Oct 21, 2014

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The Bachelor Canada 2014 Spoilers: Who Does Tim Pick?

We’re getting down to the wire on the 2014 season of The Bachelor Canada and, while there are no set spoilers for how the season ends, we do have some educated guesses about what will go down in the next few episodes – and we want to know what you think is going to happen!

As most of you know, there are just a few people left this season. There’s Trisha, Sachelle, Kaylynn, April and Lisa. Tonight, one more lady (or who knows, maybe two) will be sent home, leaving only four to compete for the final rose.

So, who will it be? Who Does Tim Pick at the final rose ceremony? As we mentioned earlier, there is a complete lack of spoilers for the ending of this season. The winner is anyone’s guess at this point – and that’s exactly what we want you to do! Let us know who you think Tim chooses in the end in the comment section below.

Who do we think will win? Here’s where things stand for us right now. While Sachelle is our favorite girl, there just doesn’t seem to be a strong enough connection between them. Same goes for Trisha. We haven’t seen a lot of Lisa lately, either, although something big seems to happen with her tonight. In the end, we don’t see Lisa being the girl for Tim either. So that leaves Kaylynn and April. Kaylynn and Tim have had a strong connection since the beginning but she seems a little emotionally unstable. Even though April seems a little immature, she seems like the woman with the strongest connection with Tim. Plus, he gave her his hometown date, which speaks volumes.

So, our top pick right now is April and Kaylynn is a strong runner up.

Now it’s your turn! Who do you think Tim gives the final rose to in a couple of week? Sound off in the comment section below!

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Oct 9, 2014

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Who Does The Bachelor Canada Pick 2014: Who Does Tim Choose?

Bachelor  Canada spoilers 2014 are hard to come by considering Reality Steve doesn’t spoil our version of the show but that doesn’t mean that reports haven’t surfaced as to who Tim picks this season – and who’s left broken-hearted in the end.

Obviously, given the past few weeks of the show, there are a few clear front-runners. Kaylynn, Sachelle and April Brockman are definitely at the top of the list right now but Lisa is a definite front-runner as well (and judging by the previews, she goes a long way).

Who does The Bachelor Canada Pick 2014? Who Does Tim Choose?

Now, we can’t give you any definitive spoilers like we do for The Bachelor US, but we thought it might be fun for all of us to guess as to who wins the final rose this season. Given there are no spoilers, it makes things a little more interesting, don’t you think?

So, if we had to make our pick right now (October 9, 2014) our top pick is April Brockman. Who knows – she might get eliminated tonight – that’s what makes this version of The Bachelor a little more exciting.

Here’s where we stand: Top choice: April Brockman, Runner-up: Sachelle, third place, Kaylnn and fourth place Lisa.

Who do you think will win – and who do you think will be left broken-hearted at the final rose ceremony?

Sound off in the comment section below!

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Sep 25, 2014

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Are Brad Smith and Bianka Still Together: Bachelor Canada Update!

The second season of The Bachelor Canada premiered last week and all the hype for the new season has fans thinking about last season. As most viewers will remember, Brad Smith chose Bianka in the end, with season villain Whitney coming in second place.

Bianka was much more down to earth than Whitney and seemed like a better match for Brad, so it really came as no surprise to viewers that he chose Kris Humphries ex, Bianka, in the end. But the question is, does Bachelor Canada have a better track record than its US counterpart – or have Brad and Bianka already parted ways? Keep reading to find a full update on their relationship!

Are Brad and Bianka from Bachelor Canada still together in 2014?

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Sep 25, 2014

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Who Wins The Bachelor Canada 2014 – Who Does Tim Pick (Spoilers)!

We’re in week 2 of The Bachelor Canada 2014 and already fans have their favourite bachelorettes – and the ones they already despise. After last week’s premiere, two things were clear. 1 – Lisa (the redhead) is going to be this season’s villain and 2. Kaylynn (the ballerina) is going to be this season’s crazy drama queen. Needless to say, they’re probably not at the top of anyone’s list for getting the final rose this season – yet both women made it through the first night and appear to make it pretty far this season.

The Bachelor Canada Spoilers – Who Wins The Final Rose, Who Does Tim Pick?

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Sep 15, 2014

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What Channel Is Miss America 2014 On? What Time Is It On?

Tonight marks the night that the 2015 Miss America will be crowned and we have all the details on what channel the big event will be airing on, what time it starts and what you can expect from tonight’s show.

So, let’s get to it!

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Sep 15, 2014

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Difference Between Miss America and Miss USA? Find Out Here!

Fans of The Miss America Pageant are excited for tonight’s big event! Tonight, the new Miss America 2015 will be crowned!

It’s one of the most popular questions related to the pageant industry and, on a night like tonight (the date of the Miss USA 2015 pageant) it’s even more popular: What’s the Difference Between Miss USA and Miss America?

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