Feb 7, 2012

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Are Ben and Courtney Still Together – SPOILER ALERT!

Viewers of The Bachelor 2012 are waiting anxiously to find out who Ben picks on the finale episode and whether he’s still with the girl he chooses at the end of his journey. While no one knows for sure except Ben and his final pick, we have some inside details for those of you looking for some spoilers.

*Warning Spoilers Ahead

As many of you already know, it’s being reported everywhere that Ben picks Courtney Robertson in the end. Reality Steve has successfully spoiled many seasons and he insists that Courtney is the chosen one this season, however, he has also been wrong on more than one occasion.

Last season, RS insisted all season that Brad Womack picked Chantal O’Brien. At the very last minute, just days before the finale aired, he changed his whole story and told his readers that Brad picked Emily (which obviously happened). Who’s to say he won’t change this one again and tell us that Ben picks Lindzi instead?

Assuming Ben does pick Courtney (which is appears to be since she’s the only one it seems like he has a connection with), whether they’re still together remains a mystery.

After watching the show, Ben will likely realize that Courtney is treating this whole experience as a game and he’s been duped in front of millions of viewers.

Ben said in an interview that being engaged to someone is “just a promise to see where things go” and it seems like he might be seeing Courtney’s true colors right now.

Should be interesting to see these two sit down together on the After The Final Rose Ceremony.

Do you think Ben and Courtney will still be together after the show airs?

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