Jan 23, 2012

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Are Ben and Courtney Still Together after The Bachelor 2012?

A lot has happened so far on Ben’s season of The Bachelor and much speculation has been circulating regarding who Ben picks at the end of this season and whether or not they’re still together.

We’ll start by saying, if you don’t want to know what happens on this season of The Bachelor, do not read any further – there are some pretty big spoilers ahead.

The biggest rumor that has been swirling since Reality Steve revealed the details of this season is whether it’s true that Ben picks Courtney Robertson in the end.

According to RS, it’s 100 percent true that Ben does choose Courtney in the end and he does propose to her and she does accept.

Now that we know that Ben Flajnik is engaged, many are wondering if he and Courtney are still together.

Are Ben and Courtney Still Together After The Bachelor 2012?

The status of their relationship post-filming is somewhat unknown considering they are not allowed to talk about it and are only allowed to see other secretively until the season finale. However, what we do know is that Ben revealed in an interview after this season started airing (ie. After he had the first glimpse of what Courtney is actually like) that an engagement is just a promise to “see where things go.”

In other words, he’s not convinced he’s going to walk down the aisle.

And we’re not convinced these two will even be together for the filming of the After the Final Rose.

Do you think Ben and Courtney will stay together?

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  1. That’s so fucking dumb. Why would they tell what happens before the show ends? And why would Ben pick Courtney. Well I guess he wants another heart break after Ashley. So go on Ben and pick Courtney when you have real genuine girls like Kacey B, Emily and Lindzie. You are nothing but a fool and when Courtney shows you her true self, I’ll sit back, sip on some wine and toast to your stupidity. By the way Courtney is not pretty, she actually looks sick….

  2. I doubt very highly if they will last very long. I even have serious doubts as to whether he will feel the same about her by the time of After The Final Rose.

  3. What’s with Courtney and her lower lip??? It’s as thought she’s trying to protrude her upper lip to make it look bigger and then the lower lip practically disappears. A bit odd I might add and not very attractive!

    • Nice to know I’m not the only one who noticed the “lip issue”. With all that model money she is making she should really look into getting her lips fixed!! Just sayin ;)

    • Oh my god her lips bug the shit out of me…..I hate watching her talk…..maybe after watching herself on tv she will notice how stupid she looks.

    • Her lip!! Don’t forget to add her continuous pushing back of her hair. I want to shave her head. She’s trying to be cutesy. Annoying!!!!!!

  4. Christine says:

    What a stupid mistake that would be. Courtney is no better than Vienna was. Such a nasty person all about herself.

  5. I don’t even want to watch the show anymore. Sooo tired of this particular show; they should take it off the air for good!!! Makes women look bad.

  6. I agree about the show getting tiring. The crazy girls like Vienna and this Courtney. The show is turning into more sluts and nastiness than it is romance, charm, prettiness, etc. I myself am getting very tired of it and have always been a big fan. Ben is stupid

  7. Oh yeah and meant to also say, this Courtney looks like she is mentally ill with the lips and the way she looks. Not pretty at all, model or not. Just because you model and have the skinny body for it does not mean you are pretty and she is not

  8. Courtney is a bitch just pure selfishness and doesnt give a f*** about anyone but herself. Ben will not stay with her by the time the finale happens. Especially seeing her when he wasnt around.

  9. If ben really chose courtney I would be so disappointed. It would be amazing if he broke it off with her after the final rose. She is ugly inside and out. Me and my boyfriend call her ”the lip” because he doesnt remember anyones name. Haha. Don’t be an idiot ben!!!

  10. Ben, is not looking for a wife…If he was, he would have selected one of the respectable ladies,not someone that would skinny dip and drop her pants for a rose…Ben,my friend this is not love…how will it feel to be engaged to someone that everyman has had..wouldn’t u wonder if she is comparing u to one of her other men…Courtney is not someone to bring home to meet your mother….She will not get along with any of your family, friends and she will be telling you what u can and can’t do….Get use to it Ben, you will have a long and lonely life ahead of you as Cortney will see to it that you will not have any family or friends…If you should choose Courtney….YOU DESERVE EVERY THING SHE DISHES OUT TO YOU………YOU SENT SOME NICE LADIES HOME TO B WITH THIS EVIL PERSON

  11. NOW I understand why Ashley dumped him! Shallow, thoughtless, self-centered, not intereted in finding love. And Courtney is just like him! They deserve each other. I am so done with this show. This was a set-up from the get-go. Ben was not sincere and Courtney was planted. Though I recognize that reality TV is just for entertainment, I don’t need to be fooled this way by such a obviously display of reality-tv-ratings-only.

  12. DiscerningT says:

    None of the girls on this show should marry Ben. As soon as Ben went skinny dipping with Courtney the only thing left for him to give the rest of the girls were thorns from the roses. Each one of those other girls could find the right guy for themselves that would make Ben look like the wilted cactus plant he is. He has nothing to offer any lady but pain. That’s why I hope Courtney gets the last rose masking the thorns. Cactus and thorns deserve each other. Emily was the last one to go at this point, and I’m so happy for her. She deserves so much more than Ben will ever have to offer her. Emily has class and she will find her classy man one day. She will be so thankful that Ben will no longer be a thorn in her side. I’m a happily married man with a beautiful wife, and I know Emily will find happiness very soon. Her husband will be classy, faithful to her, respectful, loving, caring . . . and most of all, a one-woman man. Anyone who would pick Courtney over Emily is a very stupid, dumb person. I won’t watch any more of those shows because they are so predictable. Emily, look at yourself in the mirror and look into your heart. You were way too classy to have ever needed that show (or Ben). I promise you, you will come out way ahead of the game eventually. I will rejoice the day you find your perfect match (not necessarily the perfect person). Ben did not deserve you.

  13. I think after all the hints the girls tried to give him this is a Jake and Vienna all over agin. I spent week after week yelling at the TV about him cont. to keep Courtney but really it’s his own stupidity. He had Great Girls to choose from. My Fav was Kasey B. I’m sure week by week as he sat and watched every episode he regreets every move he made. He built his own boat and I can’t wait to watch him sink!

  14. Lots of beautiful and smart ladies on the show who were genuine. Kacie B, you are an ANGEL and much too classy for a loser like Ben. The one BLACK WIDOW survived only because Ben is a poor representation of a MAN. He is immoral and his only match is his chosen deceiver. They deserve one another as they pursue their journal of destruction.

  15. Courtney is alright. She had a hard time in the house.And anyway,they are there to see if they have a relationship with Ben. I thought the other girls weren’t nice to her. Courtney is a very pretty girl and has a nice family.The other girls were jeaulous of her and I don’t know how Courtney felt but sure it was difficult. She has a sense of humor.And she had more of it on GTA. The girls were more than rude to her. And Courtney is too good for Ben.Kacie B isn’t nice.She went on Ellen and called her manipulative. Sad and pathetic on Kacie B.part.

  16. Ben should’ve Known courtney was going to break his heart and Ben should’ve chose Lindzie because she is truly the better pic and her parent’s are awesome and treated Ben with full on respect and support.. But after skinny dipping with courtney the girls deserve better than Ben.

  17. Ben and Courtney deserve each other. They are both slutty. WTH.

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