that’s so stupid” as she left the room. Her leaving the room was CLEARLY in response to Clare’s comment. I don’t care much for Clare, but thought it was classy of her to seek Nikki out to clear the air. (I would have done the same so I would be able to apologize if I offended her.) What I saw when watching it again was that Nikki was very negative and attacking towards Clare (AND the other girls, according to Nikki’s words) so I can’t see how she would handle being a step-mother if she can’t even handle herself in a single conversation with another woman who was trying to resolve an issue in this show. It was very telling, in my opinion. Babies don’t talk back, so just being a stunning (and stellar?) pediatric nurse doesn’t mean she is up to being Camilla’s step-mother.

  10. I think Nikki and JP are great together. Nikki is a bitch sometimes but she’s just feisty. Clare however is the most attention seeking person in the house whether or not she is with JP or not, she is constantly revolving everything around her! She would be a nightmare for JP and his daughter. Glad he went with Nikki.

  11. I love Nikki- loved her from the get go. She’s such a real girl and the only reason people say she’s a bitch is because she doesn’t take peoples shit and doesn’t pretend to be someone she’s not. She is stunning and just because she’s young and maybe a little less experienced than Juan or even the rest of the girls, doesn’t mean she wasn’t a perfect match! She tells it like it is and that is such an awesome quality that most of the other girls didn’t have.

    • I don’t think Nicki is a bitch. She doesn’t want to deal with the pettiness of it all. As for Juan Pablo, he seems empty headed and anyone who spends so much time on that hair can’t have that much substance. I don’t know why they picked him. For one thing, he’s cockeyed and another, not too bright.
      Andy would have been a good match as he can always find blond bimbos but she had class and besides, opposites attract.

  12. JPG seems like a schmoozer. I really can’t stand how is so slick with all the girls. It seems like a carnival. Don’t see JPG with anyone in the end. I know he picks Nikki but it won’t last. If he really wanted a suitable mother for his daughter who he seems to revolve everything around, he would have chosen Renne.

    • We’ll put!

    • The reason he doesn’t pick Renee is because he wants two more kids on his own. Meaning he wants 3 kids total. If he chooses Renee, that would be too many kids for him to handle. Nikki is a bitch but she’s the most genuanie one among all the girls. She just speaks from her heart. She doesn’t waste time with all bunch of crap. She seems to knwo what she really wants. She keeps saying, she wants her “forever” that means she’s seriously into him. I hope he doesn’t take her for granted

  13. JP said it was important for him to have a girl that danced. When Nikki thought she was going on another dancing date her reaction was “I thought I paid my dues”. She doesn’t like to dance and was just trying to make JP happy. They are not a good match, she pretends to be what he wants. I think he still loves Sharleen and picked Nikki because Sharleen left. JP will eventually see that Nikki does not love the same things he does, and she will start to avoid the things that make him happy. Also she may not feel too good being 2nd choice, as he did tell his family Sharleen was the one.

    • Insiders say Juan’s main goal was to be cast on “Dancing With the Stars” this season, which will NOT happen. He is simply not likeable enough. Let’s face it, Juan was entranced by Sharleen’s beauty and surface-elegance. No way he was “in love” with her! He’s just going through the motions, like most of these contestants do, for the fame and career opportunities.

  14. Yes they will totally work out! Nikki is just trying niot to put her self in a bad situation and CLAIR is a jerk and she looks like a rat….

  15. I so hated clare she always made a point to sit next to jp she was tacky when on the show she showed up at his door at 4am to go surfing in the bay

  16. I think some of the comment are right some personal opion, I liked clare and wanted JP to pick her seeing he was all in to her. Why he would pick Nikki I don’t know the bottom line is if he really was into Nikki he would have proposed weather its to boast him or carefully selecting fir Camila I don’t think he and Nikki will end up engaged in the end or ever married.

  17. morgan taubman says:

    I thought he was going to end up with renee or andy???


  18. Nikki is probably reading all of these blogs and drilling JP relentlessly for reassurance to see if any of them are true…

  19. Nikki Ferrell is sarcastic but she is not a bitch. Sarcasm is used to diffuse stressful situations. Clare is self-centered and immature. The only reason she followed Nikki up the stairs was to prove her own point, not to “clear the air”. Nikki was smart enough and tough enough to blow it off for the triviality that it was.
    I believe that any relationship with Juan Pablo is doomed. He fits the profile of a charming “dumb jock” and APPEARS to be very shallow (can’t really tell since the show is highly edited). He is truly a player and couldn’t possibly settle down with one woman over the long term. If he were truly sincere (and since he gets along so well with Camilla’s mother) he would have worked harder at his relationship with Camilla’s mother and stayed with her. But he cannot work at a real relationship because Juan Pablo Galaviz is all about Juan Pablo Galaviz and his little bit of immortality with his daughter Camilla. Every other relationship will be temporary with him.

  20. Thought the whole season JP never really allowed the girls to talk. All he wanted was Besitos he used his charm to get the girls to get all starry eyed and look like loved sick teenagers, which isn’t all bad but supposedly he wanted a real relationnship. I know it’s for ratings and the show want to show people sex and drama but in order for a real relationship to work it’s not all fun and far away get aways. What happens when they return to reality? JP didn’t like that Andi spoke up and they argued wellJP not all women are going to shut up and look pretty for you. Andi had a point he made it all seem like a game. I think he screwed up royally with Renee but in the long run better for her.she needs a serious person in her life someone who can share in her and Ben’s life.

  21. MK, I am in 100% agreement with you all the way. I was beginning to think I wasn’t paying enough attention to see it so differently as everyone else. Then, you came along and told it the way it was.

  22. Sean Pablo says:

    “Well, JP not all women are going to shut up and look pretty for you.”

    The smart ones do.

  23. Last time I watched complete Bachelor Series was
    when Ryan the fireman” was chosen and I thoroughly believed they would make it …. and they are still married with kids and seem

    Watching JP thru all the episodes I thought I was watching the
    Kissing Game. Does JP realize that in order to find love he has
    to learn about the gals and talk with them seriously Not just
    kissy facing them.

    I think that when all the glamour is gone and the travel is
    minimal to great romantic places .. Niki’s eyes will open and
    see she is just a second wife and Camilla will always run the
    show = and she wont like it.

    Hope for the best and cant wait to see Andi as the next B’ette.

  24. I think that Nikkie really loves JP and that they will be together along time, because they did not get engaged on the show, 2 months is not long enough to tell someone that you love them or you want to marry them. I think they have gone along the right way to be together and take each day has it comes why should JP tell his camilla that he getting married and then after a month or 2 say they are not. At least this gives them time to know each other likes and dislikes. I think they are cute together and Nikkie knows how to handle JP. It worked for Sean and Catherine but they waited long time to be married, and now they are and very happy. It is different for a lot of people. On a personal note I was engaged after 3 dates my husband was in the USAF now we have been married 28 years. So it can work.

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