Apr 16, 2012

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Angelina Jolie Engagement Ring Photo: Couple Finally Engaged!

It’s been several years since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie experienced undeniable chemistry on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. 7 years, 1 divorce and 6 kids later and the couple has finally decided to make their relationship official.

The high profile duo has announced that they will be walking down the aisle and getting married very soon. When asked previously, Brad and Angie told the media that they weren’t going to get married until gay couples were given the same rights as straight couples. It seems that they have changed their decision after their kids have been pressuring them to tie the knot.

Angelina was snapped wearing her stunning engagement ring, which has been rumored to be worth as little as $250,000 (as if that could actually be considered “little”) and over $1 million.

According to reports, Brad worked alongside Beverly Hills ring designer Robert Procop for a year helping to design the gorgeous engagment ring. The diamonds are reportedly flawless, and the ring features an elongated tablet-shaped center stone with a band of specially cut diamonds to encircle.

Looks like it was worth the wait, right Angie?

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