Jan 28, 2014

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Are Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Still Together and Engaged After The Bachelor?

Those of you who’ve searched for Bachelor 2014 spoilers online may already know who the winner is this season. But what many of you don’t know – and want to know really badly – is whether they’re still together after the show is over. The answer to that popular question – and many others – can be found below!

If you don’t want to know what happens at the end of the season, do not read any further, there are major spoilers ahead.

Are Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell still together after The Bachelor 2014? The answer to this question is yes – but there is a catch. As of right now, we know that Juan Pablo picked Nikki at the end of the show. He sends Clare home brokenhearted at the final rose ceremony.

Are Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell engaged? The answer to this question is no. As of right now, Juan Pablo has not proposed to Nikki – and many people believe the two will be broken up by the time the show ends. No one can know for sure but rumor has it that Nikki is kind of a b-tch in the house and her true colors will start showing very soon. After Juan Pablo watches the show, he may have second thoughts about marrying Nikki and having her become a stepmom to Camila (just like Ben Flajnik did with Courtney Robertson).

So, the status of their relationship is that they are still together but not engaged. SHould make for a great ATFRC this year!

Do you think Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell will make it down the aisle?

Sound off in the comment section below!

  1. Just proves hormones and sex appeal blind men all the time. Btw why even have women of color we all know they will be dumped about halfway through. They keep them long enough to not beaccused of bigotry then tthey’re gone. Their chances are about as good as redshirts on star trek.why do they subject themselves to the humility? Then again why would ay woman who is not looking to jumpstart a tv career? Why no Black bachelor? I don’t know who I am more disgusted with the men the women or me for watching!!!

  2. Louise Leamen says:

    If Nikki shows her true colors then they might split up. Personally. I THINK HE SHOULD HAVE CHOSEN. The mom with the ten year old. They were the same age and got along great.

  3. I am wondering why every single girl over the last two or three episodes (now that the numbers have dropped) has gotten interviews and we see interaction between him and each of the girls..EXCEPT Daniell (the biracial girl). She seemed really quiet and she kept getting roses but not once did I see any interaction on screen between them. I finally saw a small interview from her during tonight’s show. This really annoyed me! As far as Nikki goes…I can’t see them staying together at all. I know during the actual taping he can’t see and hear what we end up seeing and hearing…so I’m just wondering what he will think when he views the show. I wanted to stick my finger down my throat tonight when she said “oh, yeah….then rolled her eyes…I always get a rose”

  4. Hey RS,
    Why don’t you give it a rest, if you don’t like what you see change the station. First you bring up WOMEN OF COLOR then you start with the BLACK BACHLOR crap, give it a rest. Next you’ll start on why no GAY BACHLOR. go watch KIM WEST and NORTH WEST, it covers everything you enjoy seeing.

  5. Juan is stupid for picking Nikki! I didn’t like her from the beginning! They definitely do NOT look good together! He should have picked Clare or Renee!

    • Sharon Needham says:

      Not Claire for sure, Renee was to good for him, glad to hear she has moved on and is happy

  6. Clare is a total fake and a bitch! He should has kept Renee!!

  7. Jane Poll says:

    He is the biggest jerk I have ever seen If I were Nikki I would walk away. Juan is all about him!

    • Sharon Needham says:

      Yes Juan is all about himself, if she can’t tell Nikki that he loves her she needs to move on. Juan blaming her Father that is a joke.

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