Jan 23, 2012

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Are Ben and Courtney Engaged and Still Together?

As many of you may know, word around the rumor mill is that Ben Flajnik picks Courtney Robertson at the end of the 2012 season of The Bachelor. The speculation comes from Reality Steve who has been correct on his predictions with many seasons but has also provided inaccurate spoilers for a few key seasons as well (like when he said that Ali Fedotowsky chose no one on her season when she really chose Roberto or when he said all season that Brad Womack chose Chantal O’Brien at the end of last season when he actually chose Emily Maynard).

If what we believe  is true, Ben does pick Courtney on the finale episode – but now everyone wants to know if they’re still together and, more importantly, if they’re engaged.

While no one can answer that question for sure, Ben has provided viewers with a few hints.

From what we know, he does propose to Courtney at the final rose ceremony but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be walking down the aisle. Here’s why we say that: Ben had an interview last week where he was asked if he was engaged and what the importance of an engagement means to him. His response was interesting. Basically, Ben said that an engagement doesn’t necessarily mean a wedding or a marriage. He told the reported that an engagement is ‘a promise to see what happens.’

Generally, when people get engaged they plan to spend forever with that person. Ben already seems unsure.

In essence, yes Ben is engaged to Courtney and yes, as of right now they are still together – but who knows how long that will last.

If he hopes to retain any respect with viewers he’ll dump her sorry as as soon as the season is finished airing…

  1. Dear Ben:

    How can you pick Courtney? She is such a Bitch.

    You should think it over and go after Linsey. She is right
    for you.

    Please change your mind.

  2. After tonight and other shows, this is the worst season. I think he has been around alcohol and it got to his brain, what I really want to say is loser!!!!! I will be glad when this season is over, not fast enough.

  3. philip pontrelli says:

    so how could you pick courtney you should have gone with kacie b you and her had so much chemistry

  4. He was warned . . .

  5. Ben:

    How can you pick the bitch Courtney?

    You have 2 days to think it over.

    Pick lindsey she is wonderful. Courtney is so full of shit.

    Either pick lindsey, or Nickki or Kacie from Tenn.

    These girls are better for you.

  6. Lea Silor says:

    I,m glad you followed your heart.
    I wish you guys the best.

  7. I’m so sad that Courtney won….but life won’t be all roses for them cos she will still remain a bitch


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